Trump Drops Bombshell Surprise On Joe Biden

According to a prominent pollster, the Republican primary battle has effectively concluded, with former President Donald Trump emerging as the victor several months before the commencement of the electoral process.

Furthermore, John and Jim McLaughlin assert that, based on their empirical findings, Trump exhibits robust polling performance in comparison to President Biden, so indicating a genuine possibility of his triumph in the upcoming year.

According to their article on Newsmax, “Since our last national poll, Donald Trump has gone to Iowa, New Hampshire, and to court. The most attention Joe Biden received was when he flew back and forth to Israel, where he may be talking tough while appeasing Hamas and Iran.”

According to them, “The result: President Trump destroys the Republican primary field and widens his lead over Joe Biden.”

According to the pollsters, “In the Republican primary, among all candidates, Donald Trump has his largest lead of the year, +47%, receiving 55% of the vote to Ron DeSantis 8% (way down from 31% in January), Nikki Haley 8%, Vivek Ramaswamy 7%, Mike Pence 6%, Chris Christie 3%, Tim Scott 2%, Larry Elder, Doug Burgum, Asa Hutchinson, and Perry Johnson, all received 1% with 10% undecided. Since we began the poll, Larry Elder, Perry Johnson, and Mike Pence have all ended their campaigns. In a two-way ballot between President Trump and Ron DeSantis, Trump leads 73% to DeSantis 27%. No undecided.”

According to the pollsters, DeSantis is facing a significant challenge in the form of an increasing prevalence of unfavorable evaluations.

It is observed that in January of the current year, DeSantis’ favorable rating stood at 40 percent, while his unfavorable rating was recorded at 39 percent. Currently, the favorability rating sits at 34 percent, while the unfavorability rating stands at 51 percent, resulting in a net decline of 18 points.

“Among Republican primary voters, his favorable rating is only 57%, with a significant share being negative, 29% unfavorable. This makes it very, very hard for Ron DeSantis to prove that he can beat Joe Biden, while Donald Trump is leading,” according to them.

In addition, it was observed that Trump secures a significant victory over his former UN ambassador, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, with a margin of 75-25 percent.

The pollsters have also highlighted the fact that Trump has not yet participated in a Republican primary debate. Furthermore, he has already declared his intention to abstain from the third debate. The McLaughlin brothers argue that this decision has, in fact, been advantageous for him.

According to their observations, it has been noticed that a majority of Republican voters hold the opinion that the debates should be concluded and the remaining candidates should withdraw from the race, directing their support towards Trump with the primary objective of beating Biden.

When surveyed, GOP primary voters were questioned about the significant lead that Donald Trump now holds, “Currently Donald Trump is leading in all the Republican primary polls nationally by very big margins of 30, 40 or more points and winning early states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina by big margins. Even more important President Trump leads Joe Biden in the national media polls like ABC/Washington Post, CBS, Harvard Harris and others. It’s time to stop the RNC debates attacking Donald Trump, fight Biden’s political indictments, and rally Republicans behind President Trump so we can start the campaign of beating Joe Biden”

This garnered agreement from a significant majority of 76 percent, while just a mere 16 percent expressed disagreement.

Trump is also gaining support from traditionally Democratic voting blocs.

“Among all voters President Trump leads Joe Biden 48% to 43% with 9% undecided. Most interesting President Trump receives 27% of the African American vote and 39% among Hispanics. Joe Biden is losing a good portion of his 2020 voting base,” they added.

One primary factor is the significant proportion of 70 percent of voters who express the belief that the United States is currently following an incorrect trajectory, in contrast to a mere 24 percent who hold the view that it is progressing in the correct direction.

Biden’s job approval rating among the entire electorate stands at a mere 43 percent, while 55 percent of voters express disapproval of his performance.

According to recent generic congressional surveys, the Republican party now holds a lead over the Democratic party by a margin of 47 to 43 percent.

The pollsters expressed that “It’s too early to say Trump has won the 2024 election, but his prospects are looking very strong. Donald Trump as President and a Republican majority in Congress. We have a year to go.”

In mid-October, Trump made a commitment to implement a policy, should he be re-elected as president, which will prohibit the entry of immigrants who express support for Hamas into the United States. Additionally, he pledged to deploy law enforcement personnel to pro-Hamas demonstrations with the intention of apprehending and repatriating immigrants who openly endorse the Palestinian militant organization.

During a campaign visit to Iowa, President Trump addressed the conflict between Israel and Hamas, highlighting the Hamas-initiated killing of a minimum of 1,300 Israelis.

Source: Newsmax

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