WATCH: Former Clinton Advisor Says CNN Will Stack Debate Against Trump

One cannot help but notice the hesitation in Mark Penn’s tone, a former Clinton advisor and pollster, during his recent Tuesday appearance on Fox News. Foreseeing the likely bias in CNN’s staging of the upcoming political extravaganza, the debate between President Joe Biden and the former president, Donald Trump. Presumptive GOP nominee Trump directly presents a mismatch considering the moderators’ perceived intentions – the reputable Dana Bash and Jake Tapper. Penn defined this disparity in a nutshell: Moderators on a mission to disfavor Trump.

Penn illustrated the motivations of the political moderators with openness, expressing concern about the potential bias that awaits Trump. Maintaining a neutral stance on the CNN platform seems daunting, especially when it comes to ‘letting Trump off the hook.’ A challenging predicament indeed for any moderator, as one would undoubtedly be the subject of heated scrutiny by fervent critics. An unfavorable position that any CNN moderator would seemingly prefer to avoid.

The DC Enquirer has previously shed light on the anti-Trump inclinations that accompany CNN moderator Jack Tapper, solidifying Penn’s suspicions. The post-2020 election period was a revealing time in Tapper’s career, revealing a stark bias against Trump. He boldly declared the end of their ‘national nightmare’ to his CNN audience, making his sentiments transparent.

Diving further in the past, the extract from 2020 portrays a downbeat phase, reflecting the narrative of numerous unavoidable mishaps, and notably, the indifference toward reliable facts and scientific reasoning. The message peeks especially during discussions on the pandemic. However, more than the lack of harnessing science efficiently, the disdain for truth and fact was most appalling during this period.

Yet, Tapper’s argument isn’t restricted to only this. Further claims involve inhumane practices being adopted as an official strategy by the U.S. under Trump. A prime example is the globally condemned child separation strategy. Yet, as per Tapper, the dark days of the Trump presidency were finally culminating.

Even a longtime Clinton adviser says CNN will stack the deck against President Trump: “I think the moderators’ objective is probably to take Trump down. You can’t really be a CNN moderator and ‘let Trump off the hook.’”

— MAGA War Room (@MAGAIncWarRoom) June 25, 2024

Moreover, Jack Tapper’s perspective wasn’t a solitary one. A sentiment echoed fervently by tens of millions of Americans, according to Tapper, was the shared relief of the end of the so-called ‘nightmare.’ A curious phrase to employ, nonetheless, and one that gives us an insight into the controversial CNN host’s perspective.

Tapper’s strong bias is underscored by his habit of likening Trump to Adolf Hitler, especially when analyzing the former president’s stance on immigration. This comparison, controversial and severe, was brought to light in a montage by Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec, providing clear evidence of Tapper’s divisive rhetoric.

Moreover, Tapper’s animosity doesn’t limit itself to mere words. A tangible display of this was apparent when Tapper insisted that CNN control room curtail footage of President Trump’s visit to a Miami restaurant post a court hearing. Accusing Trump’s initiative as a ‘spectacle,’ Tapper wanted CNN to limit the broadcast, which he believed served as promotional material for Trump.

On the other hand, while Tapper’s unfathomable initiative to cut away Trump’s coverage was surprising, the bias wasn’t limited to him alone. Dana Bash, the co-moderator for the debate, has displayed a comparable inclination against Trump. A noteworthy facet is her ex-spouse, Jeremy Bash, who was amongst the 51 intelligence officers who claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a misinformation operation by Russia.

Additionally, Bash has also been caught in a whirlwind of controversy, having incorrectly asserted that Trump incited violence on the historically debatable date of January 6th, 2021. A subjective viewpoint and one that when juxtaposed with her portrayal of Trump’s 2020 debate performance being a ‘sh*tshow’, brings her bias to the fore.

Undeniably, as hosts of the upcoming CNN debate, the moderators’ off-putting bias against Trump can’t be disregarded. It presents an uphill battle against biased opposition for Trump. Yet, the 45th president, known for his quantum of resilience, appears to be equanimously ready for the three-on-one match.

At a recent rally in Wisconsin, Trump gave a profoundly confident forecast for the debate. The president, despite the probability of a one-on-three argument, voiced his steadfast readiness. His statement was a significant declaration, given he asserted, ‘I’ll be negotiating with three people, but that’s OK. I’ve done that before.’

The confidence displayed in his statement underscores a promising showdown at the debate. Despite the perceivable bias from the CNN hosts, Trump, poised for a three-against-one debate, seems to have adjudicated everyone’s role down to a tee. The closing line from Trump, ‘I’ll be debating three people instead of one, instead of one-half of a person,’ emphasizes his fearless anticipation of the forthcoming event.

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