WINNING: Trump Declares ‘BIG’ Victory

The former president, Donald Trump, has preemptively declared his triumph in the upcoming Republican presidential primary in Georgia, scheduled for May 21, 2024.

On Wednesday, President Trump expressed satisfaction about the outcomes of a poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which indicated his significant lead over his Republican competitors in Georgia. The survey, disseminated on the Truth Social platform, indicates that the individual in question is garnering a support rate of 57%, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trails significantly behind with a mere 15% of the polled respondents. Former Vice President Mike Pence received a 4% share, securing the third position.

In a subsequent statement, he proclaimed that he achieved “a big win”:

Wow! A big win in Georgia for President Trump! Georgia, which is absolutely a Republican state – I have no doubt about it, bad things happened – is showing up big. They demand accountability and they demand it now. So sad what has happened to one of the greatest places on Earth. But we will win in 2024. Georgia will lead the way. I believe Georgia’s gonna lead the way and we will make America great again. We have to take back our country – 2024, the most important election maybe that this country has ever had because our country’s going bad. We’re a failing nation. Georgia is going to lead the way. You watch. Thank you very much.

Former President Donald Trump has made unsubstantiated assertions that the 2020 election in Georgia and other states was marred by fraudulent activities that disadvantaged his candidacy. Following the electoral process, he endeavored to challenge the outcome by exerting pressure on state officials. During a notable telephone conversation, the individual in question requested the secretary of state of Georgia to locate an additional 11,780 votes in his favor, so ensuring a sufficient number of votes to secure victory in the state. The ex-president faced indictments in both federal and state courts in relation to such endeavors. The defendant has entered a plea of not guilty for all charges in the aforementioned case and is scheduled to appear before the state court for arraignment in the upcoming week.

Donald Trump continues to maintain a significant lead as the frontrunner in the race for the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

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