UFC Announces Bud Light as Official Beer After Anheuser Busch Partnership 


Anticipations were met as UFC officially declared Bud Light as its premier beer supporter thanks to partnering with Anheuser-Busch. This decision was followed by a tumultuous period for the beer brand earlier this year, and it was finally disclosed on Tuesday. As per the deal, Bud Light will become a significant player across UFC’s broadcasting platform and digital media starting in 2024, marking a major step for the beer giant.

Interestingly, Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light are not unknown to the UFC scene, having been its maiden beer sponsors more than a decade ago. The primary driving forces behind this tactical alliance, according to the conveyed thoughts, are the shared core values between the two high-powered entities, shaping the essence of the UFC brand.

An expression of excitement echoed from both ends about the promising opportunities this partnership would open in the forthcoming years. Being one of the most prominent and long-standing supporters of sports, they genuinely believe in the power to create a positive societal impact while rejoicing with their enthusiastic fans across the nation.

Starting 2024, Bud Light will stand as the official beer of UFC, per the recent announcement. This significant transition will see the departure of Modelo and the return of Anheuser-Busch in its former role as UFC’s prime beer partner.

The critical point to be noted is that this partnership presented more than just the financial side to the President of UFC. As he highlights, Anheuser-Busch currently provides jobs to 65,000 Americans, including thousands of veterans and contributes over $700 million yearly to U.S. farmers for their produce.

The unwavering commitment of Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light to the American economy is seen as a strong point of alignment with UFC’s core values. Although UFC is a global sport with participants across the globe, the American origin of the company breeds affection for the nation and aligning with a partner that mirrors these sentiments was a vital factor in this agreement.

There was an admission from UFC’s end about a probable backlash from fans against the new strategic alliance with Bud Light. It was recognized that not every corporate move would resonate equally positively with fans, but strong adherence to core values and alignment with a partner that respected these values was deemed more important.

Bud Light has previously faced criticism for its distinct marketing choices. Particularly, a campaign launched in the spring, collaborating with popular transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney for a March Madness themed Instagram ad, led to a sharp decline in sales, demonstrating a challenge to the brand’s image.

Complications snowballed when Alissa Heinerscheid, vice president of marketing, made a comment that triggered negative feedback from the brand’s loyal consumers. Characterizing Bud Light’s past advertisements as ‘fratty’ and possessing ‘out of touch humor’, the comment was perceived scratching the core consumer base of the brand.

Such events had led industry experts to predict a potential lasting damage to Bud Light’s standing. Harry Schuhmacher, publisher of Beer Business Daily, expressed to Fox News Digital that the worsening sales figures for Bud Light might indicate an irreparable dent on the brand’s credibility, causing longtime consumers to shift their loyalty.

Yet, it’s worth noting that even the harshest critics of the brand have not completely turned their backs. Kid Rock, who earlier made headlines by disposing of a Bud Light case in a viral video, was later seen enjoying the same beer at a public event in August.

To sum up, the journey of Bud Light has indeed faced turbulence, influenced by significant branding decisions and public relations challenges. Despite these headwinds, the iconic beer brand remains a major stakeholder in the market, upholding its long-held position.

The upcoming partnership with UFC represents a new chapter for both entities. It’s an opportunity to reinforce their shared values and double down on their commitments. The excitement on both ends insinuates the promising potential of this relationship, echoing their prior successful collaboration.

It’s critical to understand that this alliance, while raising eyebrows, is based on the principle of shared core values and mutual respect. Both UFC and Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Bud Light, are American companies with deep-rooted affection for the nation and this vital association represents this essence.

While the coming years will ultimately determine the outcome of this strategic partnership, it’s fair to see a beam of optimistic light. The mutual focus on upholding core values while fostering positive societal impacts holds promise for a fruitful partnership.

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