WATCH: NYC Migrant Group Busted After Snatching Cell Phones Out of People Hands 


An audacious display of urban crime has been recently unveiled, unveiling a moped-mounted group identified as having immigrated, operating in an organized manner and swiftly stealing cellphones from the unsuspected hands of New York City citizens. The officials have detained two individuals believed to be a critical part of this nefarious operation. Sources from law enforcement have identified these individuals as Cleyber Andrade, a young man of 19, and Juan Uzcatgui, slightly older at 23.

According to insider tips shared with our team, this group of illicit individuals is suspected of orchestrating and executing as many as 62 counts of grand larceny, leaving the city’s law and order professionals burdened with an extensive challenge. Yet, amidst these facts, the principal orchestrator, known fugitive named Victor Parra, continues to evade the rule of law.

Although Parra’s capture remains elusive, our sources inside the police department have confirmed that the two aforenamed suspects detained have provided incriminating details against Parra. This information paints a rather dim light on the believed mastermind, who is reportedly an immigrant, was previously detained on grand larceny charges last year but subsequently given freedom by the presiding judiciary.


The moment a migrant on a moped dragged a woman along a New York City street to steal her phone was captured in horrifying footage shared by police.


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The diligent law enforcement officers of New York are tirelessly working towards the apprehension of Parra, led by vital leads provided by Andrade and Uzcatgui. This operation is a resounding testament to their unfaltering commitment to bringing perpetrators to justice and maintaining the safety of the city’s residents.

Underlining the seriousness of this organized operation, Andrade and Uzcatgui are reported to have links with a ring of individuals whose actions seemingly revolve around grand larceny. This group consists of six other individuals too, their names are Yan Jimenez, 25, and Anthony Ramos, 21, both from Manhattan; Richard Saledo, 21, and Beike Jimenez, 21, both hailing from the Bronx, Maria Manaura, a 32-year-old from Manhattan, and Samuel Castro, 27, from Queens.

The comprehension of this puzzle extends further as each person mentioned has past records of grand larceny, strengthening their suspicion of being involved in the ongoing criminal undertaking. Though their past dark activities shadow them, they currently enjoy the luxury of liberty sans bail, pending their scheduled appearances in court.

The stakes are high for the guardians of law and order as they strive to crack down on such street syndicates, primarily because these immigrant perpetrators regularly shuffle among their multiple aliases and birth dates. This breed of ‘ghost perps’ creates a significant hurdle for the law enforcement agencies, as they become incredibly challenging to trace and hold accountable.

Adding to the timeline of their illegal escapades, Andrade and Uzcatgui, believed to share roots in Colombia, were arrested once more for purportedly executing a dual-phone theft from a purloined moped in Lower Manhattan. Following the act, they hastily vacated Manhattan, attempting to escape via the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge.

However, the city’s vigilant law enforcement teams didn’t let them elude their sight. They managed to get eyes on the fleeing suspects on the BQE and later succeeded in apprehending them in Queens — a clear message for those who underestimate the dedication and unabated efforts of New York’s finest.

In the ensuing pursuit, the duo disposed of a bag containing three cellphones. This bag was later retrieved by a benevolent passerby and returned to the 114th Precinct. Evidently, Imbued with a sense of civic duty, this good Samaritan stands as a shining beacon for the law-abiding citizens of New York.

Two of the phones were confirmed to belong to innocent victims of these nefarious activities while the third was linked back to one of the criminals. The retrieval of these items further solidified the building case against the suspects.

Providing further momentum in this saga, it is reported that this dynamic duo offered valuable intelligence post their arrest. This information significantly led to the development of a more potent warrant designed primarily to bring the elusive Parra into custody.

A ray of hope gleams at the end of Monday as law enforcement officials hope to see Parra finally answer for his alleged transgressions. Meanwhile, Andrade and Uzcatgui faced individual charges on Saturday, including the grand larceny of a moped, resistance upon their arrest and stolen property offences.

In the latest development from the city’s administration, Mayor Eric Adams lauded the quick and efficient action taken by his city’s law enforcement officers in bringing this incident closer to resolution. During a segment of his Monday press briefing, he appreciated the speed and precision displayed throughout the operation by the valiant officers.

Mayor Adams ended with a note of commendation; ‘I take my hat off to the detectives who are involved in bringing this case to closure.’ This acknowledgment serves as a testimony to the professionalism of the NYPD, tasked with upholding the safety and security of the city’s inhabitants.

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