Trump At War With Melania Over Son Barron Ultimatum

The current marital predicament involving Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania, arising from their utilization of their son Barron as a “political pawn,” has resulted in a divergence of opinions between the pair on the extent of their 17-year-old offspring’s involvement in public affairs.

The former president, who is currently facing a significant number of indictments, is experiencing a disagreement with his spouse of 18 years. This conflict arose after he involved their sole offspring in the midst of his political campaign.

According to an exclusive report by, Melania Trump is experiencing intense anger over a social media post by her husband, former President Donald Trump, in which he shared a photograph of their infrequently-seen teenager. This action was undertaken with the intention of undermining President Joe Biden.

In an effort to level the playing field, Barron Trump will debate Joe Biden.

— Lady Liberty (@LadyLibTerri) May 28, 2023

According to insiders, Donald has the belief that it is now opportune for his son to embrace his inheritance and actively participate in his public affairs, akin to his elder brothers.

Donald Trump has consistently enjoyed unwavering support from his four additional offspring, namely Donald Trump Jr., aged 45, Ivanka, aged 41, Eric Trump, aged 39, and Tiffany Trump, aged 29.

“He has always believed, despite Melania’s wishes, that Barron would walk in the same footsteps as Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany,” a family insider told

“But Melania has again made it very clear that’s only going to happen over her dead body.”

“Melania has been incredibly protective of Barron and has told Donald she would not stand for him to be exploited by anyone, even his father!” a source said, according to Radar Online.

“He made a promise to protect their son — and he broke it. There’s a good chance she won’t forgive him, and the next time we see them together may be in divorce court.”

According to sources, Melania is reportedly experiencing significant distress as a result of the increasing number of criminal investigations targeting her husband. Furthermore, she perceives her husband’s decision to involve their son, Barron, as a personal betrayal that she finds difficult to forgive.

“Despite Donald’s denials, Melania has already had to endure an indictment in New York that suggests he had an affair with a porn star while she was pregnant with Barron,” a source added. “Now, she’s livid after he’s broken his promise of keeping their son out of the spotlight.”

Contrary to providing support to her husband among his challenges, Melania has been conspicuously absent during his political campaign and has not been present for any of his court hearings.

According to sources familiar with the matter, it has been reported that the primary focus of the individual in question is her son, Barron. It is worth noting that she chose not to relocate to the White House alongside her husband until a whole six months had passed since his election in 2016, in order to allow her child to complete the academic year in his place of residence, New York City.

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