Strategic Pre-Planned, Once Trump Is In The White House, The [DS] Reign Will Be Over – Ep. 3111

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The Dutch government has fallen, the people are taking it anymore. Germany bankruptcies are rising. Jobs data indicates that a recession is on its way. The world is moving away from the [CB] and they are prepared to move to gold. Gold destroys the fed. The [DS] is panicking because they cannot stop the evidence from coming out. Trump sends a message that once he is back in the office the reign of the [DS] will be over and we will be a free nation once again. This is a marker, the people, must decide if they want, they people need to take back the country. Once the people make the final decision Trump and the military will be ready to make their move.



Resetting the Great Reset: Dutch WEF Government Falls, Populists to Gain in Fall Elections 

Massive protests by Dutch farmers against government efforts to abolish artificial fertilizer in the name of “climate” have rocked the tiny nation of 17.5 million, which is the world’ second-largest agricultural exporter after the United States. RINO PM Mark Rutte is a member of the World Economic Forum and made the Netherlands headquarters of the WEF Food Innovation Hub which has destroyed countries like Sri Lanka.
The Dutch government collapsed Friday amid disagreement over how to deal with illegal migrants flooding the country. The populist opposition looks to make significant gains when elections are held in Fall.
RINO Prime Minister Mark Rutte (People’s Party VVD) tendered his resignation to King Willem-Alexander in The Hague and discussed forming a caretaker administration until new elections can be held, presumably around November. The King had to return to Holland from his vacation in Greece to accept the resignation.



Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Blasted for Repeatedly Bowing to Her Chinese Counterpart in Beijing (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was in China this week and just couldn’t seem to stop bowing to her Chinese counterpart in Beijing.
The optics are absolutely terrible but Yellen didn’t seem to mind even though she had to know that multiple cameras were rolling the entire time.
What an embarrassment.

FOX News reports:


It really is a shameful display.
It also speaks volumes about the Biden administration

Jobs Data Highlights More Recessionary Behavior

Employers continue to cut back on temporary employment, something typically seen in the run-up to recessions.
Temporary help services is one of the most leading components of the payrolls report. Employers typically let temporary staff go first in a slowdown before full-time employees.
Temp help fell again in June and has been contracting on an annual basis for several months, anticipating the slowing trend in payrolls we are currently seeing.

Firms are not only cutting temporary employees, they are reducing hours worked, also typical of what happens before firms start to fire people. The average weekly hours worked of all employees has been steadily falling.


Not Making Headlines: 90% of US Jobs Created in June were to Foreign Born Workers – Including Illegals (VIDEO) 


  some 90% of the jobs we have right now above pre pandemic levels have all gone to foreign born workers. Which is very interesting that this is the first month when native born workers have finally gotten back to pre-pandemic levels. One of the reasons why that’s so interesting is because the BLS, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has to assign weights to both of these categories and they do that separately. And what that does is it gives you an estimate for how much each of those categories are increasing…
…And another really interesting thing is that the BLS surveys for foreign-born workers do not ask anything about a person’s status. In other words, are you here legally or illegally? And so even on the BLS’s own website, they admit that they are very likely capturing some illegal aliens in these surveys. And you are 100% right that by increasing the ratio of foreign born workers to native born workers, you are basically reducing average wages. And that has helped keep wage growth down.



BRICS Plans to Introduce Gold-Backed Currency to Challenge Globalist Financial System

The BRICS financial system, made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has announced they are working on a gold-backed currency to counter the globalist elite’s flimsy fiat monetary standard.
BRICS is looking to bring in additional partners from developing sectors of the world and believes the gold-backed currency will help entice these countries by giving them stable currency units to grow and thrive. This will be part of the discussions coming up at their August meeting in Johannesburg.


Big League Politics has reported on BRICS becoming a legitimate alternative to a globalist financial system led by deranged Hubris-laden maniacs who have gone mad with power:


Real America’s Voice@realamericasvoice

There are other ways to kill inflation without killing the people who are already destroyed by what’s taking place because we have a corrupt and incompetent leader in Biden. – President @realDonaldTrump



Ben & Jerry’s Parent Company Gets Its Stock Rocked After Ice Cream Maker Posts Nasty Woke July 4 Tweet

The New York Post reported that Unilever, the company that owns Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, has suffered a decrease in stock price and market cap after Ben & Jerry’s posted a tweet on Independence Day condemning the U.S. for existing on “stolen Indigenous land.”
“This 4th of July, it’s high time we recognize that the US exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it,” the ice cream maker said.


By Thursday, two days after the woke tweet, Unilever’s stock price had fallen 1.9 percent for a corresponding market cap loss of $1.7 billion.

Twitter users were quick to point out the hypocrisy and demand that the restitution of land start with Ben & Jerry’s.





Hillary Clinton Throws Her Support Behind Joe Biden Amid Major Cocaine Scandal… and the Responses Are Brutal 

Hillary Clinton threw her full support behind Joe Biden amid a major cocaine scandal currently rocking the White House.
A major cocaine scandal rocked the White House this past week.


The responses were brutal.






Deadline looms for US attorney in charge of Hunter Biden probe to hand over materials to Congress

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan demanded information regarding alleged retaliation against whistleblowers
U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss, who led the Hunter Biden investigation, is facing a looming deadline to comply with demands from Republicans probing alleged improper retaliation against whistleblowers.
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan last month requested Weiss turn over materials relating to the alleged whistleblower retaliation. The whistleblowers claimed the Hunter Biden probe was “influenced by politics” and that Weiss was “hamstrung” when making prosecutorial decisions.
On June 22, Jordan wrote to Weiss demanding additional information regarding the alleged retribution, including who assisted him in responding to earlier requests they had sent to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland about removing IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley and his team, who helped oversee the Hunter Biden investigation.


When I return to the White House, I will declassify and unseal all JFK assassination related documents. It’s been 60 years, time for the American people to know the TRUTH!

RFK Jr.: ‘It’s Very Disturbing’ That Biden Refused to Release More JFK Assasination Docs

Biden agreed to make public a majority of assassination records, but thousands remain secret six decades later

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Looking to House Illegal Border Crossers in Empty School Buildings for the 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is still struggling to deal with the massive flow of illegal border crossers into the city, specifically where to house them.
He is currently eyeing the city’s school buildings, which are mostly empty for the summer, even though he faced public backlash when he tried to house these folks in school gyms back in May.
Someone should tell the mayor that one of his options is shipping these illegal immigrants back to where they came from.

Townhall has the story: NYC May House Illegal Immigrants in Empty Schools During the Summer






Geopolitical/Police State

The U.S. government has filed an emergency stay request to lift a recent injunction issued by a federal judge forbidding the government from violating Americans’ First Amendment rights by colluding with social media companies to censor their constitutionally protected speech.
In the emergency stay, the government contended that the injunction was vague and that the attorney generals could not show harm from the censorship, an argument that Judge Terry Doughty had rejected multiple times in the past.
“Defendants respectfully request that the Court stay its July 4 preliminary injunction pending Defendant’s appeal of that order,” the government argued. “The Government faces irreparable harm with each day the injunction remains in effect, as the injunction’s broad scope and ambiguous terms (including a lack of clarity with respect to what the injunction does not prohibit) may be read to prevent the Government from engaging in a vast range of lawful and responsible conduct—including speaking on matters of public concern and working with social media companies on initiatives to prevent grave harm to the American people and our democratic processes.”


THAT WAS QUICK: Zuckerberg’s Newly Launched Social Media “Threads” Is Already Harvesting User Data and Censoring Undesirable Users

Facebook Meta launched their new app today “Threads.” Owner Mark Zuckerberg says its vision is to “create an open and friendly public space for conversation” for 1 billion-plus people.
Within hours of its launch Twitter threatened to sue Zuckerberg and Meta.
Twitter on Thursday issued a cease & desist letter to Meta over the new social media app ‘Threads.’

Elon Musk is threatening to sue Meta over its new “Twitter killer,” Threads, a text-based app that resembles Twitter.

  Facebook-Threads was already harvesting user data.  That didn’t take long!





Biden Approves Sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine as NATO Prepares for Discussions of Ukraine Entering Alliance 

This latest development from the Biden administration is concerning on many levels.
The White House is announcing their approval to send cluster bombs to Ukraine in an effort to provide a very deadly and dangerous type of munitions that have been resoundingly criticized by most of the western alliance. Cluster bombs are not just dangerous on the battlefield, they are also notorious for creating collateral civilian damage.
That said, when you overlay the reality of the Ukraine policy, essentially World War Reddit, being driven in large part by a psychological operation that is challenging to figure out from a reality perspective; in combination with very unstable people in the U.S. government seemingly playing war within the larger policy agenda; one must also look at this from a Russian intelligence position.
Is the Biden administration really willing to deploy cluster bombs or is this some PR narrative intended to give the impression the U.S. is willing to up the stakes in the use of weapons that will continue escalating, regardless of consequence. There are a lot of unstable minds within this larger Ukraine narrative as promoted by the White House, Pentagon and State Dept (CIA).


Former U.S. officials have held secret Ukraine talks with prominent Russians

 A group of former senior U.S. national security officials has held secret talks with prominent Russians believed to be close to the Kremlin — and, in at least one case, with the country’s top diplomat — with the aim of laying the groundwork for negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, half a dozen people briefed on the discussions said.

In a high-level example of the back-channel diplomacy taking place behind the scenes, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov met with members of the group for several hours in April in New York, four former officials and two current officials said.

On the agenda were some of the thorniest issues in the war in Ukraine, like the fate of Russian-held territory that Ukraine may never be able to liberate and the search for an elusive diplomatic off-ramp that could be tolerable to both sides.
Meeting with Lavrov were Richard Haass, a former diplomat and the outgoing president of the Council on Foreign Relations, current and former officials said. The group was joined by Europe expert Charles Kupchan and Russia expert Thomas Graham, both former White House and State Department officials who are Council on Foreign Relations fellows.


False Flags

NYPD Officers Continue Leaving the Force in Droves, Claim They’re Being ‘Squeezed on all Sides’

The exodus of officers out of the New York Police Department continues, uninterrupted.
These brave men and women in blue get grief from everyone. The people above them have demonized them, and bad apples in the public treat them as if they were fascists.
Things in New York have never been perfect but law and order really went haywire during the George Floyd riots and the COVID lockdowns. Suddenly, looting became a regular sight and the police weren’t allowed to do their jobs.

Is there any wonder why so many of them are leaving? The New York Post reports:
NYPD exodus continues as cops feel ‘squeezed from every direction’
Former NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell stepped down amid a steady stream of New York’s Finest beating her to the exits, according to troubling new data obtained by The Post.
Through June 30, 648 officers quit before retiring this year — a 22% spike from 2021, when 530 left, and an 87% rise from 2020, when 347 quit, NYPD pension data show.
The concerning “voluntary quits” — combined with NYPD recruiting problems leaves the 34,000 uniformed officers “at least 1,200 short,” the police union said.
“Cops are being squeezed from every direction. They are working inhumane amounts of forced overtime. The brass is pushing for more enforcement, while the police-oversight complex is pushing to ruin more cops’ careers,” said Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry, who reps “just over” 21,000 rank-and-file officers.

Eric Adams was supposed to change all of this. He campaigned on it.


New Poll Finds a Third of Seattle Residents Considering Leaving the City Due to Crime and Cost of Living 

A new poll has found that a third of people living in Seattle are considering leaving the city.
Seattle has always been considered a progressive city but things really broke down during the George Floyd riots and COVID. The presence of Antifa in the city has seemed ongoing ever since.
Combine that with crime and the high cost of living and you have a perfect recipe for losing population.

Breitbart News reports:
Poll: A Third of Seattle Residents Are Considering Leaving, Citing Crime and Costs
One-third of Seattle residents are considering packing up and moving elsewhere, largely citing home prices and crime, according to a Seattle Times/Suffolk University poll conducted in June.Roughly 33 percent of Seattle residents surveyed say they are seriously considering moving out of the city, while 67 percent say they are not. The survey was conducted with 500 residents by phone from June 12-16 and has a ±4.4 percent margin of error. 

Most people don’t think the city is going to fix its homeless problem any time soon.

What happens when the tax base is diminished significantly?


CNN Begs America Not to See ‘Sound of Freedom,’ the Hit Film Exposing Child Trafficking

The American media is not handling the success of “The Sound of Freedom” well.
The anti-child-trafficking film has been such a box office hit that it beat out the dismally Woke “Indiana Jones” sequel in their opening weekend showings. But its deep dive into the disturbing world of child trafficking has brought out numerous accusations in the corporate media that it is fueled by “Q Anon” conspiracy theories.
On Saturday, CNN had on Mike Rothschild to slam “The Sound of Freedom” as a fantastical conjuration of Q Anon fearmongering and little more.

“And you seem pretty familiar with him [Jim Caviezel] because he doesn’t really hide his association with this real wild plot that that involves, you know, drinking the blood of children and things like that,” the CNN host Abby Phillip said, referring to a version of the Q Anon conspiracy theory that maintains elites drink the blood of children to imbibe the alleged chemical “adrenochrome.”


Report: Rolling Stone Writer Who Mocks ‘Sound of Freedom’ Movie Locks Down Twitter Profile 

Miles Klee, the writer responsible for a Rolling Stone article mocking the movie “Sound of Freedom,” has made a hasty retreat by locking down his Twitter profile amidst backlash, according to Revolver News.
It is not clear if his tweets have always been protected, although many people believe it is a recent.


It seems Klee couldn’t handle the heat and sought refuge behind locked virtual doors, shielding himself from the consequences of his own derision.

Scree o withstand the relentless backlash, Miles Klee chose to lock down his Twitter profile, hoping to shield himself from the justified criticism. It seems Klee couldn’t handle the heat and sought refuge behind a locked door.

Screenshot: Twitter


Screenshot: Rotten Tomatoes


Gay Group Slams Democrat Governor as ‘Pervert’ for Opening Women’s Spaces to Men 

The Gays Against Groomers organization took to social media on Thursday to declare Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs (D) a “pervert” for vetoing a bill that would have prevented men from sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with young girls.
“Gays Against Groomers spoke in support of SB 1040 that was just vetoed by Katie Hobbs,” the organization wrote in its tweet.
“Katie Hobbs would rather have boys and girls side by side in varying states of undress than confront the mental health issues being broadly promoted as a matter of ‘inclusion.’ PERVERT Hobbs,” the group added.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually has issued official guidance for “nonbinary” people on how to “chestfeed” infants.

The public health agency’s website explains:

Some transgender parents who have had breast/top surgery may wish to breastfeed, or chestfeed (a term used by some transgender and non-binary parents) their infants. Healthcare providers working with these families should be familiar with medical, emotional, and social aspects of gender transitions to provide optimal family-centered care and meet the nutritional needs of the infant.


We are apparently supposed to believe that the secretions produced by these men interested in “chestfeeding”—many of whom are on serious hormones—is the same as it is for women, and that it’s entirely safe for infants.
But it seems there are some serious health risks here that the CDC is ignoring.
My colleague at The Daily Signal, reporter Mary Margaret Olohan, cataloged mothers who blasted the CDC’s guidance.
Are babies being used as props for some kind of twisted sexual fetish? Do the folks who run the CDC even care?



BREAKING: Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Reinstates Tennessee Law Protecting Children From Horrors of Hormone Therapy 

The United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals last night stayed a lower court’s injunction of a Tenneseee law that punishes medical professionals who provide hormone therapy to minors.

 On Monday, America First Legal filed a brief in support of the Tenneseee legislature. 

As a result of the Sixth Circuit ruling, the bipartisan law will go into effect as scheduled — protecting numerous Tennessee children from the horrors of chemical castration and genital mutilation.
In a prepared statement from America First Legal Vice President Gene Hamilton, the importance of the Sixth Circuit decision to stay any injunction is made clear.



We’re going to deport the criminal illegal aliens, crush the deep state, end CRT in schools, and keep men out of women’s sports!


Adam Schiff: Trump Incited the Attack on the Capitol 

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” that former President Donald Trump incited the attack at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.
Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell said, “I remember your impatience during the January 6 Committee’s work with the Justice Department’s apparent lack of interest in the ground you are covering. It’s now very clear Jack Smith is on the case. On a case that you, in effect, sent to them, have presented to them. Where should he be looking for, especially in relation to that meeting?”


HERE WE GO AGAIN: Democrats and Activists Renew Push to Lower the Voting Age to 16

Democrats have repeatedly tried to lower the voting age to 16 in recent years and now they’re pushing this idea once again.
People on the left lost their minds when Vivek Ramaswamy recently suggested raising the voting age to 25, but they think nothing of allowing children to vote.
Their reasons for trying to do this are so transparent. They have radicalized a significant portion of the youth population through schools and they know that these young people will vote the way they want them to, against anything even slightly conservative.

FOX News reports:

Teens, Democrats continue push to lower voting age to 16The Democrat-led movement to lower the legal voting age to 16 — or in some cases even younger — is gaining momentum as teenagers and other activists seek to score local victories while winning the support of some voices in the media.The so-called “Vote 16” campaign recently notched a victory in Vermont, where the Democrat-controlled state legislature last month overrode Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of a measure allowing 16-year-olds to vote in municipal elections and hold the highest elected offices.Specifically, 16- and 17-year-olds can now vote in the southern Vermont town of Brattleboro.
Everyone knows what this is all about.

If 16 year-olds were allowed to vote, every public school in America would instantly become a target for ballot harvesting by activist teachers who belong to unions that are in bed with the Democrat party.


This is further proof that the Presidential Election of 2020 was Rigged!

Deranged Jack Smith purposefully omitted the Presidential Records Act from his sham Indictment, even though he knows that the PRA is the only law that applies to this subject. Nor does he mention the Clinton Socks Case, or any of the many others cases that are exactly on point, and completely vindicate me. He should be ashamed of himself but, more importantly, he, the DOJ, and the FBI, should be sanctioned for PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT and Grand Jury Abuse. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

The PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS ACT rules the FAKE Indictment brought against me by the Department of Injustice and Deranged Jack Smith. They never even mention this FACT, and should be severely sanctioned for that and the WEAPONIZATION of Law Enforcement. I have been illegally TARGETED by very corrupt DOJ & FBI Trump Hating Thugs!!!

Real America’s Voice@realamericasvoice

I promise you this if you put me back in the White House…their reign will be over, and America will be a free nation once again. – President @realDonaldTrump


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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: e32d7f No. 6967368 
Listen very carefully (again).
Note past (2) years. Note next (6) years.
You were told what was going to happen.
You were told what battles we face. Strategic.
Pre_planned. Patriots in control.

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