Unbelievable Action Taken After Hamas Warning Billboards Pop Up All Over New Jersey

An action taken in New Jersey highlights the American public’s attitude toward events in the Middle East – the hard truth is something many Americans cannot swallow.

The terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, and Israel’s expected retaliation has provoked those who are in denial about the terrorists. Not just support for Palestinians, but for the actual terrorists, Hamas who intentionally butchered and burned civilians in their surprise attack on Israel, making the point that they are after all Jews and Jewish allies, not just the military.

An American Jewish group, JewBelong, which “calls out Jew-hate,” according to its website, apparently got tired of fellow Americans thinking Hamas’s actions had nothing to do with them. And who would think that there are pro-Hamas folks in Israel’s ally, the United States?

But the billboard on Route 80 in Bergen County, N.J. that read, “Oh, don’t be naive. Hamas would chop your head off too,” has been taken down after police received over 100 calls with complaints about it.

The New York Post reported, “This anti-Hamas billboard on Route 80 in Bogota borough resulted in more than 100 calls to police before it was taken down by organizers,” Shlomo Schorr, associate director of the New Jersey office of Agudath Israel of America, posted on X.

JewBelong’s website announced the bilboards that the organization erected to proclaim their point about Hamas.

“Our signature pink and white billboards, billboard trucks, website, and strong social media presence powerfully confront antisemitism as well as support Joyous Judaism,” the site states.

Bogota police said they knew about the sign and there were no criminal violations related to it, NJ Advance Media reported.

“Our police department works closely with county, state and federal agencies to ensure the safety of our community,” the department said in a Facebook post, noting it had no control over the sign because it was private property. “There have been no threats to our community and we are investigating the matter to ensure all community members remain safe.”

The Post continued:

Another of JewBelong’s billboards, which is in California, was recently graffitied.

The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism posted a photo of the sign on X, which said, “We’re just 75 years since the gas chambers. So no, a billboard calling out antisemitism isn’t an overreaction.”
The same sign hangs on a building alongside the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.


Anyone who thinks the billboards are an over reaction to recent events surely is not aware of the actual atrocities that occurred on that Saturday morning.

When Israeli-American artist Tomer Peretz booked flights to Israel, he was planning on music, dancing and laughing with loved ones they hadn’t seen in a while, the Post reported.

But within days of his arrival, everything changed when Hamas launched their surprise, early-morning terror attack on Oct. 7, leading to the loss of over 1,400 Israeli lives and for the country to declare war on the terror group.

The Post reported on his experience:

Peretz, 41, was not just horrified and appalled by the attack — he also felt a sense of duty to help his countrymen.

He immediately put his hand up to volunteer for Zaka, the country’s civilian rescue and recovery organization.

However, nothing could prepare him for what would happen next, as he was assigned to a highly specialized unit which clears dead bodies after disasters and sent into the Be’eri kibbutz, where more than 100 people, including babies, had been tortured and slaughtered by merciless Hamas attack.

Peretz insisted on describing to The Post what he had seen to convey the level of atrocity and barbarism of the terrorists.

Among the victims’ bodies he personally recovered were burned babies, a woman who had been “shot in the face about 20 times”, innocent men and elderly people.

“Everything was kind of blown, there was no face,” Peretz said of the woman who had been shot to death.

“We picked up body parts like arms … My team picked up a burned baby with an ax in its head. My team leader put the baby inside a bag.”
He told The Post his job was to lift the burnt, bloodied corpses, then wrap and roll them in plastic, before writing the person’s house number on their back with a marker, and putting them in a bag, per Zaka’s protocol.

The body bags are then placed in a refrigerated truck and handed over to the military, he said.

“We don’t know what the military does with the bodies next but I assume that’s when the DNA check process starts,” Peretz, who arrived back in the US with his sons a week ago, said.

During their day-long rampage in the Be’eri kibbutz in early October, Hamas militants roamed neighborhoods shooting residents dead, setting fire to homes and killing those who tried to escape the smoke and flames.

They murdered more than 120 people, including children, and kidnapped others. And JewBelong wants you to know it could have been you.

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