WATCH: NYC Advocates for Migrants to be Deported After Assault on NYPD Officer


At a media briefing last Wednesday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul shared her views on a recent incident involving undocumented immigrants and two members of the New York Police Department (NYPD). The Governor voiced concerns over the future of illegal immigrants who, according to her, were involved in the assault of two NYPD officers. ‘Examining the possibility of deportation for individuals involved in criminal acts while residing illegally in the state is definitely worth considering,’ Hochul expressed to the journalists present.

‘Our law enforcement personnel should be absolutely safeguarded from physical harm under any conditions,’ she spoke with gravitas, underlining the serious nature of the incident. Hochul deems it unacceptable on all grounds, stating her confidence in judicial authorities to fairly resolve the issue. The job of handling this incident effectively now lies in the hands of judges and district attorneys.

A prior publication by the DC Enquirer stated that a group of five immigrants brought two NYPD officers to the ground in the Times Square area recently on a Saturday evening. After the events unfolded, these individuals were set free without bail, leaving them to effortlessly merge back with the streets of Manhattan.

Mob of Illegal Aliens Brutally Beat two Cops in New York

All four illegals were charged with assault on a police officer and released without bail.. WTF! ?????

The footage shows an NYPD officer and lieutenant initially telling the migrants to move along around 8:30 p.m. Saturday…

— MJTruthUltra (@MJTruthUltra) January 31, 2024

It was recorded that the incident unfolded at about 6:30 PM on West 42nd street. A video of the attack shows NYPD officers intervening with a group of migrants when things took a violent turn. The verbal reasoning soon gave way to physical retaliation that had the officers surrounded by multiple attackers.

One of the officers found himself overpowered and knocked to the ground, where he was brutally manhandled, with violent kicks targeting his chest and head. Simultaneously, his colleague made a valiant effort to rebuff the assault while providing cover for the fallen officer. The challenge was in managing multiple opponents while ensuring the safety of his comrade.

Despite their efforts, they were unsuccessful in detaining any of the attackers on the spot. However, in a subsequent development, NYPD managed to trace and arrest the assailants. The suspects were identified as Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel, Kelvin Servat Arocha, who are both 19, 21-year old Juarez Wilson, and Yorman Reveron, aged 24. All four have made their way to the United States seeking asylum.

It emerged that Yorman Reveron, one of the participants in the attack, is juggling two separate ongoing cases, one related to an assault and the other concerning a robbery. Despite the charges, he remains a constant figure on the streets of New York City.

In a previous incident, he apparently assaulted a staff member from Nordstrom Rack after being caught in the act of shoplifting. In an event unfolding just last month, a Macy’s security guard was the recipient of a solid punch when Reveron was cornered amidst a robbery along with two other individuals.

All the involved men were taken into custody upon being charged with assault, but were later released without any bail being posted. A fifth suspect, a 22-year old by the name of Jhoan Boada, was taken in on Monday evening, facing charges of the attempted assault of a law enforcement officer.

The aftermath of the incident had the policemen receiving medical assistance at the crime location. Although the injuries sustained were minor including slight cuts and bruises, the sheer audacity of the incident is a cause for major concern.

Incidents such as these bring to light the vulnerability of those shouldering the burden of safety and enforcing law and order in the city. There’s an obvious need for us to not only acknowledge the issue but also work towards stricter regulations and consequences.

This incident highlights the pressing need for robust law enforcement policies, which protect not solely the city but its brave law enforcement officers too. Policemen, while enforcing laws, should not have to worry about their own safety and the potential implications of their actions.

It’s essential for us to examine existing immigration legislation and take a more nuanced approach to those seeking asylum to ensure the security of our citizens. An individual’s rights should not be deemed as more important than citywide safety, regardless of their immigrant status.

Prevention of such events in future demands a balanced and reasoned dialogue to develop policies that carry appropriate consequences for criminal activities, especially when they violate the safety and wellbeing of our protectors. It’s about respecting the law, valuing human life, and upholding the spirit of justice.

These instances remind us of our duty as a society. We are obliged to create an environment where safety is guaranteed for everyone, including those who wear the badge. It is a matter of collective responsibility, compassion, and empathy towards our fellow citizens.

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