Trump Makes Sudden Announcement About Melania’s Future

This week, NY Magazine featured an article about the seeming absence of former First Lady Melania Trump from her husband’s busy schedule.

Apparently, during a college football game Trump attended last Saturday, someone paid for a plane to fly a banner around with the words “Where’s Melania.”

Some people chalked it up to a stunt by the Desantis campaign.

NY Mag reported:

“Ahead of the Iowa–Iowa State college-football game on Saturday, someone went to the trouble of hiring a plane to fly a banner over the event mocking Donald Trump, who was in attendance. But of all the things they could mock him for — from getting indicted four times to refusing to accept his 2020 election loss to having small hands — they inexplicably went with “Where’s Melania?””

It’s a weird question because we have a pretty good idea of what the former first lady is up to: She’s living her life and avoiding her husband’s drama. Melania skipped all of Trump’s arraignments and post-arrest rallies, and hasn’t shown up to any of his campaign events. But she was never big on playing the dutiful political wife, and she isn’t “missing” as suggested by this flyer distributed at the game, which features the phone number for Mar-a-Lago:

In the last year, Melania has been spotted every few weeks in New York and Palm Beach, Florida, occasionally appearing with her husband or their son. And thanks to regular dispatches from anonymous “sources close to Melania,” we know she’s just not worked up about her husband’s considerable legal troubles.

“Melania is busy with her son and family and she pays only so much attention to these issues which captivate the media,” a source told People last month. “Of course these criminal charges are embarrassing to Melania and to Donald, but life goes on and each reacts to stress in different ways.”

So who’s behind this rather low-energy Trump attack? We don’t know, but Trump supporters were quick to point the finger at Ron DeSantis, and there is some circumstantial evidence to support that theory.

Weeks ago, the Trump campaign flew a banner over the Iowa State Fair that said Be Likeable, Ron!

Today, there’s scattered “Missing” flyers all over the rivalry Iowa game — where Trump, DeSantis & several other candidates will both appear.

— Rachel Scott (@rachelvscott) September 9, 2023

And people in the MSM are asking about Melania, so Trump responded.

On Thursday, Trump expressed his anticipation that Melania may join him on the campaign trail in the near future.

“We’ll see her on the trail soon?” Kristen Welker, the host of “Meet the Press,” posed to the former president.

“Yes. Soon? Yeah, pretty soon. When it’s appropriate, but pretty soon,” Trump answered. “She’s a private person, a great person, a very confident person and she loves our country very much.”

“And honestly, I like to keep her away from it. It’s so nasty and so mean,” Trump explained.

The forthcoming interview, which marks Welker’s inaugural appearance as the moderator of “Meet the Press,” is scheduled to be broadcasted on Sunday across various NBC affiliates nationwide.

NBC News has additionally issued an offer to President Joe Biden to engage in a conversation with Welker for an interview.

During the previous two election cycles, the former first lady’s involvement in the campaign trail was notably restricted, as she made only a few appearances while her husband pursued the presidency.

In the year 2020, her level of participation in both virtual and in-person events was infrequent.

During the year 2016, she maintained a discreet public presence and primarily engaged in activities involving her son Barron, who was 10 years old during that period.

The previous president informed Welker that she was occupied with the responsibility of seeing to Barron, who is presently 17 years old.

“She loves that boy,” Trump gushed.

However, the noticeable absence of the individual in question at this particular period has raised attention, since they have not been present at any of the court hearings, despite the presence of other relatives accompanying him.

The level of visibility exhibited by the spouses of other Republican candidates has been far higher throughout this election cycle.

Casey DeSantis, the spouse of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has consistently accompanied him on his campaign route, strategically emphasizing the significance of family and parenthood.

Furthermore, she has emerged as a notable attraction in her own capacity, marking her inaugural independent public performance in July within the state of Iowa.

Early this month, Joe Rogan took on the liberal media, which has been spreading rumors about how Melania feels about her husband’s legal troubles, which have all been brought about by Democrats.

Joe Rogan expressed a strong admiration for Melania, characterizing her as the “hottest first lady of all time.” The sentiment arose in response to an article that speculated on her purported lack of interest in Trump’s ongoing legal difficulties.

In a recent installment of Rogan’s podcast on Spotify, he came to Melania’s defense following the publication of an article by Vanity Fair. The article aimed to provide an overview of Melania’s sentiments towards Trump’s four criminal indictments and the subsequent trials he is confronting as he embarks on another campaign for president.

According to the story, “Melania’s Take on Donald Trump’s Fourth Indictment Is Basically ‘Sucks to Be You, Pal’: Report.”

Rogan said that he had not perused the aforementioned article, whereby the publication cited an informant who provided statements to People Magazine. The source alleged that Melania independently pursues her own personal endeavors, and in light of the substantial legal charges amounting to 91 felonies faced by Trump, her disposition can be characterized as one of indifference or detachment, conveying a sentiment akin to “Sucks to be you, pal.”

“You don’t even have an interview with her … This is just a narrative you want to promote,” … Rogan said as he engaged in a conversation with stand-up comic Dave Smith. “Are you sure that’s the take? How can you openly say that? Did you get a source? You know for sure that’s how she feels? … Maybe she said it for funsies,” Rogan questioned.

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