Trump: ”Move Slowly, Carefully — And Then Strike Like The Fastest Animal On The Planet!” – Ep. 3311

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The farmers are not giving up, they rolled out the tractors and they are continuing the fight until the installed politicians give into their demands. Canada ready to introduce the carbon tax, it will destroy the economy and the people. The EV mandate will fail, the people will reject. Trump begins the attacks on Biden’s economic policies. [CB]s prepare to cut rates. The [DS] is trapped in their crimes, the people now know and there is no way out of this. The [DS] attacks on Trump and the people will intensify as we get closer and closer to the election. Scavino puts out a message letting everyone know they do not announce their moves. Trump put out a tweet on how animals attack, move slowly, carefully, and then strike like the fastest animal on the planet.



Biden Admin Trots Out Al Gore’s Son To Hype Up EPA’s ‘EV Mandate’ Rule

The Biden administration brought out Al Gore’s son to tout the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new and aggressive automobile regulation in Washington, D.C.
 The new tailpipe emissions standards are designed to force auto manufacturers to ensure that nearly 70% of all such vehicles sold will be zero-emission models within a decade.


Biden’s New EV Mandate Is A ‘Bloodbath’ For Consumers, Carmakers, And The ‘Climate’

The EPA is rolling out stringent tailpipe rules correctly described as an ‘electrical vehicle mandate in disguise.’

As spring begins, let us think back to an icy time in January when Tesla owners were stranded because their electric vehicle batteries flatlined in the subzero temps and many charging stations were dead or dying.

In the name of President Joe Biden’s bogus “climate change” agenda, the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday announced new automobile emissions standards aimed at reducing “fleetwide average carbon emissions” by 56 percent by 2032. Some call the mandate ambitious, others call it insane. Ultimately, it will force many more unpopular and unreliable EVs out on the highways.
Daren Bakst, director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center on Energy and Environment, said the emissions standard is “one of the most extreme rules ever finalized by a federal agency.”

“The EPA’s rule would restrict the ability of Americans to buy gas-powered vehicles, a chilling abuse of power and a wanton disregard for individual freedom,” Bakst said in a statement. “Unhinged from reality, the EPA is ignoring the fact that consumers don’t want to buy electric vehicles at the level the Biden administration envisions.”

But most Americans don’t want an EV. A Yahoo Finance and Ipsos poll conducted a few months before the EV freeze found that 57 percent of respondents said electric vehicles weren’t on their car-buying shopping list. Only 31 percent of respondents said they were likely to buy an EV.
Automakers have gotten the message. Ford and GM have stopped manufacturing and selling some of their battery-powered vehicles. Rental car company Hertz announced earlier this year plans to sell a third of its EV fleet on shrinking demand. Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr was particularly hurt by his decision to go all-in on EVs. He is no longer with the company.

Speaking of sunshine, Biden’s press team at The New York Times spent plenty of column space blowing it up their readers’ windmills. In extolling the virtues of the administration’s climate standard, the Times exclaimed:


The Times was forced to acknowledge some inconvenient truths that the left tends to avoid like a MAGA hat.
“The transition to electric vehicles would require enormous changes in manufacturing, infrastructure, technology, labor, global trade and consumer habits,” the publication notes.
And while the U.S. continues to do the heavy lifting on carbon, mega polluters like China will do what they do best.
“The Biden Administration is using executive orders to push this EV mandate because he knows Congress won’t pass it and because the American people don’t support it,” Daniel Turner, founder and executive director for Power The Future, said in a statement. “If EVs are as popular as Joe Biden claims, he wouldn’t have to force them through executive fiat or prop them up with taxpayer subsidies. With layoffs of workers, billions in losses, and CEO’s losing their jobs, it’s clear the electric vehicle bloodbath has already begun.”


Los Angeles City Council Member Pushing for New ‘Department of Homelessness’

American cities across the country are experiencing a massive uptick in homelessness, but perhaps none more than Los Angeles, California.
Skid Row used to be confined to a one block area but now tents and other makeshift shelters can be seen throughout the city.

CBS News reports:

LA councilmember wants a city homelessness department for a more effective response

A Los Angeles City Council member is advocating for the city to have its own department of homelessness, to consolidate and focus efforts on the issue.



Biden Admin Announces Latest Batch Of Student Loan Cancellations

President Joe Biden announced  that he was canceling nearly $6 billion in student loan debt for public service workers.
The Supreme Court ruled in June that Biden’s proposal, which would have empowered the Department of Education to use emergency authority to cancel student debt for nearly 40 million Americans, was unconstitutional. The administration has rolled out new plans to try and fulfill his campaign promise to cancel student debt for Americans, according to a press release from the White House.  


  WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. This was requested by Senator Baldwin.


The Bank of Canada expects it will cut rates this year, but officials are split on the timing

The Bank of Canada expects it will be able to begin cutting interest rates sometime this year, but officials are split on timing.



DC Attorney General Will Not Prosecute Gold Star Dad Steve Nikoui for His State of the Union Outburst

 the Democrat Attorney General of the District of Columbia has decided to drop the misdemeanor charge against gold Star father Steve Nikoui for his outburst during the State of the Union address in early March.

Brian Schwalb, the Democratic attorney general in Washington, D.C., has dropped charges against Gold Star father Steve Nikoui for disrupting Congress during President Biden’s State of the Union speech earlier this month.



Julian Assange’s Lawyer Responds to Report Claiming DOJ is ‘Exploring’ a Plea Deal

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that the Justice Department is “considering whether to allow Julian Assange to plead guilty to a reduced charge of mishandling classified information.”
Julian Assange’s U.S. defense attorney, Barry Pollack, responded to the report by saying that as far as his office has seen, there is no indication that the government is easing up on its determination to seek his extradition.

Pollack’s statement directly contradicts the WSJ’s claim that “Justice Department officials and Assange’s lawyers have had preliminary discussions in recent months about what a plea deal could look like, according to people familiar with the matter, a potential softening in a standoff filled with political and legal complexities.”


 America is becoming a joke


Immigration judges dismissed deportation cases against some 200,000 migrants under President Biden because the Department of Homeland Security failed to file the required paperwork before their court dates, according to a new report.
The DHS’s failure to file thousands of notices to appear before scheduled hearing dates left courts without jurisdiction to handle deportation cases and rule on asylum claims, according to a report released Wednesday by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.

The nonpartisan research organization called it “troubling” that there was an “almost total lack of transparency on where and why these DHS failures occurred.”

“These large numbers of dismissals and what then happens raise serious concerns,” the TRAC report states.James Keivom

Cases dismissed because of NTAs not being filed jumped when Biden took office, from 6,482 in 2020 to 33,802 in 2021.


President Joe Biden said he won’t “demonize immigrants” during the first of two campaign stops in Dallas on Wednesday night as Donald Trump, his GOP opponent for president, blames him for the chaos at the southern border.
“Unlike Trump, I’m not going to demonize immigrants,”  .” Source:

White supremicist
Maga extremists
Domestic terrorists
Clinton called us deplorables

 system of fraud where illegal aliens can pay to receive fake residency paperwork, allowing them to obtain a government issued ID using whatever information they provided La Jornada has worked closely with New York Congresswoman@RepGraceMeng
, who helped secure $250,000 in federal funding for the organization in 2023 Meng has also been a prominent advocate for counting illegals in the census for the purposes of allotting congressional districts and the Electoral College Please watch and share this critical report

Geopolitical/Police State


 through, it could fatally undermine confidence in the Western financial sytem — the West would become a risky place for countries to park money. Great news if you own gold. Terrible news if you own assets denominated in dollars or euro.


False Flags

Police post photos of suspects with Lego heads to protect IDs under new California law

A new law bars California law enforcement agencies from sharing mugshots and booking photos of people accused of non-violent crimes.Murrieta Police Department

The Murrieta Police Department has been posting hilarious arrest and lineup photos with suspects’ faces replaced by Lego heads to comply with a woke state law protecting offenders’ rights.
Images on the department’s Instagram page show the Lego blocks with a variety of facial expressions — crying, frowning, smirking or raging — digitally superimposed onto the bodies of people being busted.
One appears to show two people handcuffed in the back of a squad car — with the Lego face on one angrily looking at the other, whose toy head is crying.

Many commenters, however, argued that shielding suspects’ identities under the new state law essentially amounted to protecting criminals.

“The point of the mugshots is that people know who is dangerous, YOU IDIOTS,” one user seethed.



SICK. Joe Biden Mocks Donald Trump for Being Out of Cash After $454 Million Lawfare Suit by New York Democrats

This is your future under communism.
They target you, make up crimes against you, bankrupt you, and then laugh at your suffering.
Joe Biden mocked Donald Trump for being out of cash after New York Democrats fined him $454 million for taking out loans and paying them back in full in New York state.
Biden made the remarks at a campaign stop in Texas.

The communists ALWAYS laugh at your suffering.


  in support of him. This is the first time this statute has ever been used in this way in the state. This is a sham and Trump deserves reparations for all the damages he has suffered Hopefully appellate judges in New York intervene ASAP

  Appeal is VERY EXPENSIVE. When I win the Appeal, all of that money is gone, and I would have done nothing wrong. The Crooked Judge, who has already been overturned 4 times on this case (a record!), fully understands this. He gave us a demand which he knows is impossible to do. This Witch Hunt, between a bad Judge and a Corrupt & Racist Attorney General, is horrible for New York. Businesses are FLEEING, while Violent Crime flourishes. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

Florida Democrats chose to award President Joe Biden the state’s delegates in November instead of holding a presidential primary vote, presumably to protect the unpopular incumbent. But it appears the move backfired and led to a wipeout of Democrats in local races.
Florida Democrat Party leaders awarded Biden the state’s 224 delegates months ago and cancelled the primary, in a move Biden’s Democrat challengers called “intentional disenfranchisement” and said was “done obviously in secret, obviously to help the incumbent Joe Biden.” The lack of a statewide Democrat primary meant registered Democrats had less reason to turn out on Tuesday than Republicans, who decisively voted for former President Donald Trump in Tuesday’s Republican primary.


Leading Wisconsin Democrat Kimberly Zapata Found Guilty on All Counts Against Her in Voter Fraud Scheme Involving Military Ballots

In November 2022, Rep. Janel Brandtjen, then Chair of the Assembly on Campaigns and Elections, sent out an election fraud alert.
Rep. Brandtjen received three authentic military ballots to her home addressed to “Holly,” a woman who has never lived there.
Brantjen believed this was part of a scheme to steal votes in Wisconsin.

Later that week Wisconsin radio host Dan O’Donnell broke the news that Kimberly Zapata, the deputy director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, was fired for committing election fraud.Kimberly Zapata

More… Democrats say Zapata was trying to prove how easy it was to request fake ballots when she committed her crime.  Democrats rushed in to defend her. Democrats argued that this was all a conspiracy theory. Even though it worked EXACTLY like Zapata said it would.
Kimberly Zapata later lawyered up.
  Kimberly Zapata was found guilty on ALL counts against her for illegally requesting military ballots.

FOX 6 Now reported:

A Milwaukee County jury has reached a verdict in the trial of Kimberly Zapata – and found Zapata guilty on all counts against her.



Dan Scavino@DanScavino


Dec 19, 2017 6:00:02 PM EST
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 03c2f4 No. 127154 
We won’t TELEGRAPH our moves to the ENEMY.
We will however light a FIRE to flush them out.

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