Team Trump Prepares for Doom

Following a significant court decision that mandated the dissolution of the renowned Trump Organization, legal representatives of Donald Trump attended a court session on Wednesday to assess the aftermath and comprehend the potential exacerbation of circumstances for the ex-president.

Significant portions of the Trump family’s real estate enterprise are undergoing the revocation of their business licenses, resulting in the relinquishment of authority over their enterprises to a court-appointed representative. The impending trial scheduled to commence in the following week poses a significant risk of depleting their financial resources as well.

Approximately twelve hours following Justice Arthur F. Engoron’s order on Tuesday, it is apparent that the real estate magnate and his legal representatives are uncertain about the future of Trump’s assortment of real estate properties in Manhattan and other locations.

Christopher Kise, the Trump defense attorney, questioned the judge in court, “Certain of the entities own physical assets, like 40 Wall Street and Trump Tower. Are those assets now going to be sold? Or managed under direction of the monitor?”

Following a confidential deliberation with his legal assistant, the judge opted to defer rendering a definitive ruling at this juncture. However, the presiding judge emphasized the involvement of an impartial individual in deciding the outcome of this extensive conglomerate of corporations, granting additional time to both the investigators and the Trump family to collaboratively identify an external authority capable of supervising the proceedings during the period in which control is removed from the family’s hands.

On Tuesday, Engoron made the determination that New York Attorney General Letitia James has successfully demonstrated that the Trump family consistently engaged in the act of providing false information to financial institutions by significantly exaggerating the prices of their properties over an extended period of time. This ruling pertains to the initial count out of the seven charges presented in the Attorney General’s case. Each count asserts a violation of Executive Law § 63(12) of the state, which aims to ensure corporate integrity. During the court proceedings, the legal representatives of President Trump posed a query that was imbued with a profound sense of existential apprehension.

“What’s the point of the others?” Kise asked the judge. “I don’t know how many 63(12) counts you need. You’ve already granted relief, except for disgorgement.”

Kise was discussing the potential subsequent consequences that the Trumps could encounter, as state authorities are seeking to confiscate earnings exceeding $250 million that were acquired through the falsification of asset values on business documentation presented to banks for lending purposes.

The presiding judge displayed a degree of reluctance in dismissing the remaining components of the claim subsequent to receiving statements from the state attorneys. Kevin Wallace, a senior enforcement counsel at the Attorney General’s office, emphasized the importance of presenting a comprehensive case that demonstrates the involvement of Trump and his successors in the aforementioned conspiracy, as well as the degree of personal accountability they bear. The investigators want to establish evidence supporting the assertion that the former president, together with his sons Don Jr. and Eric, as well as other high-ranking company officials, independently made determinations that were in violation of legal statutes. In the event that the judge concurs during the trial, it is within their purview to issue an order mandating the individuals in question to fulfill their financial obligations, while simultaneously disallowing them from seeking refuge behind their company.

As of Wednesday morning, legal professionals were engaged in ongoing deliberations pertaining to the handling of evidence and expert testimony during the impending trial, slated to commence on Monday.

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