Trump Goes Off on NY Judge After he Targeted Trump’s Kids


Recently, Donald Trump, the former U.S. President, voiced his displeasure toward Arthur Engoron, a Manhattan Judge currently presiding over his civil fraud trial. The cause of his chagrin was Engoron’s decision to summon some of Trump’s progeny to the witness stand.

Using his Truth Social platform, Trump expressed his discontent, clearly indicating wrongful actions taken by New York State Attorney General, Letitia James, and Judge Engoron. He relayed that information inaccurately reported by Michael Cohen, his embattled ex-attorney, was unfairly propelling the trial.

Trump pressed the point that Cohen had confessed to perjury during the previous week’s testimony, confessing to untrue statements. He also clarified that neither he or anyone from the Trump Organization gave instructions to Cohen to alter values on financial records. It was Cohen’s initial allegations to the Attorney General that set forth the current trial.

As per Trump, the very fact that Cohen confessed to lying should be more than ample evidence to terminate the proceedings of this illegitimate lawsuit. He emphasized that the allegations levied against him have been unfounded and should be nullified. He assured that the financial statements were, in fact, conservative, erring on the side of understatement rather than exaggeration.

Furthermore, the former President substantiated his claims by explaining the real market value of his prized asset, Mar-a-Lago, was substantially more than the recorded $18,000,000. To further fortify his legitimacy, Trump detailed that the financial statements contained a 100% disclaimer clause clearly stated on the opening page, allowing for any discretional adjustments.

Trump insisted that all banks and insurance companies involved in his ventures have been fully compensated without any instances of defaults, which supports his claim of no victims due to his actions. He took a clear stance that he was the only victim in this guise of justice, and further intensified his discontent directed at Judge Engoron, stating that the justice was tarnishing the legal profession.

Showing the human side of the affair, Trump appealed to the justice’s sense of morality, and said, ‘Keep my children out of this, Engoron.’ News sources have reported that Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, both serving as executives in the Trump Organization, stood before the court as witnesses. Ivanka Trump, former executive and White House advisor, was also commanded to testify despite her refusal.

Ivanka long resisted the Attorney General’s subpoena to take the stand. Despite her opposition, Judge Engoron, on a recent Friday, dictated that she must testify, all the while granting her the opportunity for an appeal. Trump’s legal team has maintained that Ivanka should be excluded from this process given a prior appeal court ruling.

Trump’s legal defense contended earlier this year that Ivanka mustn’t remain a defendant in the case due to statutory limitations. The legal representatives argued that the Attorney General’s office has been unrelenting, causing undue stress to the former President’s daughter long after she was ruled to be dismissed from the case.

Trump’s attorneys made a further argument that the late-in-the-game subpoena was not in good faith and stressed that Ivanka is no longer a resident of the state giving the AG’s office no authority over her. In response, James’ prosecutors maintained that her position as a former White House Official gave her considerable importance, making her testimony crucial for the case.

The central premise of the AG’s case lies on the accusation that Trump has artificially inflated the worth of his assets, aiming to secure loans on more favorable terms. The penalty sought by Letitia James stands at a hefty $250 million.

The former President, however, has categorically denied all allegations, stating with confidence that not a single banking institution he has conducted business with has suffered any financial losses. As the legal battle unfolds, one can only wait and watch to see if justice will be delivered or if the trial is indeed a ‘rigged hoax’ as claimed by Trump.

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