Trump Rips Speaker of the House Candidate Emmer Calling him a Globalist Rino


The past commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, has recently expressed his discontent with House Majority Whip, Tom Emmer, following his successful nomination. Emmer managed to gather significant votes that eventually led to his triumphant emergence during the fifth round of voting, within the confidential House GOP conference.

Trump took this matter to the new public square of Truth Social, highlighting his concerns about Emmer’s allegiances.

In his digital missive, Trump challenged Emmer’s genuineness as a Republican, dubbing him coyly as a ‘Republican-In-Name-Only’. The main cause for his criticism lies in Emmer’s perceivable lack of support for his person, according to the former President. Trump’s statement made it clear that, in his eyes, Emmer has not engaged with his robust and energetic base of support.

‘There is no shortage of loyal friends with aspirations to be Speaker of the House, among whom are stalwarts truly fit to lead’, wrote Trump. He then denounced Emmer’s lack of respect for the power of his endorsement, as well as his broad, impactful MAGA principles.

Trump continues, subtly criticizing Emmer for having seemingly devoted more time in defending Ilhan Omar, rather than lending his support to the former President. This revelation has been branded by Trump as evidence of Emmer’s disregard for the interests of Republican voters, suggesting the Whip is not in tune with the party.

Trump speculates that Emmer has now had a galling revelation. Emmer is now proclaiming himself to be vehemently Pro-Trump. However, the question arises, can his proclamation be trusted? Is his shift genuine or is it merely a disguise designed to secure victory?

Trump cautions the Republican Party about taking a chance with candidates akin to Emmer, expressing a firm belief that such a path deviates from the preferences of the party’s ‘America First’ voters. He suggests that embracing Emmer, who he labels as a ‘Globalist RINO’, would be tantamount to a grave misstep, sanctioning a leader not fully aligned with the party’s core value.

Emmer was among nine fellow House Republicans who aspired for speaker nomination. This aspiration emerged following ineffective attempts by Majority Leader Steve Scalise and House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan. Both Scalise and Jordan were unsuccessful in gaining the sufficient support needed to secure the crucial position.

Jordan’s pursuit for the position failed not once but thrice on the House floor, with each failure accompanied by diminishing Republican support. Scalise, recognizing the unfavorable tide, strategically withdrew his nomination prior to any voting taking place.

The path ahead for Emmer remains uncertain. Winning the speakership might still prove to be a challenging endeavor. According to reliable sources, 26 House Republicans have already signaled their opposition against Emmer in a roll call vote, casting doubt on his potential to secure the coveted position.

This lends the political stage an air of suspense. After all, for Emmer, the journey to the speakership now seems laden with potential pitfalls and unexpected turns, some of which are sourced directly from his contemporaries within the Republican Party.

Ultimately, the fate of the speakership lies in the hands of those who choose to support or oppose Emmer. His success now hinges on his ability to wrest positive endorsements, a potentially daunting challenge given the criticism from high-profile figures within his own party.

Significant news platforms such as Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman are counting and reporting the growing number of House Republicans coming out in opposition to Emmer. Engaging in this roll call criticism suggests there’s a long road ahead before Emmer can confidently claim the speakership.

Despite the controversies surrounding his nomination, Emmer’s response to these developments is notably silent. He has not offered any immediate retort or explanation in response to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Such a silence can be interpreted in manifold ways. Perhaps Emmer is choosing to let his actions speak louder than words, biding time while he strategizes his next move in this complex political game.

In conclusion, this recent nomination has stirred the Republican Party, with former President Trump’s criticism further fueling the dynamics. The spotlight stays firmly on Emmer’s future actions and reactions. As events continue to unfold, all eyes will remain on how this intraparty conflict continues to shape the political landscape.

This case serves as yet another demonstration of the complexities of political life, where the path paved with good intentions and loyalty may not surely lead to the desired peak. The days to come will determine if Emmer survives the storm, or if a yet unnamed contender emerges to claim leadership of the House.

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