White House Staffers Attempt to Avoid Alone Time with Biden For Disturbing Reason

According to a recent story, President Joe Biden has a bad temper and hurls expletives all over the White House when alone.

According to Axios, the article can “paint a more complicated picture of Biden as a manager and president than his carefully cultivated image as a kind uncle who loves aviator sunglasses and ice cream.”

According to the story, some of Biden’s staff purposefully avoid having solitary meetings with him so they won’t have to bear the brunt of his irrationality alone. The report stated that “some take a colleague, almost as a shield against a solo blast.”

“No one is safe,” one administration official said.

“There’s no question that the Biden temper is for real. It may not be as volcanic as Bill Clinton’s, but it’s definitely there,” said Chris Whipple, author of “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House.”

Jen Psaki, the former press secretary for the White House, was quoted in Whipple’s book as saying, “I said to [Biden] multiple times, ‘I’ll know we have a really good, trusting relationship when you yell at me the first time.’”

“Psaki wouldn’t have to wait long,” according to the book.

Biden Snaps at Reporter, Taliban Now Capitalizing on His Tantrum for Propaganda Purposes https://t.co/Ucrc69AOv1

— Tea Party Patriots (@TPPatriots) July 4, 2023

In 2021, The New York Times noted his darker side when it referred to him as “a president with a short fuse.”

Despite a spokeswoman for Jeff Zients refusing to divulge what was said, Axios reported on a 2021 eruption against the COVID czar at the time.

According to the story, Biden frequently questions his staff members until he poses a question that they are unable to respond to, a tactic known as “stump the chump” or “stump the dummy.”

Biden’s outbursts at staff are not rages. They’re ‘admonitions.’ https://t.co/UrerFORZ6h https://t.co/vWx7Ykf3gK

— Byron York (@ByronYork) July 10, 2023

Former Biden campaign and Senate assistant Jeff Connaughton mentioned Biden’s fury in his book, “The Payoff: Why Wall Street Wins.”

Connaughton claimed that Biden was a “egomaniacal autocrat… determined to manage his staff through fear” when serving as a senator.

Another instance of this occurred when a 23-year-old fundraising assistant stepped into a car with Biden during the 2008 presidential campaign and remarked, “Okay, senator, time to do some fundraising calls.”

In response, Biden yelled, “Get the f*** out of the car.”

Biden “hides his sharper edge to promote his folksy Uncle Joe image — which is why, when flashes of anger break through, it seems so out of public character,” Connaughton said.

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