Trump Issues Warning to DC Elites on What He’s Going To Do When He Wins

The former President, Donald Trump, conveyed a cautionary message to the political elites in Washington, D.C., regarding the potential consequences they may face should he regain the presidency in 2024.

Former President Trump made a post on the social media platform Truth Social.

“The Crooked Joe Biden Campaign has thrown so many Indictments and lawsuits against me that Republicans are already thinking about what we are going to do to Biden and the Communists when it’s our turn.”

“They have started a whole new Banana Republic way of thinking about political campaigns. It’s so cheap and dirty, but that’s where America is right now. Be careful what you wish for!” Trump stated, seemingly warning them of the consequences of their actions.

The Department of Justice under Joe Biden, along with members of the Democratic Party, has brought forth 91 indictments against former President Donald Trump. These charges have been subject to scrutiny, leading some to draw comparisons between the current state of affairs in the United States and that of a banana republic.

Nevertheless, President Trump’s political influence appears to be bolstered by each indictment, as his loyal supporters interpret the allegations as a unifying call to action for the upcoming 2024 election.

In a recent statement, Tucker Carlson expressed concerns on the potential recourse of the deep state establishment, suggesting that their perceived inability to achieve their objectives thus far may lead them to contemplate the assassination of President Trump.

“They protested him; they called him names. He won anyway.” Tucker observed.

“They impeached him twice on ridiculous pretenses,” he added.

“He became more popular. Then, they indicted him three more times. And every single time his popularity rose,” then he warned of the possibility of an assassination attempt on Trump.

During a conversation with Glenn Beck in August, former President Donald Trump expressed his intention to incarcerate the individuals he perceives as “sick and evil” inside the Washington, D.C. elite, who he believes are actively working to undermine his presidency, upon assuming the presidency in 2024.

“You said in 2016, you know, ‘lock her up.’ And then when you became President, you said, ‘We don’t do that in America.’ That’s just not the right thing to do,” Beck told Trump.

Beck then asked, “That’s what they’re doing. Do you regret not locking her up? And if you’re President again, will you lock people up?”

Trump answered, “Well, I’ll give you an example. Uh, the answer is you have no choice because they’re doing it to us.”

Conservative commentator Mark Levin weighed in on the dire situation on Sunday in posts on Truth Social.

“The Democrat Party and its media are literally destroying the country with help from NeverTrumpers in academia. The Constitution and rule of law are being eviscerated right before our eyes. There’s no way tens of millions of Americans will accept a Biden or Democrat victory of any kind in 2024. And these saboteurs not only intend to steal the presidency but the House and Senate too.”

Trump also posted on Sunday:

“Great poll numbers because people want a return to the Trump years when everything worked, the Border was the strongest ever, no Inflation, jobs, jobs, jobs, Energy Independent and soon Dominant, low taxes and regulations, strong military, no Russia and Ukraine, no China and their threats. We defeated 100% of the ISIS Kalifat. Greatest economy EVER. What a fantastic time for America. BRING BACK THE REAL USA. Bring back strength, bring back TRUMP!”

Trump shared Tulsi Gabbard’s post as well.

“A death rattle of any democracy is when a sitting president uses the state security apparatus to go after political opponents and cover up lies and crimes committed by himself or his family. Biden is doing that now. His actions make it clear he believes himself to be not the enforcer of the rule of law but the exception to it,” Gabbard stated.

On Sunday, George Stephanopoulos and his panel responded to a recently conducted presidential poll for the year 2024, which was introduced by the ABC News presenter as being “kind of shocking.”

During a conversation on the Sunday edition of This Week, Stephanopoulos made mention of a recent Wall Street Journal survey which indicated that former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are tied at 46% each in a direct competition.

“It is kind of shocking in a way that despite all of the baggage that Donald Trump carries, he’s tied with Joe Biden right now,” Stephanopoulos exclaimed.

Donna Brazile, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, acknowledged that the survey results were a matter of concern.

“When I looked at that recent poll, the Wall Street Journal, I said, ‘this could keep me up at night,’” Brazile hilariously responded.

According to the aforementioned poll, former President Trump maintains a substantial advantage in the competition for the Republican nomination, as he holds a commanding lead of 59-13 over his closest contender, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

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