Ted Cruz Endorses Kari Lake: The Rising Force in Arizona Ready to Secure Our Borders

In what is being taken as a significant boost to her Senate ambitions, Kari Lake, the former Arizona gubernatorial candidate for 2022, received a strong endorsement from Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. His backing comes at a critical time for Lake’s campaign as she continues to build momentum in her bid to replace Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema in the forthcoming November elections. Cruz’s endorsement, shared via a statement with The Daily Mail, emphasized Lake’s commitment to prioritizing the safety and prosperity of both Arizona’s residents and the American public.

‘Kari’s demonstrable will to put the security and well-being of Arizonians first has compelled me to endorse her for the U.S. Senate,’ said Cruz. His endorsement highlighted Lake’s unwavering stance on matters of immigration and border security. Moreover, Cruz stressed the need for a strong leader for Arizona, a state that has seen a marked rise in unauthorized border crossings, particularly in the wake of what he termed ‘Joe Biden’s open border crisis’ of over three years.

Cruz’s endorsement followed a previous one by Senator Bill Hagerty from Tennessee, another pillar of conservatism. Hagerty had showered praises on Lake in February, endorsing her because of her strong conservative principles. ‘It’s an honor to throw my weight behind Kari Lake, a resolute conservative and a staunch advocate for Arizona’s people. We’re confident she’ll be a source of pride for Arizona as their elected representative,’ Hagerty shared in his statement.

Committed to representing the interests of her constituents, Hagerty stressed that Lake was ‘fearless’ and would tirelessly commit to addressing border security issues. Above all, he emphasized her dedication towards creating a safe and prosperous nation. ‘Given the high stakes, retaking the Republican majority and guiding our country back on the right path for American families and citizens is more crucial than ever,’ Hagerty added. Lake has received these endorsements with grace and gratitude, bolstering her overall campaign.

Lake’s campaign hit another milestone when it garnered millions within the first quarter of her filing. According to campaign reports, the 2022 Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate raised a substantial $2.1 million following her campaign launch on October 10. This show of financial support suggests a strong backing for Lake, who is vying for the seat currently held by Kyrsten Sinema, a former Democrat-turned-Independent. Sinema has yet to announce whether she will seek reelection, leaving the field wide open for competition.

The Democrats’ top competitor in this race is Representative Reuben Gallego. However, Lake’s campaign continues to maintain a confident momentum. ‘Kari Lake is proving to be a diligent force to reckon with, exemplified in her strong first-quarter campaign fundraising results,’ Garrett Ventry, a senior advisor to Lake, told the media. ‘We see Arizona as the best pick-up opportunity for Senate Republicans and are excited about Lake’s prospects.’

In 2023, Lake demonstrated her adept political skills, rallying support from GOP leaders while extending an olive branch to allies of the late Senator John McCain, despite prior tensions. While awaiting The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s formal endorsement, Lake’s team is reportedly working closely with the committee to strengthen her campaign. Lake’s campaign maintains open communication lines with Steve Daines, the Senate campaign chief, suggesting a supportive relationship between both parties.

Daines, in a public statement, praised Lake’s robust grassroots support and its translation into fundraising success. Meanwhile, Gallego, Lake’s democratic competitor, announced a fundraising pot of $3.3 million in the last quarter of the year, his fourth consecutive quarter exceeding $3 million. Gallego holds a sizeable campaign coffer with $6.5 million tucked away.

In a surprising turn, Sinema’s previous fundraising force seems to have weakened considerably. Still, the Independent Senator had a financial reservation of $10 million at the end of the third quarter. While there’s no formal endorsement for Lake from The National Republican Senatorial Committee, there’s speculation about their close collaboration with Lake’s campaign.

Several noteworthy endorsements have come Lake’s way. Among them are Senators John Barrasso of Wyoming and Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and even former President Donald Trump. Moreover, House GOP Chairwoman Elise Stefanik from New York has voiced her support for the Arizona heavyweight.

‘Arizona needs a champion like Kari Lake to secure the border, unleash American Energy Independence, and alleviate the cost of living. Joe Biden’s policies have been disastrous for Arizona, and Kari will fight these policies, putting Arizonans first,’ said Cotton. His endorsement was welcomed by Lake, who expressed her eagerness to collaborate with Cotton to address border security and to redirect America away from the progressive policies of Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer.

Barrasso echoed similar sentiments, drawing attention to the strain imposed on Arizona by Biden’s policies. ‘Under the Biden administration, Arizona has faced unprecedented inflation surges and stands at the frontlines of an illegal immigration crisis unseen in American history. Nearly 8 million illegal immigrants entered under Biden, equaling the state’s population,’ stated Barrasso. He noted the desperate need for a senator who understands these challenges and is willing to work tirelessly to resolve them.

Responding to Barrasso’s endorsement, Lake expressed her gratitude and honor, recognizing the weight of responsibility ahead. With the significance of her campaign emphasized by these endorsements, she remains enthusiastic about her potential to serve and represent Arizona as its next Senator.

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