WATCH: American Theater Sings National Anthem After New Film ‘Police State’   


The eagerly-awaited documentary, labeled ‘Police State,’ made its theatrical debut this week across our nation, with tickets flying off the shelves for sold-out screenings, and exhibitions concluding with spontaneous performances of the National Anthem. A second wave of viewers is poised to appreciate this impactful narrative as it gears up for an online premiere this coming Friday.

The creation of D’Souza Media LLC, ‘Police State’ sheds light on the critical subject of the ever-increasing criminalization of conservative Christian voices in the United States.

This broad-canvas exploration brings into focus several gripping issues facing our society, such as the growing influence and censorship of Big Tech giants, continuous political allegations against former President Donald Trump, the infamous January 6th event, the creeping authority of the federal government, and other consequential topics.

After its successful dual-screenings on the 23rd and 25th of October, ‘Police State’ is set to captivate a larger audience through a virtual premiere slated for October 27th. Notably, both previous instances of the show concluded to the captivating sight of the audience rising spontaneously in unison, singing the Star Spangled Banner in solidarity with the January 6th detainees depicted on screen.

Another great film “Police State” by @DineshDSouza. Im telling you now, make sure you see it Friday online. At the end, everyone in the theatre was singing the national anthem. So much truth in the film. #PoliceState

— Oreo Express Normal/Not Mentally Ill (@OreoExpress) October 26, 2023

Missed the documentary during its initial run? Fear not. On Friday, October 27th at 5 PM PDT, the film will be available for streaming from the comfort of home, via the Worre platform. Entry for the online event will cost an easily digestible $20.

To ensure a smooth virtual premiere, potential viewers can log in an hour in advance, from 4 PM PDT, to beat the rush. This will undoubtedly make for a more relaxed and enjoyable viewing experience. After all, who needs the additional stress of a last-minute scramble?

In tandem with the online release, an in-person event is also planned in Las Vegas. This exclusive gathering will provide an opportunity to hear directly from the documentary’s producer, D’Souza, and former Secret Service Agent, turned political commentator, Dan Bongino.

They’ll be answering audience odds-and-ends about the film’s creation and the worrisome emergence of an intrusive police state in America.

As shared on the documentary’s official site,, ‘Police State’ glistened across America, lighting up over 700 theater screens. The gripping narrative managed to strike a resonant chord with the audience, leading to high attendance and enthusiastic reception.

‘Police State’ has already out-performed D’Souza’s previous work, ‘2000 Mules,’ in terms of ticket sales. This fascinating documentary has, thus, not only grabbed headlines but also garnered impressive financial success, a testament to its relevance and the desire for the public to understand the issues it presents.

This documentary was brought to life through a synergistic collaboration between D’Souza Media LLC, conservative commentator and former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino, and esteemed actor, Nick Searcy. Their diverse backgrounds and shared vision ensured the delivery of a film that is both engaging and enlightening.

Among the many notables featured in the documentary are a mix of prominent conservative leaders. These include Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, Kash Patel, and collaborator, Dan Bongino among others. Their insights serve to enrich the narrative and lend credibility to the issues explored.

Their contributions offer a deeper glance into the issues at hand, from individuals who have firsthand experience and involvement in these areas. This collage of voices from various corners of the political arena lends weight to the documentary’s message and broadens its scope.

The diverse themes covered in ‘Police State,’ all interconnected yet distinct, are timely and crucial threads to unravel for any informed citizen. The documentary does not merely raise awareness but invites the viewer to engage, question, and contemplate our society’s direction.

While the documentary signals a note of caution about prevailing trends and the fragmentation of fundamental freedoms, it also rekindles a shared feeling of belonging. The spontaneous outpouring of the National Anthem from the audience underlines the unity that remains at the heart of the nation.

‘Police State’ serves as an open door into conversations of national importance that may otherwise have been swept under the carpet. It effectively brings these critical issues into public discourse, prompting further dialogue about the preservation of long-standing freedoms in the shifting sands of present day politics.

On a final note, the success of ‘Police State’ signifies people’s commitment to remain informed and stay engaged with the issues that bear on their lives. This is perhaps the most significant and heartening outcome to draw from this documentary, ensuring the tradition of robust and productive discussion thrives in our democratic environment.

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