Trump Makes 4-Word Announcement After Maine Mass Shooting Enraging Leftists

The ex-president, Donald Trump, publicly acknowledged the tragic incidents of mass shootings that occurred in Maine, resulting in a minimum of 22 fatalities, shortly before sharing commendation on Truth Social regarding the newly appointed speaker of the House. Additionally, he posted a video showcasing his participation in a golfing activity, along with expressing vehement criticisms towards his political adversaries.

Furthermore, apart from the deceased, a minimum of 50 individuals sustained injuries in the incidents of gunfire, which transpired at several venues, encompassing a dining establishment and a recreational facility for bowling. The footage of individuals evacuating the area in search of safety was broadcasted by CNN.

“A terrible situation going on in Maine,” wrote Trump, who is running for president again. “At least 22 dead. It just seems to never end for the USA!”

The former president re-posted three minutes later, this time praising Mike Johnson for winning the speakership earlier in the day.

“Great speech today for new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson,” he wrote. “Off to a terrific start!!!”

Twelve minutes later, Trump posted a video of him entering an arena to watch a UFC fight with the words, “WHAT A DIFFERENCE A PRESIDENT MAKES!” Mediaite reported.

A minute later, he posted a video of him teeing off, juxtaposed with footage of President Joe Biden falling on stairs.

The former president then potentially violated a gag order again in his civil fraud case by railing against New York Attorney General Letitia James and his former attorney, Michael Cohen, who testified against him earlier in the day.

“The New York State Attorney Generals [sic] case against me is DEAD, but the Radical Left Judge REFUSES to end it,” he said. “He just can’t let it go. Their ‘star’ witness lied like a dog on the stand today, and then admitted that I did NOTHING WRONG! A total SleazeBag.”

Subsequently, Trump shared an article disparaging Biden.

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