WATCH: Elon Musk Responds to New Yorker Commenting on Migrant Crisis

Elon Musk, the famed leader of SpaceX, Tesla, and Starlink, prompted an internet firestorm over the weekend after sharing his thoughts on the 2024 election via his X platform. The post was provoked by a shared video detailing the concerns of a resident from New York City. The individual, an Asian-American woman, expressed her apprehensions about the decline of her neighborhood due to a surge in undocumented immigrants, a situation she attributed to the policies of local Democratic leaders.

The woman candidly shared her experiences in the video, discussing the glaring problems she was encountering right outside her home. She stated that she perceived many of her new neighbors as criminal elements prone to disruptive and unacceptable behavior, including defiling her front door. Furthermore, she indicated a feeling of despair, citing the city’s Democratic policies as an obstruction to law enforcement intervention.

Adding to her grievances, she pointed out that the law often seemed powerless against the transgressions committed by these illegal migrants. According to her, this seeming immunity was due to local policies, enabling them to continue their disruptive actions with impunity. She unequivocally attributed these conditions to the current Democratic leadership at the city level, which she claimed were indirectly fostering such issues.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

— Ana Mostarac (@anammostarac) March 16, 2024

The conversation naturally steered towards previous national pursuits to alleviate these issues. Notably, these discussions centered around former President Donald Trump’s 2015 election campaign, which enthusiastically proposed stringent measures against illegal immigration. This policy proposition was a defining highlight of his successful campaign, with a commitment to tackling this concern at its core.

Indeed, by the end of 2020, Trump reemphasized his achievements, highlighting that his initiatives led to a significant reduction in illegal immigration. The figure had even hit a new low under his governance and stringent immigration rules. However, as he made way for the current President, Joe Biden, sweeping policy changes followed soon.

Upon assuming office, President Biden immediately set about undoing most of Trump’s stringent immigration and border protection policies. This decision did not sit right with a good majority of Republicans, and growing dissatisfaction was evident even among certain Democrats. They argued that these policy reversals were primarily responsible for the escalating disorder along the southwestern border.

Increased concerns about the immigration issue have become a prominent topic as the election season approaches. Remarkably, over the past three years, as many as eight million people have crossed into the U.S., causing the issue of illegal immigration to top the concerns of American voters. This critical issue is widely discussed and currently dominates the minds of the majority due to its significant implications for society as a whole.

A report by Gallup reveals an increasing percentage of Americans now consider immigration the foremost problem facing the U.S. As many as 28% have this perspective, a rise from just 20% a month ago. Immigration has now overtaken other issues including governance, which had been the concern cited most often by citizens in the initial months of the year 2023.

Following immigration at 28%, the government at 20% ranks as the next significant problem. Ranked third and fourth are economic concerns (12%) and inflation (11%), respectively. Interestingly, Gallup observed that the only issue to exhibit any substantive change over the past month is immigration, which is at the heart of the nation’s collective concern.

Immigration was still a key issue for Americans during Trump’s time in office, particularly after a spike in illegal crossings in 2018. Even then, the former President had to contend with a Congress led by his own party to secure necessary funding for a promised border wall.

Notably, a section of the survey revealed an unprecedented 55% of U.S. adults viewed large numbers of immigrants entering the U.S. illegally as a distinct threat to the nation. This represents an eight-point climb from the previous year. The previous highest recorded figure was 50% in 2004, as noted by Gallup.

Despite other vital issues such as the general economic condition and inflation, immigration stands out as the most significant concern for most Americans. As per Gallup’s trend analysis, immigration rarely topped the list of concerns, with a similar occurrence last noted in 2019.

Gallup concluded by underlining that although Americans’ economic evaluations have shown some signs of improvement, general satisfaction with the country’s current state and the performance of federal leaders remains quite low. As a result, many feel the issues surrounding immigration need immediate attention and effective solutions.

Trump, in the meantime, has reaffirmed his commitment to implement a mass deportation of migrants in the U.S. if he emerges victorious in future elections. He remains a vocal critic of what he terms the ‘open border’ policies, faulting them for various criminal incidents across the nation.

For instance, last week, Trump highlighted a tragic incident involving the murder of Laken Riley, a University of Georgia student of nursing, on his Truth Social platform. He asserted that the incident was a direct consequence of the ‘open border’ policy as the crime was allegedly committed by an undocumented immigrant from Venezuela.

This ongoing discourse brings to light the intensity and complexity surrounding the immigration problem. The viewpoints, extending from residential neighborhoods to national debates, accentuate the urgent need for balanced and effective policies to manage immigration, with due consideration to citizens’ concerns and the humanitarian aspects of the immigration process itself.

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