Trump’s Potential VP Pick Is Biden’s Worst Nightmare

Former Trump campaign Manager Steve Bannon announces that he has a single name in mind who could be running up against former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

On a segment of his own podcast, “War Room”, Bannon demonstrated his opinion saying that presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doesn’t have a solid change at winning the 2024 Democratic primary, and his only chance is to join Trump’s ticket to become an “unstoppable force.”

“Robert RFK Jr. is not going to win the Democratic nomination. The reason is that hard-core Democrats are not going to vote for him,” Bannon started. “If you look at the polling, his voters, that 19 to 20 plus percent, whatever it is right now in the polling, are people that voted for Obama twice looking for a change and many of whom voted for Trump in ’16. What you have is this anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian, populist movement that doesn’t trust the administrative state, doesn’t trust the deep state.”

Bannon kept going, and advised his viewers to listen to “Judas Pence. Listen to these guys. Listen to all the Keebler elves and then listen to what Robert F Kennedy is talking about. And you see the Venn diagram. There’s a much bigger overlap, potential overlap with what President Trump’s talking about. So this is something that’s emerging and you got to keep your eye on it. Is it perfect? No. We live in a very imperfect world. But you see something that’s aborning right here.”

Bannon added to his argument by pointing out Trump’s dismissal in 2015, as he was not a serious candidate. He added that RFK Jr. is also being dismissed by the media, and plenty others in the Democratic Party.

“So there’s something abhorring here and we’ve got to keep our eye on it. This is very much like, as John Fredericks remembers in ‘14 and ‘15 when we were talking about this and this guy named Trump that, you know, was a leading something that was just, you know, starting to coalesce,” Bannon went on.

“And of course, people mocked and ridiculed it. He’s just a TV guy. All he’s trying to do is renegotiate his deal with NBC. No, that was incorrect,” he finished.

Recently drawn polls concluded that Kennedy had fifteen percent of the primary vote against current President Joe Biden. Though small, this number is not insignificant.

If at least half of that fifteen percent would join in with the Trump supporters and vote for a Kennedy/Trump ticket, it would be very easy to end Biden’s time in office.

More troubling for Joe Biden, as eighty percent of Democratic voters wrote that they wanted to see our current sleepy-faced president go against RFK in a debate that, given the majority of President Biden’s speaking arrangements, could cause disaster for the sitting president, USA Today reported.

However, there is next to no chance that anyone in the Democratic party would accommodate such an idea, and there is no good reason for them to want to.

“As you know, no incumbent R [Republican] or D [Democrat] have done debates,” Kevin Munoz, a Biden campaign spokesperson, wrote in an email.

But Biden choosing not to debate could also be a big mistake.

“The decision not to debate is ignoring the 82% of women, 84% of union households, 86% of independents, and 90% of young voters who are not only planning to vote in their state’s Democratic primary or caucus next year but also would like to see a series of Democratic primary debates,” of Suffolk’s Political Research Center director, David Paleologos, announced.

Marianne Williamson, another Democratic candidate, talked about how Biden’s choice to not debate is another form of voter suppression.

“Candidate suppression is a form of voter suppression, and the party that purports to be the champion of democracy should not be so wary of it in our own house,” she told Newsweek for an opinion piece.

Bannon said that was the first to make the suggestion during an event for Freedom Alliance.

“I said, look, I’m a Kari Lake person, but if Kari Lake becomes governor, as she should, if this court case, or if not, she runs for the Senate, if she’s not available to be Trump’s VP, that Bobby Kennedy would be, I think, be an excellent choice for President Trump to consider,” he said.

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