Whoopi Goldberg Demands Trump Gets Fined $10 Million for Violating Gag Order


Whoopi Goldberg, one of the presenters of ‘The View,’ voiced her opinion on Thursday asserting that severe monetary penalties should be imposed on ex-president Donald Trump for deliberately breaching a legally issued gag order.

Arthur Engoron, the presiding Judge, made an official declaration on September 26 rendering Trump and his organization as culprits in a case of fraud. The lawsuit was instigated by the Democratic Attorney General, Letitia James from New York, who leveled accusations against Trump’s dubious financial activities.

Trump had to bear the brunt of a $5,000 fine on Friday as a direct consequence of his reckless disregard of a gag order. This infringement was related to his failure to take down an article from his campaign website, which revolved around a law clerk. The judge didn’t hesitate in levying a more substantial $10,000 fine against Trump on Wednesday following Trump’s comments where he labeled the judge with a biased partisan angle.

Goldberg made an emphatic statement by expressing her wish for the judge to deliver a stern message. She would like to see the judge decree that any potential future violations of laws that are under the scope of the gag order be met with a hefty penalty up to the tune of $10 million. The audience responded to this with an approving round of applause.

Goldberg continued to share her thoughts; she feels that Trump dismisses the impact of these fines currently imposed on him. Her perspective is that the monetary amounts like $10,000 might feel insignificant to him, which allows him to continue his disregard for the gag orders without any real financial worry.

Further elaborating on her argument, Goldberg added that Trump might reconsider his stand if the fines started affecting his significantly. She suggested a hypothetical situation, where if Trump had to reach into his own pocket and fork out an unforeseen $10 million, he might be more inclined to conform to the laws.

Apart from the hefty fines, Trump did receive further reprimands in Engoron’s September verdict. A few business licenses that were held by Trump were declared null and void. Furthermore, the Judge wasn’t averse to endorsing allegations that painted Trump in a less flattering light, in relation to the overstatement of property values, which included his Florida-based estate known as Mar-a-Lago.

Distinguished individuals who have made their marks in the real-estate industry spoke to the Daily Caller News Foundation. They expressed their opinion stating that Engoron’s ruling drastically understated the worth of Mar-a-Lago. As per some estimates, the real value of this property could very well exceed a staggering $250 million.

Sunny Hostin, another co-host on ‘The View’, also took this opportunity to share her insights. ‘This judge has already declared Trump guilty of fraud once. Moreover, the judge had previously ruled that Trump was involved in fraudulent activities for several years by artificially inflating the value of his assets and wealth.’, she stated.

Hostin continued to expand upon the nature of the judgements already passed against Trump. She stressed that the licensing and certification linked with Trump’s organization was also invalidated. Trump himself, in addition to two of his sons, was implicated in these measures.

Hostin concluded her remarks by indicating the severity of the monetary ramifications that could possibly haunt Trump. ‘The only crux of the matter now is determining whether or not the payment to the tune of $250 million needs to be made by him’, she firmly voiced.

This discourse has helped underline the stark possibilities that lay ahead for the former president. From rigorous fines to a damaged reputation, a shadow of punitive punishment looms large over him and his associated enterprises.

It’s clear that as far as the hosts of ‘The View’ are concerned, the consequences must be palpable and influential enough to deter any future transgressions. Fines, in their view, need to be substantially more than what’s currently being issued.

The exchanges seen on ‘The View’ were a mixture of perspectives and commentary from individuals advocating for stronger legal consequences in light of repeated violations. While it remains to be finalized just what financial cost will be borne by Trump, it’s clear that the discussion surrounding it garners significant attention.

While awaiting further developments in this legal discourse, it has undeniably stirred up conversations and put a spotlight on accountability. This story has been republished with due permission from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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