WATCH: Biden Stumbles AGAIN During Speech in Philadelphia


During a recent visit to Philadelphia, President Biden faced a momentary stumble as he made his way to a podium at the Tioga Marine Terminal. While waving at his supporters, he recovered and continued towards the stage.

This incident, along with other slips and falls, has sparked discussions about the President’s mental and physical capabilities.

Between countless acts to harm the economy and the destabilization of America, there is little to be desired when looking at him again to run for president.

Half of the time he mumbles and makes incoherent thoughts. Other country’s view America as weak when they are continuously reminded of the person who is running the country.

President Joe Biden had a long walk to get to the podium at the facility in Philadelphia. He tripped on his way up the stairs at the end of his walk. #POTUS #Trip

— Edward Lawrence (@EdwardLawrence) October 13, 2023

Biden’s occasional missteps have come under scrutiny, especially when entering and exiting various facilities, such as Air Force One. These incidents have fueled speculations about his age, mental sharpness, and suitability as President.

In light of his previous tripping incidents, Biden’s campaign team made efforts to prevent any potential accidents during the election season.

Earlier this year, the White House physician diagnosed President Biden with ‘significant spinal arthritis.’

To mitigate the risks of further accidents, Axios reported that Biden’s team has taken precautions, encouraging him to wear tennis shoes and limit stair climbs.

In evaluating President Biden’s fitness for office, it is crucial to note his slips and missteps. It’s natural to scrutinize his health and capabilities, it is equally important to evaluate these matters objectively and without undue bias. Is he fit for office?

He is getting up there in age and has proven time and time again he is both mentally and physically unfit for office.

As with any public figure, there will always be differing opinions and concerns. However, it is essential to approach these discussions with an open mind, avoiding the pitfalls of partisanship.


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