TWO Top Democrats Just Called It QUITS

The approval rating of President Joe Biden inside his own political party is experiencing a significant decline. According to a recent Gallup poll, there has been a significant decrease in double digits over the course of the past month.

According to the pollsters, “President Joe Biden’s job approval rating among Democrats has tumbled 11 percentage points in the past month to 75%, the worst reading of his presidency from his own party. This drop has pushed his overall approval rating down four points to 37%, matching his personal low.”

Simultaneously, the poll indicates “Biden’s approval among independents has declined four points, to 35%, while Republicans’ rating remains unchanged, at just 5%.”

The Democratic Party is facing additional setbacks as two members of the House of Representatives have announced their departure. This development comes after a tumultuous month in which Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was removed from his position as speaker, then replaced by Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA).

On October 26, Representative John Sarbanes, a Democrat from Maryland, publicly declared his intention to conclude his tenure in Congress in 2025, marking the end of a nearly twenty-year period of service. At the time of this announcement, Sarbanes is 61 years of age.

“With that in mind, I have decided not to seek re-election in 2024. While I am making this announcement today—specifically for the benefit of candidates interested in running for my seat in next year’s election—I’m not going anywhere for the next fourteen months. That’s what’s left in my term and I’m committed to finishing strong,” he noted.

Sarbanes has previous experience working for nonprofit organizations before his successful election to the House of Representatives in 2007. He has expressed a strong inclination towards returning to this line of work, expressing a desire to “explore the numerous opportunities to serve that exist outside of elected office.”

Sarbanes expressed that the choice to step down was challenging. However, he hold a positive outlook on the future of the United States due to the actions taken by the new Democratic leadership. He believes that these actions are aligned with the appropriate strategies to restore the Democratic Party’s majority status. He beloieves that the Democratic Party “is making all the right moves to bring Democrats back into the majority in January 2025.”

Representative Jeff Jackson, a member of the Democratic Party of North Carolina, recently assumed office in January following a nine-year tenure in the state Senate. He has additionally declared his intention to abstain from pursuing reelection in the year 2024.

In a video statement, Jackson expressed his intention to run for the position of attorney general in North Carolina with the aim of going “after political corruption.”

The move made by Jackson was motivated by the redistricting process in North Carolina, which was officially sanctioned by the state legislature under GOP control on Wednesday. The amended plan entails the reallocation of some districts currently under Democratic control to favor the Republican Party.

The area in question contains the majority of Charlotte and is referred to as the 14th congressional district of North Carolina.

The newly created map is vulnerable to potential legal disputes.

Representatives Wiley Nickel (D-NC) and Kathy Manning (D-NC), aged 47 and 66 respectively, are currently facing increasingly arduous obstacles. In his official statement, Mr. Nickel expressed his decision to abstain from participating in any electoral contests taking place inside districts that have been subject to gerrymandering. Furthermore, he conveyed his intention to assess the viability of his candidacy until “the courts have spoken.” Prior to the voting process, Ms. Manning articulated that the delineation of the map was orchestrated “to ensure that Republicans win more House seats so that they can maintain control of the U.S. House of Representatives.” Additionally, she expressed her commitment “to ensure that the people of North Carolina receive the representation they deserve.”

The House of Representatives is now under the control of the Republican Party, with a membership of 221 individuals. The Democratic Party currently holds a total of 212 seats. There exist two available vacancies.

Sarbanes serves as the representative for Maryland’s third congressional district. The state of Maryland is characterized by a predominantly Democratic political landscape, as evidenced by the outcome of the most recent election. Sarbanes emerged victorious in this election, securing a substantial 60 percent of the total votes, so attaining a comfortable margin of victory.

Based on the analysis of political handicappers, it is expected that the Democratic Party will retain control of the seat.

Source: Yahoo News

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