Twitch Star YourFellowArab Kidnapped by Gang in Haiti While Trying To Meet Leader ‘Barbecue’

A well-known American internet personality, made a perilous journey to Haiti for the purpose of interviewing the country’s most infamous gang leader. This prominent YouTube figure, named Addison Pierre Maalouf, is better recognized among his viewers as YourFellowArab or simply ‘Arab.’ This intrepid content creator left the comfort of his Atlanta home to gain unique insight into the life and deeds of Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Chérizier, the G9 and Family gang mastermind who has dominantly staked his claim over the government, as information from Haiti indicates.

However, soon after his landing in Haiti, weighing heavy with the potential danger his task possesses, Maalouf, along with a local collaborator, found themselves in the clutches of a different Haitian gang, the brutal 400 Mawozo, just a day after their arrival on March 14. As the reports suggest, a staggering amount of $600,000 has been demanded for Maalouf’s release, and even though $40,000 of the amount has already been submitted, the tormentors aren’t appeased and continue to insist on the full amount.

Word of Maalouf’s unfortunate circumstance quickly traveled to his online fanbase, and a fellow YouTube content creator known as Lalem came forward to confirm the grim news, identifying his friend as a hostage. With the intention of keeping his followers informed, Lalem shared the final video Maalouf had posted during his time in Haiti, in which he discussed the potential risks that come with his presence in this volatile country.

In this video, Maalouf informs his viewers that he and his team had been planning a visit to Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. From their hotel, he relayed that they had decided to postpone the journey until daylight in an effort to reduce potential risks. However, this well-intentioned strategy, it seems, failed to protect them from falling into the grip of the 400 Mawozo gang.

Not long after, another influential YouTuber, Miles ‘Lord Miles’ Routledge, came forward with more updates about Maalouf. He claimed to have been in direct contact with the captured YouTuber, a conversation facilitated ironically via the very captors themselves.

Routledge provided further insight into Maalouf’s purpose of the visit. The latter had come equipped with a local expert, known as a ‘fixer’ in journalist fields, named Sean Roubens Jean Sacra, with an aim to capture the ongoing civil unrest and riots rampaging in Haiti. With unfortunate coincidance, Maalouf was swept up by the 400 Mawozo barely a day after entering the country.

Haiti itself is beset by chaos, with a state of emergency declared in the face of rising anarchy and escalating gang violence. This challenging situation was further exacerbated by two unrelated prison breaks, which had led to a surge of convicts flooding the streets of Port-au-Prince. Gang leader Jimmy Chérizier, alias ‘Barbecue,’ has taken advantage of the disorder, keeping the nation in his iron grip as he demands the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

In spite of the tumultuous circumstances, Prime Minister Henry is currently out of the country in Kenya for an official visit. However, he has expressed his readiness to step down once a transitional governing body is in place, which indicates his willingness to find a resolution.

Meanwhile, the critical situation has prompted the US military to conduct emergency airlifts for embassy employees, who found themselves in an increasingly threatening environment. However, some US citizens and other foreigners are still entrapped in the escalating turmoil that is enveloping the country.

Jill Dolan, an American who runs an orphanage, expressed her grave concerns about the rapidly deteriorating situation. ‘We are in a precarious region and it’s genuinely worrisome that we might end up in the heart of an escalating crisis.’

Routledge leveled criticism towards the US government and the State Department, arguing their lack of active involvement despite Maalouf being a United States citizen. Nevertheless, despite the murky waters he finds himself in, Maalouf has reportedly maintained high spirits and seems to be planning an account of his harrowing experiences upon his safe return.

Haiti’s predicament has only escalated after groups led by ‘Barbecue’ took over the streets and managed to convince Prime Minister Ariel Henry to resign. Invested with a ‘Do not travel’ advisory by the State Department, the country finds itself fraught with the fear of further violence, even for those who make it within the sanctuary of the embassy’s grounds.

The State Department, on being consulted by The Post about this situation, lyrically stressed the safety and security of US citizens abroad as their highest priority. They urged Americans to refrain from travelling to Haiti, further emphasizing the severity of the situation. However, details about Maalouf’s case from the Department were sparse, underlining the diplomatic nuances involved in such delicate situations.

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