WATCH: President Biden Mistakes Egypt for Mexico During National Address


In an unexpected public address on Thursday night, President Joe Biden clarified to the citizens of America that he had been cleared by the investigation from special counsel Robert Hur, pertaining to the classified documents discovered in his Delaware residence and workplace. Although Biden avoided any legal charges, the report itself presented a severely unflattering portrayal, and numerous segments underlined Biden’s failing memory.

Insights from his own Department of Justice regarding his deteriorating memory led journalists to raise questions about it after his address. During one of these exchanges, President Biden faced an awkward moment when he mistook Egypt for Mexico.

This blunder from the 81-year-old president elicited humor from Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who jestingly mentioned he would insist Mexico finance a wall along Gaza. ‘Going to erect a wall along Gaza and make Mexico foot the bill, they will surely be perplexed,’ Paul humorously commented.

On a more wry note, a post from user Johnny Maga read, ‘Looking from Biden’s perspective, half of the Middle East seems to be infiltrating the United States via Mexico.’

After assuring us that his memory is fine, Joe Biden refers to Sisi of Egypt as “the president of Mexico.”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) February 9, 2024

Later in the day, much of the country looked on as conservative commentator Matt Walsh referenced Tucker Carlson’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. ‘Whereas Putin tonight demonstrated an impressive grasp of Russian history that spans over a millennium, President Biden was found to be concocting bewildering statements about the leader of Egypt being the President of Mexico,’ chimed Walsh.

The results of tonight’s events, where Joe Biden equated President Sisi from Egypt to the president of Mexico, indeed substantiates what Special Counsel asserted about Biden’s diminished mental capabilities.’ Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) remarked.

Governor Noem went on to state that Joe Biden and the Democratic party seemingly belittle the intelligence of the American population and recently unfolded events, she believes, demonstrate the necessity for the Republican Party to rally behind the leadership of Donald Trump to reclaim the nation.

It was another instance where, in front of the American populace, President Biden revealed a slip in his cognitive competence.

Americans have taken note; they understand he might be past his prime to effectively function in public office. Notably, his own Department of Justice has released a report that virtually indicates his unfitness to serve as the leader of the United States.

With each public appearance, it is becoming clearer that President Biden’s age is creeping up, shrouding his abilities.

When the time comes for the American people to cast their votes in the next elections, they will undoubtedly bear these instances, painting a portrait of a man in decline, in mind.

Not long after assuring citizens that his memory issues were non-existent, Biden went on to erroneously refer to Egypt’s Sisi as ‘the president of Mexico,’ contradicting his earlier assertions. The incident was caught on tape, offering further evidence of his fading memory.

While making errors is part of being human, constantly making errors in the public eye, particularly for someone in such high office, is something entirely different. The growing number of occurrences are hard to ignore and are raising questions over the President’s cognitive abilities.

While the conversation and debates about his cognitive abilities continue, one thing is certain: such public gaffes are damaging to Biden’s image as a reliable statesman.

Americans, many of whom are already questioning his ability to effectively lead, are likely to find more reason to doubt as these errors accumulate. They are, after all, the ones who have the ultimate power to decide who sits in the Oval Office.

Regardless of party affiliations, one must agree that a nation like America deserves leadership that instills confidence through their conduct and speeches. The confusion and uncertainty resulting from errors like this can potentially damage not only the reputation of the President but also the standing of the nation he represents.

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