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The [WEF] is moving forward with their GND, the people can see what they are about to do, this will not end well for the [WEF]. The people are beginning to question the Fed and those that support the Fed. The statistical information does not make sense. By next year this will be game over over for the FED. The patriots are now showing the people the truth, the people saw the 2020, 2022 election they know there was cheating.People have seen the covid lies, the Ukraine lies, the gun control lies, now they are seeing the final battle, which is war. For those to be brought to justice, the people need to understand who the players are and who they support. All roads lead to Obama, Soros, Clinton etc. The door is being opened, people will have the choice to know, this will be the END of the [DS].



Australia gives the go-ahead to foreign-owned ‘green’ firms to bulldoze old-growth forests with koala habitats… for wind turbines 

The Courier-Mail, a Brisbane outlet, published a report on the story last week:
Koala habitats will be ripped apart to build wind farms in central Queensland so state and federal Labor governments can chase their fantasy of meeting useless, costly and unobtainable renewable energy targets.
The business venture is known as the Lotus Creek wind farm and is an investment of Ark Energy, which, also according to Courier-Mail, is a subsidiary of a South Korean conglomerate—so who exactly is allowing foreign-owned corporations to decimate the local environment for profit? Read below:
Federal and state environment ministers Tanya Plibersek and Leanne Linard and previous enviro minister Meaghan Scanlon have … paved the way for koalas to be sacrificed on the renewable energy altar to appease the green evangelists.
The ABC reported the controversial $1 billion wind farm was adjacent to World Heritage-protected rainforests. And that the project was scaled back from the original 200 turbines in an effort to appease conservationists and some traditional owners.




Trans Cyclists Take Gold, Silver Medals at Chicago Women’s Bicycle Race 

A pair of male-born transgender cyclists took the two top spots in the women’s categories at Chicago’s CycloCross Cup bicycle race, sparking accusations of unfair competition.
Tessa Johnson, 25, won first place in the women’s SingleSpeed, and Evelyn Williamson, 30, placed second in the October 7 event, according to the Daily Mail.
As the two male-born racers stood on the podium, the third-place winner, Allison Zmuda, was the only actual woman in the winner’s presentation after the event held in Chicago’s Jackson Park.
The SingleSpeed event was not the only category that Johnson took for a female competitor. Johnson also won first place in the women’s Cat Half, winning $150 in prize money. And Williamson also won fourth in the Cat Half, winning a $75 prize.



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Oct 14 2020 11:24:30 (EST)



FBI possession since late 2019?
No FBI interview(s) _J/H Biden due to optics re: attack political opponent?
Lesson of the Day: If you run for POTUS all your past crimes magically disappear?
Sometimes it takes transparency to force action.
“Let’s see what happens.”
In this case, does having early stage dementia help you re: previous deniability? [harmful politically]


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 39e696 No.11085145
Oct 15 2020 11:15:30 (EST)

NAT SEC concerns re: blackmail [gain control] of J. Biden by Russia, China and/or other foreign [or domestic] entities?
US Intel apparatus [reports?]?
Clear and Present Danger?

IRS Contractor Pleads Guilty to Leaking Trump’s Tax Returns

Last month federal prosecutors charged a former IRS contractor who worked for the agency from 2018 to 2020 for unlawfully obtaining and disseminating the tax details of a high-ranking public official and numerous affluent Americans to media outlets.
According to court documents and an official press release from the Department of Justice, Charles Littlejohn, 38, of Washington, D.C., stole tax return information associated with a high-ranking government official, referred to as Public Official A. He then disclosed this information to a news organization identified as News Organization 1.
A source familiar with the matter informed CNN that the unnamed official mentioned in the legal documents is former President Donald Trump.

Littlejohn reportedly stole IRS information on thousands of wealthy people. The stolen information was then disseminated to two news outlets.



Geopolitical/Police State



US, Qatar Agree to Deny Iran Access to $6 Billion of Its Funds 

The US and Qatar have agreed to deny Iran access to $6 billion of its own funds that were recently released as part of a prisoner swap deal with the US, The New York Times reported on Thursday.
The $6 billion was frozen in South Korea due to US sanctions on Iran that were re-imposed after the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, in 2018.


“They Cannot Renege on the Agreement” – Iranian Regime Refutes Liberal Media, Says Biden Regime DID NOT Block Iran’s $6 Billion Payoff

That happened On Thursday
On Friday the Iranian regime refuted the claims insisting the Biden Regime DID NOT block the transfer of $6 billion to the Ayatollahs.

The Islamic Republic News Agency reported:
On Thursday local time, Iran’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations denied the claim of the American newspaper Washington Post that the United States agreed with Qatar to block Iran’s 6 billion dollars.The following is the full text of the note by Iranian Permanent Mission to the UN:

“The news is devoid of veracity, the publication of which would tarnish the Washington Post’s credibility,” Iran’s mission said.

The senators in question and the U.S. government are all acutely aware that they cannot renege on the agreement.

The money rightfully belongs to the people of Iran, earmarked for the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to facilitate the acquisition of all essential and non-sanctioned requisites for the Iranians.



Report: Hezbollah Leader Met With Iranian Officials in March to Discuss Military Offensive Against Israel

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah met with a group of Iranian officials earlier this year according to a New York Times exclusive report. The revelation underscores the circumstances surrounding the current war between Israel and Hamas, which ignited after the terrorist group that governs the Gaza Strip launched a surprise attack against the Jewish nation.

 Iran has a long history of training and arming proxy militia groups in the region, from Gaza to Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. It supports Hamas militarily and has helped it design and produce a domestic missile and rocket system to match the capabilities and material available in Gaza — an impoverished, densely populated coastal strip that has been blockaded by Israel and Egypt for the past 16 years.

The report detailed the meeting between Nasrallah and Iran’s strategists, noting that the discussion centered on a new military clash with Israel.


America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas

Financial Times, March 19, 2007



 George Soros had once supported Hamas.
Soros gifted Al-Shabaka $550,000 between 2017 and 2021, as revealed by the MRC. “George Soros has consistently and continuously funded the most hateful, anti-American, and anti-freedom organizations in the world, and that includes terrorist organizations that want to bring an end to a Jewish state,” said MRC Business Vice President Dan Schneider. “But instead of shining a light on his disgusting plans, legacy media has protected him from criticism.” Soros and the Open Foundation Society have funded terrorist groups throughout the world, and will likely continue to do so through his foundation under the control of his son, Alex.
The whole “there are Nazis on the far-left” conspiracy has been proven factual. How much more evidence does one need?




  do not worship God, they worship death…..”@realDonaldTrump


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Apr 20 2018 21:12:34 (EST)

Over the target.
Expand further.
Open source.
This door will be opened later.
The choice, to know, will be yours.

US must be ready for simultaneous wars with China, Russia, report says

 The United States must prepare for possible simultaneous wars with Russia and China by expanding its conventional forces, strengthening alliances and enhancing its nuclear weapons modernization program, a congressionally appointed bipartisan panel said on Thursday.
The report from the Strategic Posture Commission comes amid tensions with China over Taiwan and other issues and worsening frictions with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.
A senior official involved in the report declined to say if the panel’s intelligence briefings showed any Chinese and Russian nuclear weapons cooperation.
“We worry … there may be ultimate coordination between them in some way, which gets us to this two-war construct,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

Congress in 2022 created the panel of six Democrats and six Republicans to assess long-term threats to the United States and recommend changes in U.S. conventional and nuclear forces.
The panel accepted a Pentagon forecast that China’s rapid nuclear arsenal expansion likely will give it 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035, confronting the United States with a second major nuclear-armed rival for the first time.
The Chinese and Russian threats will become acute in the 2027-2035 timeframe so “decisions need to be made now in order for the nation to be prepared,” said the 145-page report.


False Flags

Only 2% of Americans Have Gotten Updated Coronavirus Booster Shot About

7 million Americans have received the updated versions of the coronavirus vaccines, compared to the 56.5 million people who received last year’s version.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services data shows that the major vaccine manufacturers, Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech, have gotten their updated shots out to about 2 percent of the population as of Wednesday,  Reuters reported.
americans who received coronavirus vaccines last year have not yet opted to get the current ones formulated for “better protection,” debates about the shots’ efficacy have made rounds in pop culture.



DEVELOPING: Jim Jordan Re-Enters Race For Speaker After Scalise Drops Out

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) will run for House Speaker again after Steve Scalise dropped out of the race Thursday night.
“House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan said on Friday that he is re-entering the race for speaker, just a day after the GOP’s nominee, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, dropped his bid for the top job after failing to lock up enough support.” – NBC News reported.



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