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As countries continue to follow the green new deal agenda they are now discovering that energy costs are going through the rough, backlash is coming. Jobs numbers are manipulated and the Biden admin are now substituting illegals for American workers. The people are now seeing through the [CB]/[WEF] economic matrix. The [DS]/fake news admit there is a movement that is happening and they cannot figure out why the people are following Trump. These people never understood the people of this country and this is why they don’t understand. The people are going to begin to learn the treasonous crimes the [DS] has committed against the people of this country and the people around the world. Military vs criminal law, reconcile. Trump once said he believes in an eye for an eye and he about to get it. Panic in DC.



German Electricity Imports Hit New Record As Nuclear Phase-Out Increases Production Cost

Despite closing its nuclear power plants to focus on renewable energy production, more than a fifth of imported electricity last month was produced from nuclear power…
Germany is importing more electricity than ever before after purchasing a record 6,505 gigawatt hours from abroad in August, according to the Federal Network Agency.
The federal government has replaced much of the electricity produced by its recently closed nuclear power stations with imported electricity, almost half of which was ironically produced using nuclear power and fossil fuels.
This resulted in a significant electricity trade balance deficit, with the country importing €557 million worth of electricity more than it exported to its EU neighbors last month.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz sought to play down concerns over rising imports back in July, claiming that “every year there are phases in which we buy electricity from other countries.”
However, electricity imports into Germany have increased significantly since the closure of the country’s nuclear power plants on April 15.


President Biden on  bashed former President Trump to mark Labor Day, criticizing jobs and benefits under the previous administration.
“The guy who held this job before me was just one of two presidents in history … left office with fewer jobs in America than when he got elected office,” Biden said at the Annual Tri-State Labor Day Parade in Philadelphia.


Bidenomics: 1.2 Native-Born Americans Lose Job in August – 711,000 Foreign-Born Workers Replace Them 

The August monthly employment numbers came out last week.
It was a good month for foreign-born workers in America.

This is what Joe Biden and the DC elites want.
Via Zero Hedge. 1.2 million native-born Americans lost their jobs in August.

771,000 foreign-born workers replaced them.

Axios reported last week that immigrants are joining the workforce at much higher levels than normal.

Axios says the “immigrants are coming to the rescue.”




Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.194
Sep 5 2018 17:33:59 (EST)


Fellow Patriots:
What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom]. The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussein administration undertook in joint efforts w/ domestic and foreign dignitaries. The snowball has begun rolling – there is no stopping it now. D5.
Stay the course and trust the plan.
Protective measures are in place.
Remain BRAVE.
We knew this day would come.
United We Stand (WW).
Conspiracy no more.

Mitch McConnell “Medically Clear” to Continue Work After He Freezes Up For the Second Time: Doctor

81-year-old Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is “medically clear” to continue work after he froze up for the second time within the last month on Wednesday.
 They hit the reset button and he is now ok

BREAKING NEWS: Sen. Mitch McConnell appearing to have another scary episode in the media gaggle in Covington today. Aides had to step in to help him out and repeat questions. He was eventually lead away. We’ll have the full video on @WLWT

— Hannah Thomas (@HannahPThomas) August 30, 2023




Jan 27, 2018 2:29:48 AM EST
!UW.yye1fxo ID: 9400a1 No. 175503 
Note the last drops on the other board.
Think logically.
Refer to past crumbs.
Do you expect HRC, GS, Hussein, etc to stand in a PUBLIC courtroom w/ potential crooked judges and tainted ‘liberal’ juries?
How do you defuse a bomb?
Knowledge of which wires/strings to cut?

Who Are the Names in Jeffrey Epstein’s Calendar?

WSJ investigation reveals meetings with politicians and executives and the kinds of favors Epstein did for them

Van Drew: Biden’s Thinking of Sending Migrants to Smaller City with Critical Security Operations to Save a Sanctuary City 

 Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) reacted to reported plans by the Biden administration to send migrants to Atlantic City International Airport in Egg Harbor Township, NJ by pointing out that the plan is to send migrants to a town of 50,000 people to help alleviate stress on New York City, a city with a population of 8.3 million people that chose to be a sanctuary city and noting the security risks of housing migrants at an airport that has both an FAA Technical Center and the 177th Fighter Wing of the New Jersey Air National Guard.
Van Drew said, “They can’t provide the resources. This is a town of 50,000 people. Atlantic County can’t do it. This town can’t do it. It should have never happened. Hopefully, it won’t happen. We’re going to fight this with every ounce of strength that we have. It is the wrong thing.


Why are they sending you men up over the border, workers are taking the jobs, but these are the [DS] footsoldiers.

Gov. Maura Healey mobilized 250 members of the Massachusetts National Guard on Thursday to help transport the latest wave of asylum seekers to shelters across the state.
But much like the crisis overtaking the Big Apple, Massachusetts has nowhere near enough housing or resources currently available to accommodate the influx.
“Right now, the non-profits that are in Massachusetts are stretched and so thin they cannot provide anymore staff,” state Sen. Jamie Eldridge told CBS News.
While the National Guard can help with the lack of manpower, the state can do little to address the shortage of housing outside of creating new shelters, which local residents vehemently oppose.


Geopolitical/Police State

Netanyahu: “We Will Build A Wall to Prevent the Infiltration of Our Country” 

After violent clashes among Eritrean immigrants in Tel Aviv, Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to build a border wall along the country’s eastern border with Jordan – to block out illigal migrant “infiltrators”.
Netanyahu stated on his official Twitter account: “We built a fence on our southern border (with Egypt) and stopped infiltration from there into Israel.” He added, “This prevented the infiltration of over a million people from Africa, which would have destroyed our country. Now we will build a fence on our eastern border (Jordan) and ensure that there will be no infiltration from there.”

הקמנו גדר בגבולנו הדרומי (מצרים) ובלמנו את ההסתננות משם לישראל. עצרנו בכך למעלה ממיליון מסתננים מאפריקה, מה שהיה הורס את המדינה שלנו.

עכשיו נקים גדר בגבולנו המזרחי (ירדן) ונבטיח שלא תהיה הסתננות גם משם.

נשמור על הגבולות שלנו – נשמור על המדינה שלנו!

— Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו (@netanyahu) September 3, 2023



 The leader of the military coup in Gabon last week has been sworn in as the interim president of the Central African country, while the deposed former president remains detained at his residence.
Gen. Brice Oligui Nguema was the head of the presidential guard but will now lead Gabon, less than a week after the military took power of the oil-rich, biodiverse country and ousted President Ali Bongo Ondimba.
Bongo was president for 14 years, taking the reins from his father, Omar Bongo, who had ruled for over 40 years until his death in 2009.


Zelensky Sacks Scandal-Plagued Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov as Counteroffensive Fails – His Substitute Has Strong Ties to Turkey’s Erdogan

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has sacked the Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov. The embattled Minister has been plagued by multiple corruption scandals, and his replacement was widely expected.

Associated Press reported:

 Return of COVID Restrictions? Instead Of Complying, Here’s One Way To Be Prepared


US To Arm Ukraine With Toxic Depleted Uranium Munitions

In the latest manifestation of the War State’s depraved indifference to human suffering in Ukraine, the United States will soon pour depleted-uranium munitions into its proxy war against Russia, according to an exclusive report from Reuters.
The shells, which are designed to penetrate enemy armored vehicles, will be used by US M-1 Abrams tanks that will begin arriving in Ukraine within the next several weeks. In March, the United Kingdom was first to announce it would give the controversial rounds to Ukraine, for use in British Challenger 2 tanks.

While the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) says the risk posed to civilians by the residue of depleted uranium (DU) rounds “was not significant,” a different study points to potential links between the ammunition and a variety of genuinely horrifying birth defects in Iraq. That study centered on the Iraqi city of Nasiriyah, which was attacked by the US military in the early 90s and again in 2003.
According to the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons:

When DU bullets hit an armored surface, they are burned by the high temperatures generated by the impact. This creates a very fine dust that is radioactive and chemically toxic. Through food and respiration, this toxic dust is absorbed by the body. In the body, the radiation and the chemical poison cause serious damage.

Many diseases can be caused: alteration and damage to the genome, malformations of the human body in the womb, impaired fertility in men and women, cancer in almost all organs, kidney failure and behavioral problems.


Air Force Wants To Replace Highly Effective Modern A-10 With ‘Flying Tinderbox’

The 2024 version of the National Defense Authorization Act (pdf) allows the Air Force to retire 42 A-10 Thunderbolt 2s in 2024, with the remaining 220 or so to be retired with prejudice by 2029. This retiring of the A-10 “Warthog” is predicated on the fantastical disproven idea that the A-10, which to this day is the most cost-effective plane in the Air Force’s inventory, can be replaced by the F-35.
This power play by the Air Force is just another chapter in the long, ongoing saga of senior Air Force leaders using every tactic, including underhanded tactics, threats, and rigged testing, to justify retiring the A-10. It certainly isn’t about improving our country’s close air support (CAS) capabilities that have saved countless American lives. Instead, it’s about converting A-10 maintainers to F-35 maintainers in order to satisfy the F-35s endless, ravenous appetite for maintenance and support. And it’s about killing off the plane that will continue to show up the F-35 as long as it continues to fly.
In terms of what you want in a CAS plane, the engineers and experienced CAS pilots who designed the A-10 in the mid-1960s concluded that a CAS attack plane must be able to operate near the frontlines from an austere airfield with short runways, have low maintenance requirements and high reliability, be able to carry a large weapons load including anti-armor capability, be tough enough to survive small arms fire and be resistant to the kind of anti-air weapons one will find at the frontline of a ground battle, have long range and endurance, have a speed of at least 350 knots, have great low-speed maneuverability, and have a low cost of acquisition so that the CAS planes that will inevitably be lost in combat can be quickly and cost-effectively replaced as needed.
While the F-35 certainly can fly fast enough, it fails to meet any of the other CAS criteria. And while the F-35, a flying fuel tank, does have decent range when flying stealthily, its inability to fly out of austere air bases located near the frontlines means that it will spend most of its fuel flying back and forth from the battle. In contrast, the A-10, with its ability to fly from austere makeshift airfields with short, unimproved runways, can be based mere minutes from the frontlines and can spend hours in or near the battlefield. 

Adding insult to injury is that the A-10 can carry far more ordnance than an F-35 flying in stealth mode. And while the F-35 can swap out stealth mode for its “Beast Mode,” which allows it to carry more ordnance than the A-10, its operational range will be cut in half, meaning that it almost certainly will require infight refueling to be able to use its ordnance.
So far, the F-35 isn’t looking so great as a CAS plane, but things only get worse, much worse.
 n the upside, the A-10 maintainers can be moved over to support the troubled, maintenance-hungry F-35s.


False Flags

Dutch Farmer Party Picks Anti-Vax Pass Crusader as Prime Minister Candidate

The pro-farmer populist party that upended the political establishment in The Netherlands has selected a former government minister who was sacked for her opposition to coronavirus passports as their candidate for prime minister in the race to replace globalist PM Mark Rutte.


Social media erupted after Dr. Anthony Fauci was confronted by a CNN host with a study showing face masks made little to no difference in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.


He mentions studies, can we see these incredible studies, remember they need to prove it to us. 

Vaccine? No, it’s Long-Long Covid – ‘Experts’ Publish Warning That Covid Can Kill For Up to TWO YEARS Post-Infection

With each passing day, more and more evidence becomes available that shows the massive amount of deaths that have been attributed to Covid, as well as the massive uptick in overall death rates, have been caused by the vaccine itself. And with more otherwise-healthy people dropping dead by the day, the same experts who touted the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA jab are now issuing an urgent warning to anyone who has had Covid in the past two years.
Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine recently published a study in the Medical Journal, ‘Nature,’ that claims those who have been infected with the virus are at an increased risk of dying for up to two years following the illness. They also claim the risk of severe health issues, such as lung problems, blood clots, and other complications, is heightened for the same amount of time post-infection. 

From the WU press release:

In other words, ‘covid did it’ is the perfect excuse to cover up the immense number of vaccine side effects. Especially when they get to count it for up to two years after the most recent infection.

 Was this peer reviewed, no so another study that is meaningless at this point in time, because what we eventually find out is that the study is flawed.


Wait, What? Even the CDC Now Admits That the Vaccinated Likely Have a Higher Risk of Infection With New Covid Variant

As if the Covid Scamdemic couldn’t get any more absurd, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC is now admitting that the failed Covid “vaccine” causes those to receive it to be more susceptible to infection than someone who is unvaccinated – 

According to the CDC’s ‘Risk Assessment Summary for SARS CoV-2 Sublineage BA.2.86‘ that was published late last month, the new variant “may be more capable of causing infection in people who have previously had COVID-19 or who have received COVID-19 vaccines.” In other words, the experimental gene therapy jabs have done nothing but cause problems for those who have taken it, including, but not limited to, sudden death, blood clots, heart complications, and now increased risk of infection – as confirmed by the very organization that called the very same notion ‘disinformation’ just a few months ago.

 From the CDC risk assessment:

The CDC’s admission comes just a month after the Cleveland Clinic released the results of a study that showed that a higher number of COVID-19 vaccine doses received increases the risk of infection with COVID-19.
The study was published at Open Forum Infectious Diseases (OFID), wherein the studies are fully peer-reviewed.
The research, conducted with a large sample size within the healthcare system, capitalized on the early recognition of the need to maintain an effective workforce during the pandemic.


Chicago Teachers Union President Opposes School Choice, Except for Her Child

Stacy Davis-Gates is President of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and a prominent opponent of school choice.
Except, of course, for her own child.
Public schools are failing Illinois students miserably. While teachers push Critical Race Theory and the sexualization of children in schools, academic rigor continues to slip lower and lower.

The Illinois State Board of Education’s report card is dreadful.
In 30 schools in Illinois, not a single student can read at grade level, 22 of which are in the City of Chicago. 
In 53 schools, not a single student can do math at grade level, 33 of which are in  Chicago.
But for parents hoping that school choice is an option, Davis-Gates and CTU led the charge to kill Illinois’ Invest in Kids Act.

SubX News reports, however,  that Davis-Gates does support public education alternatives for some children: her own. One of her children attends a private Catholic high school in Chicago.

Davis-Gates’ hypocrisy is on full display on X.

Screenshot: @stacydavisgates/Twitter
Screenshot: @stacydavisgates/Twitter
Screenshot: @stacydavisgates/Twitter



Media, defendants to get access to Capitol video from Jan. 6 attack

 News outlets and Jan. 6 defendants are among those who will be able to view footage of the 2021 Capitol attack, according to a new policy released Friday by the House Administration Committee.

The policy will allow qualified individuals to view footage using terminals overseen by the committee, which became the steward of Jan. 6-related materials in the 118th Congress according to Republican House rules.
Starting this month, members of the media, personnel from select nonprofit organizations, those charged with crimes related to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol and people injured on that day will be able to request access. Recording of materials will be prohibited and access will be subject to time restrictions, according to a statement from Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga, whose Oversight Subcommittee is spearheading the effort.
“House Republicans are continuing to deliver on our promise to bring transparency and accountability to the People’s House by increasing access to security footage of the U.S. Capitol from January 5th and 6th, 2021,” Loudermilk said. “This announcement stands in stark contrast to the previous Democrat leadership, who blocked access to the footage and only showed carefully edited clips to the public.”’


HERE WE GO: Black Lives Matter Activists Protest in Ohio After Pregnant Black Woman Was Shot Dead After She Tried to Run Over Cop (VIDEO)

Ohio police released body camera footage Friday showing a police officer fatally shooting a pregnant black woman in her car.
As Fox News reported: “Ta’Kiya Young, a 21-year-old mother of two kids and pregnant with a third, went to a Kroger in the suburb of Blendon Township on Aug. 24, but she never returned after she was suspected of shoplifting bottles of alcohol. Police approached Young outside the store and she was ultimately shot dead in the parking lot. Her unborn daughter did not survive the ordeal either.”
Ta’Kiya Young’s family lashed out at police after the shooting and said it “should have never ever, ever happened.”

The bodycam footage shows a Kroger employee approaching the police officers and telling them that several people had just stolen merchandise and taken off. The Kroger employee pointed to Ta’Kiyah Young, who was sitting “in a Lexus sedan with no license tags parked in a handicapped spot right in front of the store.”
The officers approached the Lexus and told Young several times to exit the vehicle. She disobeyed their commands and became aggressive.
“What? Are you going to shoot me?” Ta’Kiya Young is heard saying as she accelerates the car and tries to run over the officer.
The officer was in immediate danger and had no choice but to discharge his weapon, according to the police chief who reviewed the bodycam footage.

Black Lives Matter protesters were out marching Sunday night over the black woman who was fatally shot by police after she tried to run over a cop.
Protesters chanted, “Whose streets? Our streets!” as they marched along High Street in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus Sunday night.
Black Lives Matter Protesters were carrying signs that said, “No Justice, no peace,” and “Stop killer cops.”



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2a9c6e No.9778683
Jun 28 2020 14:56:10 (EST)

Logical thinking.Q


Neo-Nazis Blow up That False Dem Narrative When They Announce They Support Biden

However, on Saturday, there was a march of Neo-Nazi groups in Altamonte Springs, Florida. They called it a “Red Shirts” rally. Rep. Anna Eskamani (D-FL) posted a video of the march where participants chanted, “We are everywhere!” She, of course, called them “far-right.”

Nazis in Altamonte Springs at Cranes Roost Park screaming “we are every where” — absolutely disgusting stuff and another example of the far right extremism growing in FL.

— Rep. Anna V. Eskamani 🔨 (@AnnaForFlorida) September 2, 2023

More photos

— Rep. Anna V. Eskamani 🔨 (@AnnaForFlorida) September 2, 2023

Independent media then interviewed the groups of Neo-Nazis at an overpass where the assembled characters were shouting out nasty anti-semitic things at people. There were about 100 people assembled, a few of them unmasked. One of the groups was called the “Blood Tribe,” and it was led by a guy named Christopher Pohlhaus, who spoke to the media. He was wearing a necklace with a big metal swastika on it.
But what Pohlhaus had to say blows up that narrative that Democrats like to push about Neo-Nazis. You can see the video here. Pohlhaus railed about “capitalism” and “billionaires” in addition to attacking Jews with some pretty disgusting language. That sure sounds a lot like leftists to me when they attack capitalism. Pohlhaus was then asked about the presidential race and if he was going to vote in 2024; what did he think was going to happen? Pohlhaus responded, “My vote is useless. I think Biden is better than Trump because he sends rockets to Ukraine.” He then said, “Hail Ukraine! Hail Azov [the Azov battalion]!” The guy behind him yelled, “Slava Ukraini [Glory to Ukraine!]!”



Ouch! Founder of DeSantis Super PAC Obliterates the Florida Governor – Then Backs Trump in Same Interview! (VIDEO)

Republican Strategist John Thomas, the FOUNDER of the DeSantis Super PAC just went on News Nation and dropped a bomb! Thomas told News Nation that DeSantis lacks all of the qualities that make a good candidate – charm, charisma, discipline, being likeable – and he is now backing Trump.

John Thomas: I, along with a lot of grassroots supporters and major donors, said, okay, let’s draft DeSantis, encourage him to run for president, because we think he’s got the stuff.



‘Donald Trump should be detained’: Ex-prosecutor makes the case for jailing Trump

Based on his “dangerous” online rants, former U.S. Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner thinks that it’s time to revoke Donald Trump’s bail.

“When somebody gets indicted for felony crimes and they are brought into court for their first appearance before a neutral and detached magistrate a judge there is one enormously consequential decision the judge has to make: Should the judge release the defendant pending trial or should the judge detain the defendant pending trial?”


MAGA vs. the DoJ 

Along with all its other efforts to hamstring Donald Trump’s legal defense in the D.C. case, the DoJ has dumped 12.8 million documents on Trump’s defense team, leaving them without adequate time to prepare before the March court date. This is unlikely to earn them much consideration from Judge Tanya Chutkan, who has exhibited open hostility to Donald Trump.

The solution for Trump’s team is simple: utilize his vast personal following as a crowdsourcing resource to analyze and sort out the documents.

This could be handled by Trump’s organization, starting with an appeal for volunteers using social media. This process would take weeks at most, and act as an end run against both the DoJ’s sleazy tactics and Judge Chutkan’s lack of interest in judicial balance. 


The father of the Georgia district attorney prosecuting Donald Trump was a prominent Black Panther who called police the “enemy,” new recordings have revealed.
John C. Floyd III, whose daughter Fani Willis is the Fulton County, Ga., district attorney, told academic researchers that he considered police in his native Los Angeles in the 1960s to be an “occupying army” that was “nothing but trouble.”
Floyd, now 80, also called a prominent white politician of the era a “Texas cracker.”

Willis credits her father for her values and career as an attorney and told The Post he is “a great man,” to whom she speaks as often as 10 times a day.
Until now, little has been known about Floyd beyond brief details, but it can now be revealed that he was a high-ranking member of the Black Panthers in Los Angeles.
In 1973, when he was an aide to the campaign by Sam Bradley to be Los Angeles’ first black mayor, he was accused of being part of violence and denied it, saying he was “to the right” of much of the black power movement.

Floyd told the Bradley Center interviewer that he dated the civil rights activist Angela Davis in the late 1960s.
She was a member of the Communist Party USA and in 1970 became the third woman ever to be placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.
Davis was accused of involvement in kidnappings and murders related to the armed seizure of a courthouse in Marin County, California.

Activist Angela Davis, whom Floyd dated in the late 1960s, became one of the FBI’s most wanted, before eventually being acquitted.  


Russian cyber-attacks ‘relentless’ as threat of WW3 grows, expert warns

An attack on security firm Zaun, which holds information on militarily sensitive sites, has been described as ‘serious and of huge concern’
Cyberattacks by the UK’s enemies are becoming “relentless” as we enter a “new era” of global conflict, an expert has warned.
It comes after Russian hackers allegedly acquired top-secret security information on some of the country’s most sensitive military sites, including the HMNB Clyde nuclear submarine base on the west coast of Scotland and the Porton Down chemical weapon lab.

 “They are relentless with these attacks. Their best way into our country is through our cyber-security. This is the nation at risk.



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.192
Sep 5 2018 16:33:03 (EST)
Interesting line of questions?
Military Law v. Criminal Law.
Think EO.
Think HRC panic.
Do you believe in coincidences?
You have more than you know.


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