Trump Epically Trolls GOP Debate Candidates With Hilarious New Website Overnight

Former President Donald Trump’s decision to forgo the Republican debates, and instead interview in depth with now-independent journalist Tucker Carlson, has delighted some of his supporters while others wish he would participate in the debate due to his fierce debate skills.

Trump has outdistanced all other candidates since the race began, and his lead keeps climbing. Every major poll in recent months has shown him leading nationally and in early-voting states, with some reaching beyond the critical 50 percent threshold.

Rather than give his opponents every opportunity to attack him on stage, President Trump has told allies he’s “up by too many points” and will instead sit for a competing interview with Tucker Carlson. the president has also stated that he can be more in-depth about his own answers to current issues this way, and will be able to broadcast important information rather than deflect attacks.

But Trump’s camp has a different answer to addressing the other hopefuls for the Republican nomination. It seems they themselves have endorsed Trump in the past, and their own words speak for themselves.

Trump’s super PAC has unveiled a new website mockingly titled “Battle For The Vice Presidency” which features several GOP candidates who are currently in the 2024 Presidential race.

And no creative writing is needed, as the candidates’ quotes regarding Trump lead the day. And, it is no surprise that the candidates will immediately be seen in the debate attacking Trump, so the appearance of their quotes serves to highlight the duality in their words.

Candidates participating in the debate and included on this political satire platform are:

Chris Christie: The former New Jersey governor’s past commendations for Trump hilariously spotlighted.
Tim Scott: The Senator from South Carolina eloquently lauds Trump’s leadership.
Ron DeSantis: Florida’s Governor, who has held the lead in the field of hopefuls, praises Trump’s leadership.
Vivek Ramaswamy: Heretofore unknown business leader Ramaswamy’s past positive remarks about Trump are emphasized.
Nikki Haley: The former US Ambassador to the United Nations under the Trump administration and ex-South Carolina Governor is represented with her past testimonials of Trump’s leadership
Doug Burgum: North Dakota’s Governor is quoted with his prior appreciative words for Trump.
Asa Hutchinson: Arkansas’ former Governor is highlighted in moments where he showed agreement or support for Trump’s actions.
Mike Pence: Trump’s own Vice President from 2016 to 2020 is probably the most hilarious, given Pence’s lack of support for the president regarding the Jan 6 events.

This isn’t the first time Trump has used satire; in 2020 he repoeted a tweet by the Babylon Bee in jest which had Dems furious. Unlike that instance, however, Trump’s current site uses the candidates’ own words as they praise him. The field of hopefuls is arguably the group from which Trump will choose a running mate, and their positive words regarding Trump lay the groundwork for that choice if he received the nomination.

The website roasts only those participating in the debate. There are others who wanted to participate, but did not qualify, according to the GOP. One day before Republican presidential candidates are set to verbally brawl on stage, the Republican National Committee has announced the eight candidates who made the cut to enter the ring and identified who was left out.

The RNC for the first time required candidates to hit at least 1% in three national polls or in a mix of national and early state polls recognized by the committee and have accrued 40,000 individual donors to their campaigns from at least 200 unique donors per state in 20 or more states. This change was made to avoid the multiple debates prior to the 2016 election, where so many Republicans participated it made multiple debates necessary.

Perry Johnson, radio host Larry Elder, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, former Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX), and Texan businessman Ryan Binkley were not allowed to participate in the debate. For his part, Elder protests the exclusion.

On Monday Elder announced he intends to sue for inclusion into the debate, arguing his team submitted a “strong, in-depth qualification package” to RNC officials but was unfairly denied by citing Rasmussen polls which the GOP said is too closely tied to President Trump, who is not even participating in the debate.

I intend to sue the RNC to halt Wednesday’s presidential debate.

I said from the beginning that it appeared the rules of the game were rigged, little did we know just how rigged it is. For some reason, the establishment leaders at the RNC are afraid of having my voice on the…

— Larry Elder (@larryelder) August 22, 2023

Elder’s point is well taken, as the requirements are brand new and the main objection to Elder seems to be his tie to President Trump, who is the far and away front-runner for the GOP’s own nomination.

Johnson has also announced he will sue the RNC, saying he has met every requirement and the RNC has “preconceived ideas about who they wanted on the stage.”

Ron DeSantis held the number 2 slot in the field but has recently been outdistanced by Ramaswamy. The rise in support for Ramaswamy, though minimal compared to Trump, signals the number of Republicans who are looking outside the career politicians for a leader.

Just like Donald Trump.

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