Trump Attorney Makes Live Stunning Admission Hours After Trump’s Mugshot

According to Alina Habba, a representative for Donald Trump, the mugshot of the former president was regarded as a highly favorable occurrence.

On Thursday, Donald Trump was detained at Fulton County Jail, where he underwent the standard procedures of fingerprinting and having his mugshot captured. The individual in question is currently under indictment in Georgia on a total of thirteen charges that are directly linked to his endeavor to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the aforementioned state, wherein he experienced defeat. The ex-president has been released on bail amounting to $200,000.

As expected, the leading candidate from the Republican party has dedicated the past 24 hours to soliciting funds based on the aforementioned image, which has emerged as a conservative counterpart to the iconic representation of Che Guevara.

In the Friday episode of The Balance on Newsmax, Habba expressed criticism towards Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis regarding the aforementioned photograph. However, Habba proceeded to assert that this development will ultimately be advantageous for Trump, who has faced four indictments since April. Nevertheless, just the most recent iteration produced a photographic portrait of the previous head of state.

“Why did this jurisdiction need a mugshot?” host Eric Bolling asked Habba.

“They didn’t,” she replied. “They didn’t need the mugshot. It was, I guess to her, probably a trophy. But thank you, because now the trophy actually became ours. She wanted to get it done. We obviously had told her that no other jurisdiction required it. He is the single most famous man on the planet.”

Habba referred to the district attorney’s “power play” in releasing the mugshot as a “power play” before referring to Trump’s efforts to void the election as “protecting the Constitution.”

“The American people aren’t stupid,” she continued. “The mugshot was probably one of the best things that ever happened to him probably at this point. So, thank you, Fani.”

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