Trump Vows to End Biden’s EV Policy and Calls for Auto Unions Support


Former President Donald Trump has voiced his opposition to the Biden administration’s regulations regarding electric vehicles in the US economy. In an exclusive video shared with The Daily Caller News Foundation, Trump called on the United Auto Workers (UAW) union for their support.

He criticized President Joe Biden’s regulations that mandate higher emissions standards for future heavy vehicles and offer subsidies for newly purchased electric vehicles. Trump referred to these measures as ‘insane’ and pledged to repeal them.

Trump believes that Biden’s electric vehicle mandate and fuel economy standards have led to an increase in prices, making gas-powered models unaffordable for many people. He vowed to do everything in his power to reduce the cost of new cars.

According to Trump, prices have ‘spiraled out of control’ under the current administration. He referred to President Biden as ‘Crooked Joe’ in the video, emphasizing his commitment to a different approach.

In addition to his stance on electric vehicles, Trump urged the United Auto Workers to support him in the 2024 presidential election.

He expressed a desire to bring back auto manufacturing jobs to the United States. Addressing UAW members, who have been on strike since September 15 due to a contractual dispute with major automobile manufacturers, Trump called for their union head, Shawn Fain, not to endorse the Democrats.

Trump then spoke out against what he referred to as a communist ideology. He claimed that these ideologies promote a world where people are dependent on public transportation, controlled by the government, while the wealthy and powerful enjoy luxury electric vehicles or other expensive cars.

Trump stated that he stands with hardworking individuals, the true builders of the country. He promised to create job opportunities and improve the financial status of the working class.

In his video message, Trump assured the UAW that he would foster prosperity and wealth. His objective is to provide affordable new cars for the masses, emphasizing the need to vote for him in order to achieve these goals.

Trump believes that his approach will not only benefit the union members but also the economy as a whole. He concluded by encouraging those who want affordable cars and job opportunities in car manufacturing to vote for him in the next presidential election.

The United Auto Workers union has not provided an immediate response to Trump’s video and call for support. The future of the EV regulations and their impact on the US automotive industry remains uncertain.

Trump’s stance against the Biden administration’s regulations on electric vehicles reflects his commitment to rolling back what he sees as burdensome policies. In his exclusive video, he highlighted the negative consequences of these regulations, specifically the impact on prices and the elimination of affordable gas-powered models.

Trump framed his opposition as a way to serve the interests of the hardworking people who desire accessible transportation options.

In addition to his critique of the regulations, Trump sought the support of the United Auto Workers union. With the promise of bringing back auto manufacturing jobs to the United States, he aimed to win over the union members who have been engaged in a strike.

Trump argued that his stance aligns with the values of the working class, positioning himself as a champion for their rights and aspirations.

Furthermore, Trump contextualized his opposition within the broader narrative of communism and control. He painted a picture of a world where the government controls public transportation while the wealthy elite cruise around in expensive electric vehicles. Trump positioned himself as the antidote to this perceived inequality.

Implying that the alternative would lead to dependency and class divisions, he put forth his plan to create job opportunities and financial prosperity for the hardworking individuals who built the nation. He projected an inclusive vision of the country, where affordable new cars would be accessible to all.

Trump concluded his video message with a rallying cry to vote for him in the upcoming presidential election. He made a compelling argument, appealing to those who desire affordable cars and job security in the automotive industry.

By emphasizing the benefits of his proposed policies for both individuals and the economy, Trump sought to garner support from the targeted demographic.

The response from the United Auto Workers is currently unknown. The impact of Trump’s message on the future of electric vehicle regulations and the automotive industry as a whole remains to be seen.

With his opposition to electric vehicle regulations, Trump aims to dismantle what he perceives as restrictive policies. He illuminated the consequences of these regulations, including rising prices and the elimination of affordable gas-powered options. Trump positioned himself as a representative of the working class who understands their needs and desires accessible transportation solutions.

Simultaneously, Trump actively campaigned for the support of the United Auto Workers union, pledging to bring back auto manufacturing jobs to the United States. By aligning himself with the interests and aspirations of union members, Trump aimed to sway them away from endorsing the Democrats.

Trump’s broader narrative framed his opposition as a battle against communism and control. Within this narrative, he emphasized the government’s influence over public transportation, contrasting it with the luxury enjoyed by the wealthy elite.

Trump vowed to empower hardworking individuals, offering them improved financial prospects and job opportunities.

As the video concluded, Trump urged the targeted demographic to vote for him, highlighting the benefits his proposed policies would have on affordable car ownership and job security.

The success of Trump’s appeal to the demographic’s interests remains uncertain, as does the response of the United Auto Workers to his call for support.

The impact of Trump’s opposition to electric vehicle regulations and his appeal to the United Auto Workers union will become clearer in the lead-up to the next presidential election. As the campaign unfolds, the automotive industry and the general public will closely watch how the candidates address these crucial issues.

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