Top Fox News Host Busted Trashing Trump Live On Air – Pays The Price

John Roberts of Fox News endeavored to delve into the question of whether there exists a fundamental similarity between Donald Trump and Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), such that they ought to face political repercussions due to their respective indictments.

Donald Trump has announced his intention to seek the presidency once again in the next 2024 election. Additionally, Senator Robert Menendez has expressed his determination to pursue reelection in the forthcoming year.

Democratic strategist Kevin Walling, in alignment with Senate Democrats, expressed the opinion that Menendez ought to step down from his position.

“I think if Democrats are going to prosecute the case against a return of Donald Trump facing these 91 indictments, we have to be on the same page when one of our own faces legal jeopardy. So, it’s consistent and it was important to see these Democrats come forward,” Walling said.

Roberts then asked GOPAC Chair David Avella, “The flip side of the coin, David — If former President Trump under indictment four times can continue to run, why shouldn’t Menendez stay in the Senate?”

“Menendez can stay in the Senate,” Avella said. “What we know here is that for Democrats, they see Menendez as more of a political liability than they see Hunter Biden being a political liability.”

“You think he should stay?” Roberts asked.

“No, he should go! That said, if Democrats were serious about this, they’d expel him! We haven’t had a member expelled since 1862. It was the mere talk of expulsion that would get a Democratic senator, or Republican, to resign. Sen. David Durenberger (R-MN) got censured by the U.S. Senate.

“But if Democrats were serious about this, why aren’t one of these Democratic senators who were the first to come out, who were all up for re-election, why don’t they go all the way? Why don’t they say, ‘It’s time to expel him,’” Avella said.

“So, let me just put the two things together,” Roberts said. “If, as you say, Menendez should go, should Trump continue to run for president?”

“The president is going to continue to run whether he should or not,” Avella said. “He’s going to continue doing it and Republican voters are going to decide whether he’s going to be our nominee or not, and right now, there’s a clear voice that they want him.”

Trump lashed out at Fox News by complaining about what he sees as a lack of deference from the network as he runs for the White House.

For months, Trump has been dissatisfied with Fox’s coverage of his GOP primary opponents, claiming that the network’s declining viewership is solely attributable to the fact that they don’t provide him nonstop, laudatory coverage. For the seventeenth time on Tuesday, Trump vented his frustrations to Fox about the way the governor was covered, accusing Stuart Varney of Fox Business of purposefully fabricating his polling data.

“Did Stuart Varney of Fox Business, who is hosting the upcoming ‘Job Application,’ ever apologize for probably purposely mixing up my Poll numbers with Ron DeSanctimonious, making it look like he was winning, when in fact he is being CRUSHED,” Trump posted. “Varney took a lot of heat, but I still haven’t heard the word, “SORRY!” MAGA knew anyway, they didn’t have to look at a Fake Fox Post!!!”

After that, Trump became enraged with the Fox & Friends cast.

“I watched Fox & Friends this morning, and it is totally unrecognizable,” he grumbled. “All they do is ‘gush’ over job seeking candidates that are 50 Points, plus, down to your favorite President, or speak endlessly about people that will never run and, without cheating, could never win… And what ever happened to Steve? No wonder their ratings are way down. MAGA!”

Although the exact moment that triggered Trump’s outburst remains unknown, his discontent with the Fox morning show signifies a significant change in the dynamic between him and the program.

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