WATCH: Joe Biden Terrorizes a Young Child at NATO Summit by Licking Her Repeatedly

Creepy dementia Joe is at it again.

The incident took place on Thursday in Helsinki, Finland, the president’s final stop before heading to Brussels for the NATO summit in 2023. During his trip, a lot of shocking things happened.

When Biden goes in public, his senility is expected to be on exhibit, and it is generally known that he was creepy with children even before his mental decline. What you don’t anticipate is for him to begin licking a youngster excessively, treating her like an ice cream cone. Even now, I’m unsure exactly how to interpret this.

You can see Biden bending in to lick a young child who is being held by her mother if you watch the video. As his mouth is placed on her back and he starts frantically gyrating his head around, the youngster quickly recoils in panic. After a brief backward step, Biden leans back in an effort to smell (or perhaps kiss?) the youngster. At this point, she abruptly steps back away from him. The president finally turns and leaves.

Supporters of Biden will try to dismiss this by saying that Biden is just a kind elderly man who enjoys children, but it just doesn’t work in this case.

It’s difficult to see how Biden could have behaved in such a way with an uninvited child in a throng. Are none of his assistants courageous enough to warn him about how this appears and that he must stop?

No matter a person’s age, basic boundaries must be observed. These boundaries may become more fluid as you get to know someone, but in this case, we’re not talking about a niece or a grandchild. We are discussing Biden licking a young child he has never met. Would a grownup want the president to approach them and begin biting them on the back like he did in the video? Obviously not. You are able to see how terrified the young girl is in the video, and she does not want that from someone she doesn’t know whatsoever.


Joe Biden’s dementia has gotten so bad that he’s now confusing babies with ice cream cones

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) July 14, 2023

Biden’s insane behavior, and age, is allegedly turning off very important people in the Democratic Party, too.

Despite openly supporting Biden for a second term, former president Barack Obama has stabbed his former vice president in the back by secretly mobilizing congressional support for a different 2024 candidate.

That is the shocking allegation made in a recent report that the 61-year-old former president was exposed for holding a string of clandestine meetings with Democratic legislative leaders and former administration employees in his Washington, D.C., office.

According to a Washington insider, Obama “recognizes the gravity of the situation with Joe’s disappointing poll numbers.”

“He had hoped that the president would have rallied and come into his own at this point, but that clearly hasn’t happened.

“With 2024 growing closer and closer, he had to act since he apparently fears Joe is getting too old and frail to win.”

According to a source who leaked information to GLOBE, who broke the story, the sessions’ claimed goals were for Obama to offer advise, get acquainted with the younger Democratic senators, and refresh himself with the news they were learning in their own districts.

The gatherings reportedly included all three of the Democratic House leadership, including Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Whip Katherine Clark, and Caucus Chairman Pete Aguilar, as well as up-and-coming party figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Haley Stevens.

The meetings, according to sources, were unheard of for Obama, who has largely maintained a low profile since departing the White House.

“Obama has been a reliable stump supporter for Democrats, but he’s been wary about stepping on Joe’s toes because of all the bad blood between them,” the insider revealed.

“The fact that he held these meetings suggests a definite change for him.”

According to sources, Obama betrayed Joe when the former professor of law endorsed Hillary Clinton for the 2016 election despite Joe’s plan to run for president.

Insiders claim that since then, relations between the two men have gotten worse, with Joe rejecting to attend his former boss’ star-studded 60th birthday party in Martha’s Vineyard at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak and Obama overshadowing Biden during the few appearances they made together.

“Obama’s scaled-down birthday bash was a black eye for the administration at a time when Joe was urging the public to take precautions. It made Democrats look hypocritical and elitist,” according to a source.

The New York Post, one of the only honest new media corporations, reminded readers that Obama, when addressing another Democrat about Biden being the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 2020, humorously warned that based on his experience with Biden, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.”

Biden has had a difficult week, having to cope with the aftermath of the cocaine controversy as well as an explosive story alleging that he has “humiliated and embarrassed” past and present aides for decades and has a “quick-trigger temper” toward them.

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