WATCH: Biden’s Superbowl Video on Shrinkflation Stirs Up Social Media: ‘Is this a Joke?’


The sitting president, Joe Biden, made an unexpected move on Super Bowl Sunday, criticizing what he perceives as yet another negative impact of inflation, this time by taking aim at snack vendors. Biden had been noticeably absent from the day’s traditional pre-game media chats, however, in a surprising twist, the White House’s official communications channel aired a specially recorded video of the president discussing a phenomenon known as ‘Shrinkflation.’

He expressed concern that Americans might have witnessed this abnormal occurrence during their Super Bowl shopping. The phenomena in question, ‘Shrinkflation’, refers to the practice of retaining price points while subtly reducing the size of downmarket products. The president launched a call to action, challenging major consumer brands to reverse this trend.

Biden himself appeared to be no stranger to the Super Bowl Sunday traditions, remarking on the inevitability of snacks accompanying the viewing of the grand game. His conversational tone suggested familiarity and shared experiences with the American populace. Bringing his argument to the fore, he acknowledged that football-hungry Americans buying supplies for the game might have noticed some alarming alterations: the decreasing volume of sports drinks and diminishing quantities of chips in their respective packaging, with prices remaining steady.

I know everyone talks about Biden’s dementia, but his team is also braindead. Shrinkflation is when companies reduce size to hide the price increase. Biden’s team has him out here telling people that prices are actually still up under his admin like a doof

— Sean Fitzgerald (Actual Justice Warrior) (@IamSean90) February 12, 2024

Continuing his discourse, he revealed a personal frustration that hit particularly close to home: ice cream. As someone who takes delight in this particular confection, he was noticeably irked that ice cream tubs had seen a decrease in size, with no corresponding drop in cost. Discontent with what he termed ‘Shrinkflation,’ he described it as nothing short of a swindle.

According to him, companies are taking consumers for a ride, cutting corners on product sizes in the hope that the buying public would not take notice. In a pointed remark, he referred to this as an underhanded tactic. With a rally cry against perceived corporate overreach, he expressed indignation on behalf of what he believes is an American public weary of being treated as pushovers.

In a clear message to corporate America, he airily demanded an immediate cessation of these practices. Implicit in his words was the conviction that it is time for businesses to step up and act responsibly. His swift invocation seeks to ensure that companies play fair in the marketplace, all for the benefit of the common citizen.

The president’s unique choice to focus on inflation, particularly in the context of a cultural event like the Super Bowl, garnered reactions from numerous corners of the internet. Many found it both intriguing and humorously ironic that a discussion of inflation would feature so prominently in a day typically dominated by sports talk.

This matters even more when viewed through the lens of his administration’s track record. The conversation around inflation is a point of sore contention, given its resonance in the daily lives of most Americans. By broaching the subject in such a down-to-earth manner, the president has opened yet another avenue for debate on the complex issue of national economics.

The public’s eye is keenly trained on the inflation discussion, fueling lively discourse on both social media and formal platforms. The unexpected insertion of politics in a day of football fanfare, with its tang of irony only served to stoke this discussion further.

Yet, the fundamental reality remains – the rapport between citizens and corporations is a critical facet of the American economy. Biden’s Super Bowl Sunday address may be seen as a wake-up call to corporations to revisit their customer-centric policies and pricing strategies while keeping consumer sentiment in mind.

At the heart of these remarks is an implicit plea for the values of fairness and value for money to take center stage. Regardless of the ongoing debate around inflation and economic policies, Super Bowl Sunday ended up serving as an unexpected platform for the president to express his concerns and to call for prudential measures in marketplace practices.

The intersection of tradition and new economic realities, brought to light on such a significant day, certainly creates food for thought. The president’s call to arms against Shrinkflation – couched amidst the impending excitement of the Super Bowl – added a sharp, yet distinctly human element to the discourse on our collective economic reality.

In conclusion, regardless of the viewer’s stance on the current administration or its track record, the president’s approach and forthright exhortation cast a bright light on a phenomenon that can sometimes go unnoticed in everyday life. It’s a reminder of the symbiotic necessity of healthy consumer-corporate relationships for a strong economy, a point underscored by the fact it was made on a day known more for touchdowns than for debates on fiscal policies.

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