‘WATCH: Biden Says He’s ‘Proud to be the First Black Woman to Serve With a Black President’  

On the Fourth of July, President Joe Biden engaged in earnest dialogue with Andrea Lawful-Sanders, a WURD host based in Philadelphia. In the course of their conversation, it became apparent that the President, despite his milestone of sharing office with the nation’s first black president and vice president, continues to struggle with articulating his message to the African-American community.

A notable instance occurred when the President mistakenly claimed to be the first black female to serve with a black president. Such errors have been raising questions as conservative voices suggest these incidents are not isolated, but characteristic of his speech patterns.

This error, like others before it, occurred amidst Democrats’ call for the President to drop out of the presidential race, citing a similar performance during a recent debate in which he fumbled verbal communications. This perpetuates the narrative of concern over Biden’s ability to effectively carry out his duties, given the demanding nature of the presidency, which leaves no room for communication errors.

President Biden did, however, manage to recall one significant achievement. His appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first-ever black woman to sit on the Supreme Court bench. He expressed a deep sense of pride in the accomplishment, reinforcing his vision for an inclusive and representative America.

The President continued, ‘I feel a profound sense of pride in appointing the first black woman to the Supreme Court. We, as a nation, can accomplish much when we join forces.’ The sentiment reveals Biden’s unwavering belief in the potential of United States – his faith in the American dream of unity and limitless possibilities. However, his stumbling over words continues to serve as ammunition for his critics.

Biden: “I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, first black woman, to serve with a black president”

Biden identifies as a black woman. This could be a game changer, folks.


— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) July 5, 2024

Another stumble occurred when Biden said he was honored to be the ‘first president that got elected statewide in the state of Delaware when I was a kid.’ While his intentions were to convey the fact that he was the first Catholic to secure a statewide victory in Delaware back in 1972, the factual errors displayed his struggle to maintain clarity and precision in his verbal narratives.

One of the President’s more peculiar verbal missteps occurred when he misspoke about his political journey. ‘I held John Kennedy as my example. He got elected, why not me?’ he pursued. ‘People always need examples to follow.’ The inaccuracy in his speech left his message unclear, leading to skepticism about the effect of his age on his cognition.

Reacting to reports highlighting President Biden’s multiple verbal stumbles during the interview, the Biden campaign’s Director of Rapid Response, Ammar Moussa, exclaimed that the controversy was ‘nonsense.’ From his perspective, the President’s speech patterns were perfectly understandable considering his long political career, and such discussions were drawing attention away from more significant matters.

Moussa maintained that Biden’s recent communicational missteps were in line with his normal speech patterns. He argued that the scrutiny was excessive and that ‘it was quite clear what the president intended to say.’ These defenses, however familiar, seem insufficient to shield the President from growing conservative criticism.

While the Biden campaigners can continue to dismiss critiques on the President’s verbal errors as ‘nonsense,’ it’s becoming increasingly evident that concern over his verbal lapses and cognitive state is not confined to conservative circles. More and more, people are taking note, as the President’s verbal missteps serve as a visible marker of his declining state.

The leader of our nation himself, amid such ongoing scrutiny, has been advising Democratic governors that he needs to cut down his workload. Further, he has suggested avoiding scheduling commitments after 8 PM as it becomes taxing for him. Therefore, not just his critics, but the President himself acknowledges the physical toll his role is taking.

When questioned about his health, Biden quickly assured everyone that he is in good health. However, his concluding statement stating, ‘It’s just my brain,’ did little to dispel concerns about his cognitive state. Instead, his dismissive response provides further ammunition for critics questioning his capacity to serve as President.

In summary, while the celebrated accomplishments of President Joe Biden cannot be understated, the growing instances of verbal inaccuracies are increasingly worrying. The question remains whether these miscommunications are merely momentary lapses or indicators of a more serious concern.

Evidently, the tumultuous presidency of Joe Biden barrows forward, despite a myriad of challenges. For his conservative critics and other concerned citizens, the concern isn’t solely about his policies, but the clarity and precision of the President’s communications, which can be seen as a barometer of his cognitive prowess.

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