WATCH: Trump’s New Ad Slamming Biden for Going to East Palestine A Year Too Late


President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit East Palestine, Ohio, on Friday, more than a year after a train accident wreaked havoc in the small community, resulting in significant health concerns for residents due to a massive release of vinyl chloride following a chemical spill.

The incident, which occurred over a year ago, involved the venting and burning of the chemical by officials from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Former President Donald Trump, who had visited the site shortly after the disaster, has criticized Biden’s delay in visiting, releasing an ad on Truth Social condemning Biden’s absence.

Trump just posted this Ad on Truth Social ???

— Freedom ??? (@PU28453638) February 16, 2024

Trump expressed his appreciation for being with the people of East Palestine in the aftermath of the tragedy and questioned the timing of Biden’s visit, labeling it as an insult to the town and the state of Ohio.

Residents of East Palestine have also voiced their discontent with Biden’s impending visit, with one resident denouncing it as mere political maneuvering. Another resident expressed frustration over Biden’s lack of action in the 378 days since the derailment, emphasizing the ongoing health issues faced by families in the town.

Trump’s visit to East Palestine last year, during which he provided supplies and interacted with local residents, was praised as a demonstration of true leadership. In contrast, Biden’s delayed visit is seen by some as an attempt to salvage his image rather than a genuine concern for the well-being of those affected by the incident.

Critics argue that if Biden truly cared about the Ohioans impacted by the derailment, he would have visited the town much sooner.

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