Trump Demands Republicans Pass Bill That Requires Citizenship Proof to Vote 

The former U.S. President, Donald Trump, on Tuesday employed Truth Social, his internet megaphone, to champion a call to House Republicans for the implementation of the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act. This legislative piece, a bulwark of American sovereign democracy, mandates that a definitive ‘proof of U.S. citizenship’ be presented at the time of voter registration for federal elections.

The necessity of such significant documentation arises as a proficient tool to deter voter impersonation attempts and electoral fraud. In his stern message, Trump underlined that those sporting the Democrat banner were deterred by the prospective legislation, suspiciously suggesting they may harbor intentions of manipulating forthcoming November poll outcomes.

‘Republicans, make the SAVE Act law, or you might just as well resign and disappear into the night,’ Trump emphatically delivered through his popular social media channel. He raised his concern regarding how illegal immigrants have been granted voting rights, a forced strategy devised by crafty Democrat Politicians. Nascent voting system vulnerabilities are becoming increasingly apparent, exacerbated by the Department of Justice, whose actions or lacunae appear to imply its clandestine agreement with this agenda.

With a blatant disregard for fairness, Trump further stated, ‘Democrats cannot secure victory through their policies alone, and have resorted to fraudulent practices to attain the upper hand.’ ‘They’re becoming masters of this foul play at every level of government. The question of how an incompetent candidate as Joe Biden was elected, starts to make more sense.

The Republican National Committee (Michael W!, Speaker Johnson), together with State and Local Republican politicians, need to adopt a hard-line stance. Unfortunately, with the Department of Justice dysfunctionally mired in corruption, any expectation for intervention would likely be in vain. They’ve clearly lost their moral compass!’

With resolute determination, Trump portrayed his own future election prospects buoyantly stating, ‘If I become President again, there will be a full-blown crackdown on Election Fraudsters, unlike anything seen before. We have your identities, and stringent long-term imprisonment is on the cards. So BEWARE!’ The promise of tough law enforcement and accountability was the mainstay of Trump’s tenure, reflecting once again in his message.

The DC Enquirer’s previous reporting highlights that the Democrats stationed at the House, as well as the Biden administration, are jointly slashing their swords at the bill, aiming to thwart its passage. Their argument being, the raised requirement for voter documentation would shrink the radius of eligible voters. House Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA), has reportedly been marshaling the Democratic troops to reject the legislation, contending that the bill would ‘ban Americans from registering to vote using a mere drivers’ license’ and usher in passports as the ‘only valid standalone identification document.’

An advisory memo was dispatched by the Biden administration on the preceding Monday, coaxing the Democrat legislators to fight against the proposed Act. ‘The proposal to enforce the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act, coded H.R. 8281, undermines the administration and is consequently met with strong objection. We would like to clarify that noncitizens participating in Federal elections is a Federal offense subject to penalties, including imprisonment and fines,’ stated the White House counsel. They further opined that allegations justifying the proposal were ‘based on easily disproven misconceptions.’

Denoting a false claim of citizenship or unlawful voting in an election carries grave repercussions, including deportation from the U.S. and a permanent entry ban. While the White House and Democratic leadership in the House are rallying to prevent the bill’s passage through the lower chamber, a glimmer of hope persists that certain Democrats may comprehend the need to mandate citizenship documentation in order to preserve the integrity of our democratic system.

An earlier instance this year saw multiple House Democrats break ranks, voting alongside Republicans to outlaw voting rights for noncitizens in Washington, D.C. This opens the possibility that some members of the party might be prepared to dissent from their leadership and champion the cause of protecting American elections.

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