Trump May Be Jailed Within 72 Hours

Weeks after the former president’s post on his campaign website that attacked a court clerk led to the enforcement of a partial gag order, the judge overseeing Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial chastised the former president on Friday for not removing the offensive content. According to The Messenger, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron stated, “I learned that the subject offending post was never removed from the and in fact, has been on the website for the past 17 days.” Engoron questioned why Trump shouldn’t face “serious sanctions” for his “blatant violation of the gag order,” like fines or “possibly imprisoning him.”

“Despite this clear order, last night I learned that the subject offending post was never removed from (the Trump’s campaign website) in fact had been on that website for the past 17 days,” Engoron said.

Christopher Kise, the lawyer for Trump, expressed regret for the occurrence right once and stated that it was the “inadvertent” consequence of Trump’s team putting content on social media and his website simultaneously. “It was not the goal to disobey, avoid, or get around the directive. According to The Daily Beast, Kise stated, “I assure you that,” attributing the gaffe to the GOP front-runner’s extensive “campaign machinery.” Kise added, “This unfortunately is a part of the process that is built into the campaign structure.” After the gag order, the former president removed the contentious Truth Social post that circulated false and personally identifiable information about his principal law clerk, Allison Greenfield. However, until hours later, when the liberal political action committee Meidas Touch brought attention to the now-deleted webpage, Trump and his campaign left a mirroring message up on their website.

The judge was informed of the webpage’s existence by the attorney general’s office in New York, according to The Daily Beast. Engoron stated that the page was only taken down late on Thursday night “in response to email from this court.” The court chastised Trump even more, pointing out that his statements have the potential to cause and have caused “serious physical harm and worse.” Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti tweeted in response to Engoron’s criticism, saying, “That’s one way to get Trump’s attention.” Ignoring a judge’s orders is tantamount to playing with fire.

The attorney general’s office declined to comment in public, and Engoron provided Trump’s defense team with a chance to clarify the events.

Following the disclosure from Trump’s legal team, Engoron and Greenfield exchanged hushes and concluded the transaction abruptly. Engoron declared that he would consider the situation “under advisement.” “I will take this under advisement, but I want to make clear that Donald Trump is still responsible for the large machine, even if it is a large machine,” Engoron said.

Trump’s attorneys gave background information regarding the reach of the campaign website later in the morning. About 25,000 people received emails from Trump’s campaign, and 6,713 of those communications were reportedly opened, according to Kise.

The campaign website kept the court-barred message up for 17 days till late on Thursday after the gag order was imposed on October 3. According to Kise, the page received almost 114 million views overall throughout that period, but just 3,701 unique views. The email subscribers who followed the link and clicked are included in the latter figure.

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