Tucker Just Dealt Devastating Blow To Former Employer Fox News

Tucker Carlson’s inquiry for the specific remarks that precipitated his sudden termination from Fox News remained unanswered, however he expressed his determination, in a recent interview, to exclusively pursue self-employment opportunities henceforth.

During a conversation with Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, Carlson expressed appreciation towards Fox for affording him the freedom to speak his opinions for a span of 14 years. However, he acknowledged that his perspectives eventually led to his ostracization from the formerly conservative cable news network.

According to Tucker, “One day for whatever reason they’d had enough.”

When questioned by Portnoy regarding his understanding of Fox’s boundaries of permissible content, Carlson vehemently criticized his previous employer.

“It’s a company run by fearful women, you know what I mean? And there were always, like, second-tier people who were hassling my producers, but no one ever called me. I got along with everybody. But I think they knew like the censorship was not, I don’t welcome that, you know?” Carlson purported.

According to Carlson, he experienced a decline in support from Fox executives after he voiced his opinions on the conflict in Ukraine.

“Our view on the war in Ukraine was really, really hated. I could feel it. And my view was not pro-Russia, never has been pro-Russia, just like, this is not our fight, it’s not good for us. We should just put an end to the war because people die in war. I’ve seen it, it’s bad. And just saying that was considered, like crazy pro-Kremlin propaganda!” Carlson claimed, waving his hands for emphasis, Carlson asserted, using hand gestures to underscore his point.

Notwithstanding the circumstances, Carlson maintains an optimistic outlook toward what happened.

“Being humiliated in public, being fired – I have been a couple of times – is totally good for you in the end because it keeps you from thinking you’re Jesus or getting like super crazy hubris guy,” Tucker humorously remarked.

Regarding his recent choice to interview former President Donald Trump, Carlson stated that his intention was not to undermine Fox by hosting a competing program that outperformed the network’s GOP presidential debate in terms of viewership.

“The reason it was the night of the debate is because he didn’t want to do the debate. I didn’t make that decision. He approached us and said ‘I’m not going to do the debate,’ and if I’m being totally honest I didn’t really believe him.”

Carlson admitted to harboring initial skepticism over Trump’s declaration, citing his unpredictable nature and the possibility of a sudden change of heart.

In contrast, Tucker expressed his belief that it could have been Trump who desired to provoke Fox due to their persistent efforts to persuade him to appear on stage in order to improve their declining viewership.

“He didn’t like Fox, but they don’t like him. They never did,” Carlson explained.


On Wednesday, Tucker was on ‘The Adam Carollo Show.’ The interview centered around his interview of Trump. Additionally, the discussion delved into Carlson’s departure from his previous network and the outlook for the future of the United States.

One aspect of the conversation has garnered significant attention, as Tucker articulated his belief that the possibility of “assassination” looms if the indictments targeting Trump do not yield favorable outcomes for the Democrats.

“They protested him, they called him names. He won anyway. They impeached him twice on ridiculous pretenses,” Carlson began. “They fabricated a lot about what happened on January 6th in order to impeach him again. It didn’t work. He came back, then they indicted him. It didn’t work. He became more popular. Then they indicted him three more times, and every single time his popularity rose.”

“So if you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, now you go to indictment, and none of them work, what’s next?” Carlson inquired. “I mean, graph it out, man.”

The conservative pundit expressed a belief that the current trajectory is leading towards a political killing, “We’re speeding toward assassination, obviously, and no one will say that, but I don’t know how you can’t reach that conclusion.”

Tucker further asserted that “They have decided, permanent Washington, both parties have decided that there is something about Trump that is so threatening to him that they just can’t have him.”

Tucker added, “I mean, they are putting him on trial in March of next year in the J6 case, which basically consists of trying to send him to prison for the rest of his life for complaining about the last election. That’s basically what it is.”

The former Fox anchor added, “If this were happening in Moldova, the State Department would issue an all-hands-on-deck order to let the world know that this is not a legitimate government, and yet our government is doing it.

“It is hard to overstate how bad this is and I don’t know where it is going, but there is a collusion that is clearly imminent,” he warned.“It is hard to overstate how bad this is and I don’t know where it is going, but there is a collusion that is clearly imminent,” he warned.

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