WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Yells at Protestors ‘Go Back to China!’

Earlier this week, a video surfaced on the Internet which features former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, engaged in a verbal altercation with protestors rallying for peace negotiations in the Gaza Strip. It was confirmed that this incident occurred in October 2023, soon after the attack in Israel on October 7. The video shows Pelosi escorted by her staff, entering a black SUV outside her residence in the San Francisco area while being confronted by the anti-war, feminist group Code Pink.

The group, known for its outspoken stance against armed conflicts, confronted Pelosi with several accusations, calling for a ceasefire in the war-stricken Gaza Strip. Protestors could be heard yelling, ‘It was orchestrated internally’ and ‘You must put an end to the genocide and holocaust.’ In reaction to these strong accusations, Pelosi agitatedly responded, ‘Make way! Why don’t you go back to China, that’s where your group is headquartered!’

Pelosi to protesters outside her house: “Go back to China where your headquarters is!”

— HalalFlow (@halalflow) January 29, 2024

This video resurfacing is timeous, especially considering Pelosi’s statements made on the preceding day where she associated pro-Palestine protestors with foreign influence. In a conversation with CNN’s Dana Bash, she suggested that the ceasefire calls may just be echoing Russia’s intent, stating, ‘Their calls for a ceasefire are a parroting of Mr. Putin’s agenda. There can be no doubt of the association. It mirrors what’s happening with Ukraine— this is Putin pushing his agenda.’

Pelosi asserted that while some of these protestors genuinely represent the public’s sentiment, there may be underlying connections to Russia. ‘While some demonstrators seem to be involved spontaneously and genuinely, I suspect some links to Russian influence based on my longstanding observation,’ Pelosi said.

This assertion raised the question of possible involvement of foreign influence, making the progressive protestors appear as ‘Russian plants.’ Pelosi responded by supporting an investigation into potential funding. ‘I wouldn’t presume they are plants, but it is worth investigating potential external finance.’ She further stated her intent to ask the FBI to look into the matter.

The CNN anchor posed the question regarding the struggle within the Democratic Party about determining the correct approach to address the Israel-Gaza conflict without upsetting progressive voters. Disputes in the foreign policy position often prove challenging to handle without estranging these liberal democratic voters.

Pelosi cited a recent incident to illustrate this, mentioning a recent event that was disrupted by demonstrators. ‘I’ve borne the brunt of some of these, let’s call them measures of enthusiasm, such as what happened recently in Seattle on Thursday where they wished to sidetrack our lively Democratic assembly,’ Pelosi confessed.

She continued by hinting at frequent protestor presence outside her home. ‘They are at my doorstep constantly,’ she noted, probably recalling the episode from the video that has reappeared online. ‘So, I am acutely aware of their sentiments. However, we need to deliberate our moves wisely.’

She further emphasized the need to alleviate the suffering caused by the conflict. ‘We must aim to put an end to this distress and rumor-mongering. The ones heavily tormented by this crisis are women and children who have nowhere else to go. We need to address this issue head-on,’ Pelosi elucidated.

The position that President Biden has taken on the Gaza war has been a point of contention within a considerable section of Democratic voters. For a long duration, progressives have been advocating for a ceasefire, raising their voices against the ongoing strife.

Progressive proponents have staged several demonstrations in the past few months, showing their dissatisfaction with the current plight of events. These demonstrations have not been limited to voicing their concerns online or through peaceful protests, but they’ve attempted more direct measures to air their grievances.

Nancy Pelosi says the FBI should investigate the pro-Hamas protesters who have repeatedly interrupted Biden’s speeches for possible “financing” by Russia

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 28, 2024

At various times, activists projected their dissatisfaction towards the Democratic National Committee. They strived to storm the administrative head offices in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. These acts of civil disobedience encapsulate the high tide of sentiment against the current political stand.

Many of these demonstrations also sought to disrupt multiple events under the Biden administration, a gesture aptly echoing their sentiment and the pressing need for change. No figure has been immune to their manifestations, as seen by the frequent protests organized outside Pelosi’s home.

The dichotomy between the prevailing Democratic standpoint on foreign affairs and the progressive movement has thus increasingly emerged as a central theme. This current public sentiment reflects the need for an introspective assessment of policies, particularly regarding the Gaza conflict. The further polarizing of the Democratic voter base only accelerates the urgency for such reassessment.

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