WATCH: Texas Trucker Convoy Blocks Roadway for Stricter Immigration Controls


In Texas, a trucking protest aimed at advocating for the return of more stringent immigration and border control regulations received various groups excluded due to their radical stance. These entities faced rejection from the rally’s site, a ranch in Quemado, Texas, where the event was supposed to happen.

Among the rejected groups were allegedly extreme street preachers bearing messages including ‘BLM are racist thugs’ and ‘AIDS: Judgement or Cure’. These individuals found themselves barred from entering the Cornerstone Children’s Ranch, as per the reporting source.

One particularly disgruntled individual named Jim was seen shouting, ‘You’re worse than Democrats,’ across the street via a megaphone. He expressed his shock, saying, ‘I’ve personally been to over 25 Trump rallies and never had a reaction like this.’ Meanwhile, another protester attempted to overpower Jim’s words by repeatedly blaring his car’s horn.

The event eventually necessitated the intervention of local law enforcement. Jesse Morrell, a member of Open Air Outreach, lamented, ‘We came here thinking we might make some friends, but I guess our Christianity doesn’t mesh with whatever they’re trying to do here.’

TX: The “Gods Army” convoy arrived to the Cornerstone Children’s ranch in Quemado, Texas—About 20 miles outside of Eagle Pass—But still directly on the border.

The Kinney County Sheriff tells me around 300 vehicles in all were in the convoy—He says he shut down the roadway and…

— Ali Bradley (@AliBradleyTV) February 3, 2024

‘God’s Army’ convoy also arrived at the Cornerstone Children’s Ranch in Quemado, with the county Sheriff estimating around 300 vehicles in the convoy. The event coordinators emphasized the importance of judicious selection in permitting access to the location.

Mike Forzano from Exiled Patriots, the security group for the convoy, elaborated: ‘The convoy has been traveling across the country; they’re very tired. They’ve been dealing with a lot of criticism, threats, making them look like January 6ers,’ implying a need for a non-confrontational environment.

Forzano further clarified, ‘We’re not about confrontation here. If you’re about confrontation, you’re not coming in. To remain peaceful, we have to have peaceful people.’ He additionally delineated specific restrictions such as ‘No guns, no alcohol, no drugs, no offensive things– we don’t want that.’

According to Forzano, certain individuals were expressly prohibited, namely those who have threatened the government, the organizers, or others; those seen as excessively flashy, or those with a potential criminal history. Despite this, they were open to almost all media outlets for coverage, with a notable exemption—the CNN, which he accused of biased reporting.

The ‘Take our Border Back’ convoy leaders held steady on their commitment to maintaining tranquility at their gathering, fearing blame for independent actions associated with their group. The rally focused on lauding Texas’ bold strides in defying federal law and taking control of a park in Eagle Pass, expressing dissatisfaction with the perceived lax efforts of the Biden Administration to secure the border.

Toughening law enforcement on the state border with Mexico, Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott continued his mission to curb illegal migration, defying an order from the Department of Homeland Security under President Joe Biden’s administration. The Governor commanded state law enforcement and the Texas National guard to set up wire barricades at a park near Eagle Pass, usually used by migrants to unlawfully gain entry to the country.

While the Department of Homeland Security ordered the governor to allow access to U.S. Border Patrol agents and dismantle the barriers, there has been no compliance. Instead, other state governors have started to back Governor Abbott’s stand, offering support by providing Guard troops, law enforcement officers, and other resources to help maintain the state’s security.

Support for Abbott’s stand is also surfacing from some members of Congress. As Representative Andy Ogles (R-Tenn.) declared, ‘We need to let Governor Abbott do his job, which is to put up the razor wire – I stand with Texas. We’ve got to secure this border.’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) criticized the ruling party and the Biden administration in his statement last week, condemning them for aiding illegal immigration and bolstering drug cartels. He voiced concern about the persistent issue of illegal migration, citing that an estimated 9.6 million undocumented immigrants have made their way into the country since President Biden assumed office.

With debates around border security and immigration policies not relenting, the impact of these standpoints and actions is expected to cause significant political and social ripples. The converging interests in this matter alludes to a persistent struggle to define an optimal approach to border control and immigration that satisfies all constituents.

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