WATCH: Kamala Harris Snaps When Asked About Calls to Replace Biden After Debate

In a stirring interaction, Vice President Kamala Harris was met with skepticism from CNN’s renowned news anchor, Anderson Cooper who dived into discussions on the possibility of President Joe Biden’s replacement. The backdrop of their talk was the recent presidential debate where President Biden faced-off against former President Donald Trump. The debate, held on a quintessential American Thursday night, was the first official duel between the two titans as part of the general election.

The fallout from the debate signaled an erratic score for President Biden. While there were instances of clear miss-steps and major mishaps in the early stages, he seemed to recuperate. Nonetheless, these initial blunders were potent enough to trigger commotion within sections of the Democratic fraternity, urging for ushering in a new leadership.

Post-debate, Kamala Harris sprang into action, taking a whirlwind tour of various media outlets, one of which was none other than CNN where she engaged in a lively tête-à-tête with Cooper. When asked directly about the tremors being felt within democratic quarters, Harris was more than ready with her response.

In rebuttal to Cooper’s inquiry, Harris highlighted the president’s focus showcasing stark differences with Donald Trump on some remarkably significant issues. Despite a rough start, she believed the president came out strong towards the end. She painted Biden as a resilient fighter, battling for the interests of the American populous, excelling on content, policy, and performance.

However, Cooper seemed to embody the sentimentality of a concerned populace. He articulated disappointments regarding Biden’s performance and voiced worries shared by Democratic lawmakers across the nation. He even quoted some Democrats labeling the President’s debate performance as a ‘disaster’ and a ‘trainwreck’, upset with Biden’s lack of retaliatory response to Trump’s misleading claims.

While there may be differing perspectives on the style of execution, Harris insisted that the ultimate judgement in this electoral race has to be based on the substance. The contrast between Biden and Trump, according to her, was clear. Highlighting the debate, Harris accused Trump of repetitively conveying untruths and his failure to address significant past events and future commitments.

BREAKING: CNN grills Kamala Harris—should Joe Biden step aside?

“CNN’s John King has described a panic in the Democratic Party right now because of Biden’s performance. Some in your party are even asking if President Biden should step aside. What do you say to that?”


— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) June 28, 2024

The media sphere resonated with reactions to Biden’s jarring performance during the Presidential debate. Consequences ranged from bleak evaluations to ostensible clamoring from the left for his withdrawal from the 2024 race. Some like CNN’s John King even spotlighted an intense fright within the Democratic party as a result of the debate.

In a hair-raising critique, King referred to a deep-seated, broad, and potent fear that had gripped the Democratic Party as a result of the somewhat dismal performance of President Biden. Such anxiety triggered rigorous discussions among party strategists, officials, and fundraisers about the President’s performance, its potential implications on the party, and consequent strategic needs.

In a parallel vein, other media counterparts such as Kasie Hunt from King’s own CNN network and Chuck Todd from NBC News also expressed their candid apprehensions. Todd in particular emphasized that Biden seemed to embody the narrative conservatives have painted of him, casting doubts on his mental fitness.

The heightened liberal discontent rose in response to a Wall Street Journal piece that shed light on President Biden’s viability just prior to the debate. Tim O’Brien, Bloomberg Opinion editor, also waded into the conversation, opining that Biden appeared more as a bewildered punching bag while Trump seemed to grasp the debate’s momentum – despite living in a reality of his own.

Indeed, prominent voices like Thomas Friedman of The New York Times, another long-time Biden supporter, voiced his distress over the heart-wrenching moment discovered in the unfortunate revelation: Biden, the ideal president and man at heart, perhaps should not run for re-election.

Further fanning the flames, Nicholas Kristof, another notable columnist from The New York Times, exhorted Biden to reflect on the debate performance before making a decision to withdraw his candidacy. He proffered alternatives suggesting several potential Democratic nominees such as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, and Biden’s own Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

Various renowned figures from wide-ranging platforms, including ‘The View’s’ Alyssa Farah Griffin, Vox correspondent Eric Levitz, and Financial Times’s Edward Luce expressed similar sentiments. Their submissions all echoed the belief that Biden has to consider the option of standing down for the greater good of the party and the nation. A believe shared by CNN commentator Van Jones who, while expressing his fondness for Biden, equally shared his disappointment with what other influenced stakeholders viewed as a failure to perform at the acceptable level during the debate.

Thus ended a night tinged with apprehension and uncertainty that spread like wild fire within the Democratic ranks. Yet hope still remains as the party has adequate time to regroup, ruminate and possibly redirect their strategy, contingent upon Biden’s course of action following the debate.

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