Trump Fires Back at Robert De Deniro – ‘He Has a Terrible Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome’

On a recent weekend, our nation’s 45th President and probable Republican representative, Donald Trump, took the opportunity to respond to the derogatory comments made by actor Robert De Niro. Using his much-followed platform, Truth Social, Trump addressed the actor who had called him a ‘total monster’ during an episode of ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ which aired the preceding Friday.

De Niro expressed his sentiments about Trump by placing him in a light of extreme negative traits. ‘I see nothing virtuous or redeemable in him that would make me want to portray him on screen,’ De Niro conceded, expressing his rather strong disapproval, while implicitly touching upon his experience as a veteran actor portraying varied characters across the board.

Immersed in his critique, De Niro didn’t hold back when he stated how the shock that resulted from Trump’s unexpected win in 2016 wasn’t just a personal feeling, but one that resonated with many others too. Seemingly feeling the weight of his words, he then launched into a comment about dictatorship, urging viewers to believe him when he exclaims, ‘Take him [Trump] at his word.’

Refusing to let such pointed critiques go unanswered, Trump rebutted through his social media platform, suggesting that De Niro was suffering from a ‘terminal case’ of what he called ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’. This, according to Mr. Trump, was the reason behind the actor’s ‘peculiarly unintelligent’ remarks.

Trump’s feelings of De Niro’s irrational and single-minded focus on his presidency were clear when he alleged that the actor had a safety barrier of reluctance shielding him from any potential introspection. To Trump, this hinderance seemed to distort his ability to make assessments that were fair, or at least, slightly balanced.

De Niro has consistently expressed his thoughts about Trump since the latter’s time in office. He once stated, after considerable contemplation, that unlike the ‘bad men’ he’s studied, there’s something uniquely malevolent about Trump, going as far as labeling him ‘evil’.

In quick response to this claim, Trump called out De Niro’s declining popularity, brushing off his criticisms by labeling him a ‘total loser’. This, Trump suggested, was a fact echoed around the globe as people watched, waited, and even enjoyed a laugh at the actor’s expense.

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Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again.

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— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) March 9, 2024

In an exchange with Maher, De Niro affirmed his belief in a shared lack of common sense within both political spectrums. The host inquired of De Niro, ‘Would you at least agree with the lack of common sense on both the left and right?’ De Niro nodded in agreement, echoing the sentiment.

In his reply, De Niro pointed out that this void of collective wisdom provided a vast opening for Trump. The actor then pivoted to express his support for the current President, Joe Biden, considering him a true representative of the nation’s cultural ethos.

De Niro’s political leanings may not align with everyone, and his vociferous expressions of discontent against Trump have certainly provoked a reaction. But his primary concern seems to be the preservation of the ideals on which the nation was built.

In the heat of their seeming feud, it’s apparent that both Trump and De Niro have their staunch supporters and ardent critics. Their public exchanges illuminate the contrasting views often held of political figures, showcasing a lively and contentious aspect of democratic dialogue.

In wrapping up, these exchanges reflect the ongoing societal dialogue regarding the state of our nation. They underscore the pervasive division in politics and bring to light the strong yet divisive feelings evoked by certain political figures.

While both De Niro and Trump command sizeable followings and influential platforms, their bitter disagreements serve as examples of the diverse, and sometimes polarizing, nature of political discourse in America today.

Ultimately, beneath the tantalizing headlines and fiery soundbites, these heated back-and-forths are, in many ways, symptomatic of the broader split in American politics. As the nation continues to assess its path, voices from all corners of society will compete to be heard.

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