Trump’s Former ‘Fixer’ Issues Unbelievable Warning – This Means War!

Donald Trump, at the age of 76, is already confronting significant challenges that he has not encountered before in his lifetime. Amidst a growing number of investigations and legal actions brought by Democrats, currently confronts the tangible likelihood of a rigged, politicized system bringing him potential incarceration.

A prominent individual who was previously in close proximity to the former president appeared on MSNBC and issued a stern caution that the former president’s response to an indictment and subsequent imprisonment will surpass our collective imagination. Furthermore, it was asserted that Trump will not hesitate to involve the country as a whole in his quest to stop socialists from destroying it.

During a conversation with Ali Velshi, an MSNBC host, Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney of Donald Trump and self-proclaimed “fixer,” expressed concerns about the extensive legal challenges faced by the ex-president. Cohen emphasized that these legal troubles are closing in on Trump from various angles, leaving him with limited options and potentially leading to confrontational actions that could pose risks to the nation.

“What stands out to you, what’s the thing you’re most thinking about right now?” Velshi probed Cohen who was once aligned with Trump but has subsequently become one of his most prominent detractors in recent times, following the individual’s personal experience.

“There are so many investigations and you wouldn’t believe — if this was a television, show you would turn around and say, it’s too stupid! I can’t watch this, it’s stupid, it can never happen,” Cohen answered. “But it is happening in real-time in our lives.”

“Our democracy is in peril because of one man; one man who goes ahead and weaponizes the United States Department of Justice against his critics, against the country against anybody who is not one of his supporters, he is willing to go after.”

At that juncture, Michael Cohen issued a particularly alarming admonition, expressing his indifference towards the potential destruction of the nation in the process: “He doesn’t care if he burns the country down in doing it,” said the attorney, who served over a year in jail for crimes including fraud and was disbarred in New York.

Subsequently, during the interview, Cohen proceeded to assert, “Let me say this: this Donald Trump, he is not the brightest, you know, not the brightest guy you’ll ever meet — they say not the sharpest tool in the shed. What ends up happening is the last guy in Donald Trump’s ear owns the brand. And everybody who is in his circle wants to be that last guy. They want to control Donald, obviously for their own personal benefit. So what happens with Donald, someone must have, you know, put into his ear, let Michael be the fall guy. Let him be the scapegoat. Throw him under the bus, he loves you, he will do whatever is needed to protect you, as he has done over the past decade or so.”

According to Trump’s erstwhile closest confidant, “For me, no”, as he emphatically stated, “No, no, no.” “It was more about making amends for what I had done but specifically for my wife, my daughter, and son, and I was not going to be the villain of Donald’s story.”

Of course, it means war when it’s Democrats who are purposefully charging Trump in order to keep him off the 2024 ballot or hinder his campaign so they can win. Remember how the Deep State and allied news media protected Joe Biden from the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, going as far as saying it was Russian disinformation when that itself was a lie. They will go to any lengths to win and complete Barack Obama’s continuing “fundamental” transforming (destroying) of America.

Indeed, this week we learned that an actual Democrat is saying that the election he was in was rigged, by another Democrat.

A county supervisor in Jackson, Mississippi, alleges that the county’s principal Democratic Party representative impeded his re-election campaign, prompting him to demand her resignation.

District 2 Supervisor David Archie formally requested the resignation of Jacqueline Amos, Chair of the Democratic Executive Committee, on Thursday. Supervisor Archie alleges that he possesses information indicating that Ms. Amos engaged in misconduct by manipulating the outcomes of the Democratic Primary, with the intention of securing victory for his opponent, Anthony Smith.

“There’s a lot of fraud going on in Hinds County politics,” Archie accused. “But this time, it couldn’t have happened to a better candidate – a sitting Hinds County supervisor.”

Trump warned political elites in Washington, D.C., regarding the potential consequences they may face should he regain the presidency in 2024.

The former president made a post on the social media platform Truth Social.

“The Crooked Joe Biden Campaign has thrown so many Indictments and lawsuits against me that Republicans are already thinking about what we are going to do to Biden and the Communists when it’s our turn.”

“They have started a whole new Banana Republic way of thinking about political campaigns. It’s so cheap and dirty, but that’s where America is right now. Be careful what you wish for!” Trump stated, seemingly warning them of the consequences of their actions.

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