Trump Sticks It To Georgia DA – Tells Her What He’s Going To Do

On Thursday, the ex-president, Donald Trump, entered a plea of not guilty in the election meddling case brought against him in Georgia.

In a court filing, President Trump opted to skip his formal arraignment appearance and entered a plea of not guilty. Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County, has filed charges against Donald Trump and 18 other individuals on the grounds of purportedly engaging in activities aimed at undermining the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

The scheduling of the Georgia trial remains pending, with the legal representatives of former President Trump advocating for a postponement of the hearings. Willis, nevertheless, has advocated for expediting the trial to take place in the upcoming autumn.

The Georgia case is one of four indictments levied against the former president, as he is concurrently confronted with charges in New York City, Florida, and Washington, D.C.

Despite the potential legal ramifications, the 2024 presidential campaign of Donald Trump has experienced notable financial gains following each of the four indictments, as his fans have generously contributed funds on each occasion.

In the month of August, President Trump managed to accumulate a substantial sum of $20 million in campaign funds, with a notable portion of $9.4 million being raised within the week following the release of his mug shot by Fulton County.

After the event, the Trump campaign initiated the sale of goods featuring mugshots, a move that reportedly resulted in a significant increase in donation figures, according to a source.

According to information obtained by Fox News Digital, a total of 36,000 t-shirts featuring the iconic mugshot of former President Donald Trump have been successfully sold, resulting in a revenue exceeding $1.7 million.

The Trump campaign further generated a revenue of $864,000 through the sale of 24,000 mugshot coffee mugs, along with an additional $352,000 from the sale of 8,600 mugshot posters.

Trump, the other 18 defendants, and unindicted coconspirators “constituted a criminal organization whose members and associates engaged in various related criminal activities, including, but not limited to, false statements and writings, impersonating a public officer, forgery, filing false documents, influencing witnesses, computer theft, computer trespass, computer invasion of privacy, conspiracy to defraud the state, acts involving the use of computers, and acts involving theft, and perjury.”

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