Truckers for Trump Boycott Driving to NYC After $355M Fraud Ruling 


A coalition of truck drivers known for their admiration for the former U.S. President are making their voices heard in a unique way. They’re withdrawing their services to New York City, their silent protest aimed at challenging the recent court ruling that resulted in a substantial fine against the former President. The decision hit hard, leaving them more than discomforted over the stark $350 million fine and a temporary three-year business prohibition within the Empire State levied last week.

The punitive judgment emerged from a prolonged trial that started in October, initiated by New York’s Attorney General Letitia James. The dispute involved serious allegations of financial impropriety, including the overvaluation of assets, pointed towards him, his relatives and the Trump Organization. The magnitude of the trial has turned several heads throughout the trucking community, many of whom are fervent supporters of the former Commander-in-Chief.

Besides, the financial world was rocked when New York Judge Arthur Engoron delivered a decisive and costly judgment on the litigious proceedings this past Friday. The charges originated from the lawsuit filed by James, accusing the prior President of inflated assets and fraud. The ruling seemed to trigger a sense of indignant frustration among a portion of the trucking community, well-known for their unwavering support of the former POTUS.


“New York, New York, New York, now the truckers aren’t trying to deliver your produce, your goods, for three years.

Y’all think groceries are high now. Y’all better respect that MAGA crowd.

They’re not playing around. Keep f****…

— Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal) February 19, 2024

One advocate for truck drivers, who goes by the moniker ‘Chicago Ray,’ has been quite outspoken on social media, rallying truck drivers in support of the former President after the judgment. Self-identifying as a part of the millions of truckers who share his faith and love for the country, ‘Chicago Ray’ chose to use a staple of modern communication, X (a Twitter alternative), to deliver his passionate statement: that he and his fellow truckers stand with the former President because he had always stood for them.

‘Truckers for Trump’ is not just a rhetorical catchphrase, but it represents the spirit shared by many truck drivers, according to Ray. Taking advantage of X’s pervasive influence, Ray aired his dissatisfaction with the ruling on Feb. 16, pleading with his fellow truckers to omit New York City from their delivery destinations as a form of peaceful protest.

Fanning the flames of his discontent, Ray reported having spent an hour conversing with fellow truck drivers over the radio. He mused about the potential impact of their collective action, even though the total number of truck drivers ready to join the cause remains uncertain. His closing rhetoric, however, was clear: continue to ignore and discount their sentiments at your own peril.

In his broadcasts, Ray left no doubt about his unwavering support for the embattled former president. He projected a strong warning. He argued that efforts to hound the former president through a fraud investigation in the City amount to meddling in political processes, hinting that ‘election interference’ might be afoot.

Chicago Ray’s online posts were met with enthusiasm and endorsements from many supporters who resonated with his sentiments. They praised him for his staunch patriotism and advocated for greater resistance against forces attempting to undermine their shared values. His call to action spurred supportive comments from like-minded followers, underlining the need for collective steps against perceived injustices.

The resonance was palpable – among the numerous voices echoed in agreement, some went further and explicitly expressed hopes that all truckers would join in this move against New York City. They asserted that every gesture counts in expressing their shared dissatisfaction, highlighting that ‘enough is enough’.

Nonetheless, rallying was not limited to the trucking community. Another figure who made her stance known was Elena Cardone, wife of renowned real estate investor Grant Cardone. Elena took a proactive approach, establishing a GoFundMe initiative titled ‘Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment’. Elena made it clear that every single penny generated would be allocated to assist the former president’s organization in managing this steep financial obligation.

This was further corroborated by Grant Cardone on X, making his own position abundantly clear. He rebuked what he sees as overreach by parts of the New York judiciary, stating that he stands unwaveringly with the former President in the face of perceived unfair treatment.

Cardone didn’t mince words when he acknowledged the difficult lawsuits currently faced by the former president. He posits that these aren’t just a challenge to an individual, but they represent a challenge to the core principles of fairness and due process that every fellow American is entitled to enjoy.

Expressing his dismay about what he perceives as an attack on fundamental American values, Cardone’s words hold weight within his sphere of influence. He believes that an impartial and fair legal process should be the right of all citizens, irrespective of their position or political inclinations.

Cardone’s fundraiser has since garnered significant attention and contributions. Shortly after it was established, nearly $310,000 had been raised towards their monumental target. This shows that, apart from the vocal support, there is also tangible financial assistance coming forth from likeminded individuals.

In conclusion, the civil fraud verdict against the former President has elicited a strong reaction from various quarters, each adopting unique methods to display their support. From silent protests conducted by truck drivers to crowdfunding efforts initiated by influential individuals, they stand united by the common belief that perceived unfair treatment should be contested and justice rightfully served.

While some might see it as a civic action showing dissatisfaction with judicial actions, others may perceive it as a testament to unshakeable loyalty. As we continue to witness the unfolding repercussions of this ruling, it is clear that the resulting narrative is far from over, showing the deep-seated divides that are, unfortunately, part of the current political and social landscape.

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